Czech Guitar

Czech Cremona is well known in Russia. It is reliable and sturdy tools, which class is required for the course. At the same niche are a series of student Sanchez, Almansa. Next start 'normal' Spanish brands: Sanchez, Rodrigues, Lorca, Alhambra. If you have no certainty – what strings you need – always check with a friend or teacher. This must be done prior to purchasing a guitar. Then it will be too late – for the sad fate of the driving synthetics on 'Western' Guitars by metal strings are produced in abundance in our country. Initially the Russian guitar has been with the metal (see the 'buy me a guitar, a silver string ') from cheap and small can be recommended T1. Larger body of our Creole and Peterhof. Adam Sandler has compatible beliefs. In the same class dreadnoughts are cheap Chinese origin: Martinez W-701, Adams W-4100, Colombo W-4100 and etc. Or guitar with the body of folk, smaller size: Colombo F-4000, Peal F-7SB Higher class – the Russian guitar Wanderer and gmd. No relation to the old Soviet factories, these guitars are not. And therefore compete with imports without any problems. For the price of 4000-6000r. You can buy a very decent tool 'home' destination. For example Martinez W-51 or F-705, Peal AC-16, Amati W-6626. More expensive and qualitative Czech westerns and jumbo – Cremona (Strunal), they have appeared recently, but the dignity of their undeniable. There are interesting models of Baton Rouge, Peal. Excellent tools do in Russia in the studio Streltsov – Lorance.

Bam Guitar Teacher Required

If you really want to be By a great guitarist, By reach that goal much sooner with a good teacher. Now imagine semiiklassnika claiming that he was not going to go to school longer, because it thinks he's learned everything there is to know in life. Sounds ridiculous, does not it? It's funny, but exactly the same attitude are many guitarists in music. I should note that if Basha goal is to play some simple songs in campfire, Basha need for teacher is not necessary. Those who want to achieve a higher level of music and guitar skills than your current one, this is for you. Most of us can think that some good players have never studied music or guitar with a teacher, and yet he / she still looks good results attained for himself.

Many people look at like this guitar and think, 'Hey, if that person has made for himself the result, why can not I? " This is a legitimate question, of course, and By can explore some of the things themselves, without an instructor. But why risk doing it yourself, if most cases it does not work when you can find By the teacher who will work with Bami? Most people who choose not to work with the teacher also: They have significant financial problems (which make fee for guitar lessons impossible). Do not care enough about their own musical progress, and not interested in investing time and money in yourself. Just do not realize how great a teacher can help the student in implement more than one purpose.

North Caucasus State Institute

According Oybermana, he learned a lot from him while working on an improved model shikapshiny them. Before going into manufacturing tools, Vladimir Grigorievich prepared appropriate scientific base, thoroughly studied the design, other features of the preserved specimens. Exploring the ancient monuments of musical culture, he made several important discoveries related to their existence, the specifics of the game to them and so on. Thus, the elongation, the elongation of the body of musical instruments of the North Caucasus, or that they have the legs instrumentoved explained the nature of the game to them. Artists played music while sitting on a low stool or on the ground, because the tools were required to have a foothold in the land. And here, for example, Russian bowed instruments – short, as played by They stood, holding the weight. The first of the hands of the master came Adyghe shikapshina. Since then, V.

Oyberman recreated 25 species of tools of the North Caucasus and in the first place, Kabardin and Balkar. And if today in Nalchik National Instruments is widely portrayed, it is due to Vladimir G.. He actually laid the foundation for our professional teams – the Adygei theater music "Bzhamy" National Orchestra tools, Kabardino-Balkar school culture and art "Shikapshina." At the musicians are playing dance ensemble "Kabardinka", "Balkar", "Nalmes" students in the department of folk instruments of the North Caucasus State Institute of Arts and Adyghe State University, not to mention the residents of children's music schools. Tools made by hand Oybermana become a boon to many art groups Adygea, Karachay-Cherkessia and South Ossetia.

