Video Stores Die Out?

Developments in a threatened industry. What years ago still considered inconceivable, is a bitter reality today: the video stores are dying. Again, predatory pricing are available, but it looks like it would be fixed: the video stores are dying out. There are the illegal downloads, streaming video and blockbuster, which already are sold after the release of 10 euros, which are the death knell for the ordinary video stores. But all they have not given up, even if there are only the last nerve, twitching. Go to Tony Parker for more information. The piracy has destroyed the video stores ‘Everything to a euro’, already offer some video stores and try so that new customers be won or retained the old customers. The DVD becomes more and more of the Junk product in the video stores; Almost nobody borrows DVDs. The fact that between the broadcasting of cinema and DVD release less and less time goes by, does not augur well for the video stores.

While in the 1990s still around 6 months on a film was waited until he was on VHS appeared, there are now just a few weeks before the film can be purchased online. Or a few hours, until the film was illegally downloaded from the Internet. Just the Internet ensures that the video stores are dying out. That penalties are in danger, if movies are illegally downloaded from the net, almost nobody is interested in. On the contrary. There are always more people who download the movies.

Today at the cinema – tomorrow at home. Often is accepted even, that the quality is lousy. Shots too bright or too dark images, many noise and a shaky image are to wait many people rather than a few weeks and then to pay 1 euro for quality. Also, more and more online video stores, in Germany, with legal services establish themselves. Who wants to rely on illegal streams and poor image quality, takes leave to now also legal ways to rent out his desire movies without the House.

Use Pedal

– smooth, uniform glissando str. noise – sound effect that occurs on the strings of steady bend – bend a gradual steady gliss – even glissando Straight time – back to its original size Studio fade – studio sound effect sweep (picked) – use a method sweep (Sliding kick) Substitute – to replace (to replace the specified fragment) tacet – given instrument does not sound Tapped harmonics – teppingovye flageolet tag – the ending, the final part of the Thar w / edge of pick – tapping the edge of a mediator Tar on w / right hand – fingers tapping right hand Theme – Theme 1 (2,3,4, etc.) times – play 1 (2,3,4, etc.) once Tempo I – back to the original tempo Trem. – Tremolo tremolo picking – trick played tremolo trem bar – a lever machine Trem. picked – used reception Tremolo Tune down 1 / 2 step – build a guitar dropped a semitone Tune down one whole step – build a guitar dropped a whole tone Twice as fast – in two times faster Unintentional note – random (unintentionally taken) note unison – unison Verse – Verse Verse Melody – melody in verse vib. lower note only – only the bottom is vibrated note vibrato behind nut – swing the string, pushing it over the zero nut voices – voices Vol.

knob swell – the work of the volume knob on guitar w / bar – Use a lever w / bridge pickup – played by the back gauge w / chorus – used the effect 'chorus' w / clean tone – with a clean sound w / distortion – is played with distortion w / delay – Delay is used w / echo repeats – repeats the effect of' echo 'w / harmonizer – use the' Harmony 'w / heavy distortion – played with a strong Distortion w / feedback – played with feedback w / fingers – fingers played w / neck pickup – is played through the front sensor w / o – without w / pick – played with a pick w / pick & fingers – a combined stroke (palydy + media-tor ) w / pick & middle finger – to play a pick-and middle finger, etc. hands w / Rhy. Fig. – Play a specified riffs w / slide – App. reception 'slide' (slide finger l hands along the strings) w / slight distortion – is played with a slight 'distortion' w / slight feedback – played with light feedback w / slight reverb – play with light reverb w / slight variations – with minor changes (variations) w / signal noise – a noise signal w / flanger – played with a flanger w / reverb & flanger – played with reverb and flanger w / variations ad. lib. – Play with variations w / wah-wah – takes advantage of 'Bay' (wah) w / wah as filter – the effect of 'Bay' (wah) works in Filter mode w / whammy & bar – using the pedal and the lever at the same time w / whammy pedal – using pedal 'Whammy' (Harmony) whammy pedal off – pedal 'Whammy' off with edge of pick – the edge of a mediator Author – AA

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Moscow State Variety Theatre