Diary Of Dreams

The German group Diary Of Dreams, the main creative force which is the identity of the owner Accession Records Adrian Hates (Adrian Hates), is considered one of the most unusual and talented teams in the German gothic / darkwave scene. History Diary Of Dreams originates in the late eighties, when Adrian Hates only began to develop a musical concept of a solo project. Over time, he was joined by guitarist Alistair Kane (Alistair Kane), and only in 1994, appears the first full-length release of the band – Cholymelan, which immediately gets the highest estimates are not only numerous underground publications and critics, but, most importantly, amazingly optimistic reception of listeners. And the record does deserve the highest praise for the musicians managed to weave together the interesting electronic arrangements, together with the original guitar part, philosophical, sensual lyrics in English and stunningly soulful voice Heights, who was very softly and gently creeps into the consciousness of the listener, making the order to empathize with the feelings and the (often very joyless) emotions experienced by the musician. In short, it was unqualified success, but in a relatively narrow underground areas. Seeing such positive feedback on their work, but also thinking about expanding the audience and the gradual withdrawal of underground fame in the 'wider Gothic masses', the band did not sit idly by, and actively engaged in writing material for his next album, which soon came out (in 1996) is on his own label, Adrian Accession Records. It is with the release of second album, End of Flowers, a gear 'gothic show business' slowly started to move and began to spin to the increasing turnover.

More One

Going forward, while not align pin on the intact side verbilbanka, its end surface, he further breaks down a seat at the top, thereby increasing its diameter. If this operation section of the difference between "native" and repair small groves, then in the subsequent setting up the piano, she can not provide a reliable friction. Withdrawal from the pin significant difference sections of "native" chopping at scoring will "resist" and as a consequence, it is possible deformation. The tuning key on it just does not nalezet. There is also a danger that the super-powerful pressure created with the new scoring repair chopping, with a large difference in cross-section of the "native" will not allow full adjustment tool later, as the Adjuster will be difficult to "catch the desired sound." More One of the caveats, pocketing repair peg with significant difference in the cross section of the "native" chopping, it is likely to break even when you set it, because it is made of sufficiently strong, but brittle material.

I Not to mention what the breaking load tests in this section and verbilbanka. I consider it possible to share one more to their supervision. Very often seen that after plugging repair groves, adjacent, side by side, as a rule, do not build. This is especially true of the small octave range, where the pegs are located closest to each other. With high confidence, we can assume that in this case we have already partial softening of the individual layers verbilbanka, even at a considerable distance from the considered chopping naturally reduces the functionality of multiple, adjacent pins.

The Situation

In addition, immediately after writing the next article I plan to post it on your site. You can find them in the page. A post content on the pages electronic publications, directories, partner sites and guess after a while. The logical construction of the series "The creation of new songs and music" Thus, starting from the "technology" and of making music and Please, realize and experience I have in 23 years composing, I plan to go to identify problems that hinder the creation of beautiful new music and its promotion to a mass audience. Then look forward to offer their vision of options out of the situation for ordinary fans, and for songwriters and music. As one of these options, I want to describe their experience in creating, promoting and arranging songs and music in comparison with others and depending on the goals. A series of articles "The creation of new songs and music" will be interesting and useful: For people wishing to become sponsors of new songs, new music I hope that the series of articles will be interesting and useful first all the creative people who want to become authors of the new songs, new music (especially the young, novice). Those wishing to join the excellent, good, eternal combination of philosophical comprehension of the situation musically art and show business with my own eyes "inside", as a songwriter and composer, can provide food for thought for people who sincerely anxious state of musical culture, who want to involve our people and join themselves to the beautiful, good, eternal, to make people better, more beautiful and inspiring.

Production Hand Guitarist

Good day, dear readers! Today, my article on how to learn to play guitar without having any musical education, nor even any initial information about how to do it. On the Internet There are countless Web sites and portals for guitarists, where you can download a variety of school sports, chords, tablature, and so on. But what if you do not know how to read tablature, and generally how to keep the hands of a guitar? In this article I would like to highlight the following points: 1. Landing guitarist 2. Statement of the hands. What should be the landing of a guitarist? Of course, planting should be such that does not deliver discomfort during the game: your fingers can easily and quickly navigate through the neck. For this to happen, one leg above the other, so that it can be convenient to put a guitar.

Some put it to his legs. What is uncomfortable? The fact that, firstly, in this case have little to support the guitar with his hands, and secondly, could cause discomfort in the legs during the game. It is best to still use any stand under the left leg (Do not blame me for being too academic, but still, in the classic landing there is a lot of good) – in this case, you can generally find a position the guitar, which she herself will stand on your feet, and it will not have to hold, plus there will be no negative feelings. Need to keep your back straight. Now a bit about setting the hands. Here and below, I will parse the statement of hands on playing acoustic guitar with your fingers (as article is addressed to those who are doing this only the first steps). The right hand should be free, without stress, the body lying on the guitar.

Slightly curved downwards at the wrist wrist rests his fingers on the strings. If a game will occur voltage, then there is an error in setting the hands, and they must be eliminated. In the arrangement of the left hand, there are two options: classic and more modern setting. The classical statement is as follows: arm hanging down perpendicular to the neck, the thumb is approximately the middle of the neck, the fingers slightly bent and pressed against the string is perpendicular to the front surface of the neck. Traditionally, the classical formulation is more convenient in terms of speed of movement of the hands of the neck and jump from string to string. Modern production is more common and is characterized in that the thumb of “peeps” from above the neck, with the hand not hanging down, as in classic. Such a formulation is more convenient in cases where the play had to stand at a concert. I recommend to combine one and another kind of setting for maximum comfort while playing. Also need to make sure that when you play the left hand are not strained. Following these recommendations, you will learn more deliberate play on the guitar and learning the game will be much nicer. Do not stop there, move more!

Boris Asafev

Humor in these compounds becomes irresistible, the lyrics, while remaining simple and heartfelt. becomes elevated features. For the composers of the 20th century, the question of authorial style and its specific incarnation, the musical language is one of the most critical: because of an overabundance of musical information, stay in the ear like a prisoner already created all the music find its own it is very difficult. Here, there, in my view, three main ways: First, the path of following the practices of a national musical language. Second, the creation of his own musical language with the greatest distance from the existing ones. Finally, the third- creation, so to speak, "meta-language" using methods and means of all known "muzyk2 as signs, symbols. terms of composing musical vocabulary. Naturally, these paths are in a real composer practice often overlap.

And yet, speaking of trends, Gladkova undoubtedly can be attributed to the artists of the last, the third channel. In this way avoid eclecticism can only bright personality. that can rightly be say about Gladkova. The intrinsic nature of the composer's talent, encouraged to support a means for his music virtually unhindered contact with the listener. This is a stylization. It performs a variety of functions, from the grotesque, from the witty and sly parody to the hidden author of the lyrics, hidden under a mask as if indirect lyric depicted characters.

The last detail is important: an unusual lyrical gift of the composer is personified in the form of fairy-tale heroes, heroes of different countries and periods. Many of his style with this flirty self-portrait at the same time bear and seal the author's distant smile. Enough remember the scene of the king and courtiers of the story "In the wake of the Bremen musicians or charming duet," Ah, madam, "a television movie of" ordinary miracle ". On the other hand, it means you can style as would allow themselves in our rational age Sami express different emotions without fear of seeming sentimental, naive and ridiculous. Democracy of his music is one of the most remarkable of its qualities. He was not simulated, do not. He based on assimilated hearing musical means of expression, which is far from exhausted. For example, the tone. in the skillful hands tone remains on the set of colors, subject, yet less. modal logic semistupennoy system with a strict hierarchy of functions. Or harmony. All luxurious harmonic innovations of the composer's built on a strong classical base. You can take any work Gladkova. take off melodic and rhythmic pattern of leave-frame harmonic skeleton: get excellent chorale. It is amazing ability to convey the composer's music polutonalnost emotional psychological state. Any feeling, expressed by the composer, it is not just recorded music-emotion condition, and like crystal, rotating to different sides of the listener: that joy, doubt, hope, desire … His music can be likened to a living organism: breathing, developing. changing every second. How to write an outstanding musician and composer Boris Asafev. To be "in modern music, while good to hear. accessible – not in the vulgar sense of the word, destiny few musicians: it is extremely rare talents … "These words can be attributed entirely to Gladkov, for his work with highly professional and accessible, open, addressed not to and a handful of the crowd, but each of us. He creates the music is easy and natural as breathing. Her life is as comfortable on the plates and screens. in the fresh air and the train the train, in kindergarten and in "serious" institution for the stage and concert hall.