Despite the fact that today invited the actor on a wedding anniversary, wedding, corporate holidays and anniversaries can afford to wealthy people, for the majority of the inhabitants of our country's desire to invite to the party Britney Spears and other stars is impossible, because the can afford the units. And the cost performance of Russian stars is large enough (20-80 000 euros). Therefore, usually to the party and various activities invited artists who take an evening performance 3.8 000. Despite the negative outlook detractors, popular in recent years thanks to the song "A granite stone" group "Ladybird" again appeared on the stage, she returned to the owl love of the public. Last spring, in March, the Moscow State Variety Theatre concert gathered a full house. The fact that the "Ladybird" returns to its former popularity, many argue group's concerts in the cities, as well as letters of appreciation from the organizers of these concerts. Learn more on the subject from San Antonio Spurs. Today "Granite stone – not everything that can show the group since its appearance – it's an interesting show program with live music, theatrical elements and humor. The range of styles, in which the group is wide enough, it's latino party, children's parties, retro parties, club style, chansons and songs of a lyrical style.

According to Vladimir , concerts "Ladybug" in 1995, visited by thousands of people who just love the song "A granite stone." Unfortunately, while this song, although it is popular and all the whole country, was the only decent song in the group a single album. The concert lasted no more than forty minutes, and the songs sung by the plus soundtrack. Then the group was not beautiful costumes and exciting shows, which she might be interested in. listeners. Now, 13 years, everything has changed dramatically. During this time the lead singer of improved vocal skills, learned the right moves on stage and communicating with the public. Now the group meets only live performances, and wherever it neither performed (area, night club, corporate event, a concert hall, etc.), it is all around is laid to the fullest. Group "Ladybird" is now easily can hold the attention of the public in general, before which stands for two or three hours.

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The Cubans Are Talented Composers

Throughout the history of Cuban music, many Cuban composers have come to write lyrics and melodies that have become landmarks in international discography. The talent of Jose Antonio Mendez, Cesar Portillo de la Luz, Ernesto Lecuona, Adolfo Guzman, and other composers have high levels Cuban music star, and many singers in the world, have put their voice and their own versions, a talented Cuban compositions. If we make a tour of Cuban songs, famous singers like Christina Aguilera, Luis Miguel, Sarita Montiel, Naight King Kole, and others … have shown that music has no boundaries … If this has piqued your curiosity, check out singer. …. But …

what happened to songs written for Festivals that have allowed us to recognize the prestige, talent, harmony, and beauty of the Cuban compositions at all times the development of Cuban culture …. Subjects as beautiful as: “Together with me are my gun; tune and feeling for a walker, Amar y Vivir; Who knows Venice, My body is torn, etc., have been re – interpreted by a few singers, and their original versions are only made for the Festival of musical composition Guzman OTI, and ended Festivals …. It would be nice to return many of these issues with more modern versions, for young singers who are today in the taste of many young Cubans, to follow up on our culture. The emotions that bring us ever Festivals like: Guzman, have enabled us to enjoy talented compositions and performances by artists of the super quality of Cuban vedette: Rosita Fornes on the subject: “The comedian, a singer supreme consecrated items very Cuban: Omara Portuondo: “Together with my rifle my son”, and other dedicated, and brilliant Cuban performers who have given the best of his art to Cuba as: Beatriz Marquez – the musicalisima-Sara Gonzalez – the star of nueva trova, “Kiki Corona, and more …. All Cuban composers at some time have allowed the name Cuba, is sitting comfortably in height. So remember everyone, we can distinguish the music in art, allows us to improve our conditions of human life, to improve our moods. We hope that new ideas always arise, young people expect new compositions and new interpretations of old themes and new themes, as in the Cuban culture, music is an Ambassador of the best is happening in the country.

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The Fellow Pianist

In an interview with the great pianist Miguel Zannetti companion, said “we should eliminate the word pianist-accompanist, and replaced it with another pianist like camera.” If we understand the term companion, as a person who accompanies us in the sense of the artistic, person who helps us to provide an interpretation of a friend who watches and listens from behind, there is nothing pejorative. Every good soloist, knows the importance of being wrapped by a pianist who to trust, which helps tune the performance nerves, that in moments of inspiration leads in a twinkling the soloist or the difficult moments of a passage takes the reins . It is the lifeline that is the soloist on stage. A good accompanist is a guarantee, and this we know the true professionals. Some, and especially singers, are duos that last a lifetime, like a marriage. The piano accompanist is a professional who knows the peculiarities of repertoire, style, musical developments of the instruments … Great pianists have dedicated part of their activity to accompany, Rachmaninov, Horowitz, Baremboin, Askenazy … others have focused exclusively on accompanying his activity as G.

Moore. H. M. Deucht or Spanish Zannetti or E. Arnaltes.

Also several of the great conductors have been in their early or correspondent excellent accompanist of opera, Abbado, Mutti, Levine, Sawallisch, Pappano … Unfortunately in Spain can not study the specialty of “pianist – accompanist” unlike in other European countries, and the practice of students in the conservatories is limited to a few chamber music classes, taken as a subject “Extra.” Here the pianist is at a distinct disadvantage with fellow string group playing in the orchestra or wind in the bands, while the pianist spends long hours of study alone without anyone to share their interpretation. Conservatories accompanying pianists have, however there is no specific access to this task in the system of examinations for admission to the conservatory, lumped together with piano and piano teachers are complementary (otherwise equal). So the piano accompanist or want to be just left to go explore the repertoire on their own, increase their knowledge of other instruments, the particularities of each one of them (issue, arches, joints, pitch …) language to accompany singers, stylistic features, etc.., all this after making his piano studies as any piano teacher and soloist. Hard road for so little recognition. THE PIANIST COMPANION: “The pianist companion”

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As In Heaven – A Great Moment With The Choir Of Johannisthal

The Mozart Requiem in the Church of Christ in Berlin Oberschoneweide experience Berlin, 28.11.2012. Who has heard the Mozart Requiem by world-famous professional ensembles and yet remained with the question, why in places long time came up, could experience on November 18 in the Christ Church Berlin Oberschoneweide, that the answer that not in the factory, but in whose opinion is to find and ideally for the work and the artists can speak. That this understanding was brokered by the Johannisthal (Berlin), so an amateur choir Kantorei, shows once again that the spirit (and not professional routine) is it makes the sound come alive. “A spark of lit already in the concluding Chorale of the preceding Cantata of Bach wines, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen” (BWV 12) on, after the instrumental ensemble Camerata instrumental “and the vocal soloists unfortunately does not have their potential (certainly existing). This common in Kirchenkonzerten due to lack of joint rehearsal time and therefore quite venial weakness disappeared in the Requiem from the first until the last choral tone “in a goose bumps experience that is second to none and the reviewers involuntarily in the movie as in the sky” remembered where it becomes clear what the common devotion to a work can lead if it is worn by loving enthusiasm, that includes also the interpersonal area. Here lies the secret to leave limits of everyday life behind.

And so the highly concentrated interaction between choir and choral conductor Martin Fehlandt reflected not only a gifted musician and convincing interpretation concept, but also a universal fusion in the spirit. As a result, a tension, which never tore off until the very end, because each moment gained haunting intensity and importance, including resulting from a fascinating choir sound, plastic voice and expressive rhetoric ideal tempi, which were so to speak born from the rhythm language of the subjects unfolded. What persistent devoted work behind such artistic community power is, can probably imagine. Tony Parker may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The performance was to one of those rare moments whose Magie captured people with so original motor, that is a religious sentiment as adjusts by itself. How strong this effect here, was in the sustained silence of the final, in which the faded to grow into it seemed, until then but not end endless applause and was followed by an encore. In the face of such events in mostly crowded churches, it is obvious that it is the immediate creative powers that attract the people of presence of and want to help in the future, while the indirect theological ideological element to lose influence. It would be a momentous innerkirchlicher mistake to close this insight.Because lack of promotion of the future forces to save the survived Aznar never.

Brad Pitt As Savior Of The World In The Blockbuster Of Superlatives: World War Z

On November 7th the end times thriller appears as DVD, the extended action cut on Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, as well as video-on-demand Hamburg, 14.10.2013 the end seems inevitably tries to save mankind from a deadly zombie pandemic U.N. employees Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), that is spreading inexorably. 90 Days, he left to find a cure for the virus that is spreading across the continents. Will he make it to protect himself, his family and the whole world from their fate? Based on the well-known best seller “Operation zombie” by Max Brooks, the epic with superstar Brad Pitt convinced audiences and critics. Stunning visual effects and suspenseful action lift “World War Z” to a totally new level of zombie apocalypse phenomenon. As of November 7, the blockbuster is published as video on demand, DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray super set the latter contains the 3D Blu-ray disc and DVD theatrical version as well as the 2D Blu-ray extended cut of the action. This is on the Blu-ray standard, as well as video on demand available. Additional bonus material provides insight behind the scenes and scientific background information about the origin of zombies.