Campbell Lag

Endorsers (from the English. Endorcer – supporter) – musician, playing a musical instrument of any particular firm, sometimes under the contract. For the musician it is a way to demonstrate the quality of his instrument and play, and for manufacturer – a confirmation that her instrument musician prefers to any other. Guitars lag, pre-existing only in the collections of wealthy musicians, is now much closer to everyone. Whichever style you choose – in the lineup lag guitars there is always the right tool, whether it's 'blues' Roxane, or extreme Arkane. Endorsers lag – a well-known professional musicians, performing music in different styles, but always with the lag. Peter Doherty – Babyshambles Peter Doherty – a cult figure of the British show business. His music – part of the punk rock group The Libertines, later in his own indie project, Babyshambles, or as a soloist – always an event in the music world.

And wherever he played – everywhere with his guitar lag. Phil Campbell – Motorhead legend guitarist, one of the most charismatic British hard-rock bands. Speaking at the Motorhead in 1984, Phil for many years is an endorser lag. Charles Hedger – Cradle of Filth Charles Hedger – a recognized guitarist, vocalist and composer in one of the world's most famous teams Black Metal – Cradle of Filth. Official endorsers lag since April 2007. Chris George Chris George – the leader of the rock band Chris George Band. To its own project, he worked with famous musicians – Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden, Greg Ridley of Humble Pie, Bernie Marsden from Whitesnake.


If nothing happened – you can always erase and "Caught" once accidentally punch line, a musical idea can ever permanently poteryat.Esli got something of value, listen to it again and again on the subject that you like whether it yourself and if you can not remember other well-known songs, music with a similar melodieyPosle necessarily listen to several times made the recording. If in the process of listening to their records, or directly during the creation of music or songs spontaneous creativity, improvisation, you have realized that to get something valuable, listen to it again and again for that, like whether or not it entirely, or some place you own, if you can not remember the other famous songs, music with a similar melody. If you do not like your work, or you find something similar – start all zanovo.Oformite liked the music, the songs in a digestible format, improve, strengthen and develop eeEsli as your product or part you like and you have not noticed the plagiarism, try to arrange your favorite piece in a more or less digestible format, improve, strengthen and develop it. For example, if there is a basis for melody, play it on the synthesizer for accompaniment, compose verse for the song created music, sing this verse with a guitar, create a music track on your computer, etc. etc. All depends on what skills – musical instruments, vocals, computer-based music editor – you vladeete. listen to the recording or live performance of your musical works of his close lyudyamDovedite best (with your point of view) your music on their own to the highest possible quality, record to a physical medium. And then offer to listen to or record, or the first live performance of their loved ones, asking them to give unbiased, objective, without flattery, but without undue criticism appreciated.

Be sure to ask them whether they like your music, what it is like your work. Often strangers quickly discover plagiarism, as their ears are not "zamyleny. If this test is successful – to expand and Diversify the range of students, given their critical comments and suggestions. If not – all snachala.Esli none of the listeners did not detect plagiarism and some of your music is like – you can compose music (song) Once out of 10-15 people no one will detect plagiarism – consider what you can claim originality. If, in addition to at least two – three people your liked the music – you have your listener. So you can compose music (songs) that are popular with some people.

Then it all depends on your desires and skills – improve, operate, go for it. Road steady wins the race! Good luck! If the test fails – work on yourself, learn, listen to music and analyze it, raise your level, and then repeat testNu and if, contrary to expectations, you could not pass the tests I have proposed – do not worry. Remember that genius – is the product of talent to work. But Rome was not built. Work on yourself, learn, listen to music and analyze it, raise your level. But then again test.Zadeystvuyte not used by you 90-95% of your mental capacity – and you will succeed! Scientists say that the average person uses 5-10% of the capacity of your brain. Many do not believe in it. And I believe. And you believe that 90-95% Your mental capacity is not used. Engage him – and you will be successful! Thanks, that was me.