Brad Pitt and his cast “I forward, now on Blu-ray to present the fans that new unabridged version of World War Z”, says producer and Hollywood star Brad Pitt. “We were amazed by the reaction of the movie and wanted to offer for the home cinema experience even more action and intensity.” In addition to Marc Forster, who has already proven his skills as a Director with “James Bond 007 – quantum of Solace”, Mireille Enos (“gangster squad”) shines in the role of the young wife opposite Brad Pitt. The celebrity cast is complemented by newcomer Eric West and “Lost” Star Matthew Fox. Has also a popular German actor: Moritz BLEIBTREU Gerry Lane as Dr. Ryan supports in the fight for survival.

Bam Guitar Teacher Required

If you really want to be By a great guitarist, By reach that goal much sooner with a good teacher. Now imagine semiiklassnika claiming that he was not going to go to school longer, because it thinks he's learned everything there is to know in life. Sounds ridiculous, does not it? It's funny, but exactly the same attitude are many guitarists in music. I should note that if Basha goal is to play some simple songs in campfire, Basha need for teacher is not necessary. Those who want to achieve a higher level of music and guitar skills than your current one, this is for you. Most of us can think that some good players have never studied music or guitar with a teacher, and yet he / she still looks good results attained for himself.

Many people look at like this guitar and think, 'Hey, if that person has made for himself the result, why can not I? " This is a legitimate question, of course, and By can explore some of the things themselves, without an instructor. But why risk doing it yourself, if most cases it does not work when you can find By the teacher who will work with Bami? Most people who choose not to work with the teacher also: They have significant financial problems (which make fee for guitar lessons impossible). Do not care enough about their own musical progress, and not interested in investing time and money in yourself. Just do not realize how great a teacher can help the student in implement more than one purpose.

North Caucasus State Institute

According Oybermana, he learned a lot from him while working on an improved model shikapshiny them. Before going into manufacturing tools, Vladimir Grigorievich prepared appropriate scientific base, thoroughly studied the design, other features of the preserved specimens. Exploring the ancient monuments of musical culture, he made several important discoveries related to their existence, the specifics of the game to them and so on. Thus, the elongation, the elongation of the body of musical instruments of the North Caucasus, or that they have the legs instrumentoved explained the nature of the game to them. Artists played music while sitting on a low stool or on the ground, because the tools were required to have a foothold in the land. And here, for example, Russian bowed instruments – short, as played by They stood, holding the weight. The first of the hands of the master came Adyghe shikapshina. Since then, V.

Oyberman recreated 25 species of tools of the North Caucasus and in the first place, Kabardin and Balkar. And if today in Nalchik National Instruments is widely portrayed, it is due to Vladimir G.. He actually laid the foundation for our professional teams – the Adygei theater music "Bzhamy" National Orchestra tools, Kabardino-Balkar school culture and art "Shikapshina." At the musicians are playing dance ensemble "Kabardinka", "Balkar", "Nalmes" students in the department of folk instruments of the North Caucasus State Institute of Arts and Adyghe State University, not to mention the residents of children's music schools. Tools made by hand Oybermana become a boon to many art groups Adygea, Karachay-Cherkessia and South Ossetia.

Diary Of Dreams

The German group Diary Of Dreams, the main creative force which is the identity of the owner Accession Records Adrian Hates (Adrian Hates), is considered one of the most unusual and talented teams in the German gothic / darkwave scene. History Diary Of Dreams originates in the late eighties, when Adrian Hates only began to develop a musical concept of a solo project. Over time, he was joined by guitarist Alistair Kane (Alistair Kane), and only in 1994, appears the first full-length release of the band – Cholymelan, which immediately gets the highest estimates are not only numerous underground publications and critics, but, most importantly, amazingly optimistic reception of listeners. And the record does deserve the highest praise for the musicians managed to weave together the interesting electronic arrangements, together with the original guitar part, philosophical, sensual lyrics in English and stunningly soulful voice Heights, who was very softly and gently creeps into the consciousness of the listener, making the order to empathize with the feelings and the (often very joyless) emotions experienced by the musician. In short, it was unqualified success, but in a relatively narrow underground areas. Seeing such positive feedback on their work, but also thinking about expanding the audience and the gradual withdrawal of underground fame in the 'wider Gothic masses', the band did not sit idly by, and actively engaged in writing material for his next album, which soon came out (in 1996) is on his own label, Adrian Accession Records. It is with the release of second album, End of Flowers, a gear 'gothic show business' slowly started to move and began to spin to the increasing turnover.