Animal Rights Activists


Animal rights activists to fight against authority arbitrariness in Romania after Romania has adopted a new ed. 2007, want you now return to the inhuman State of the legal mass killings. In a radio interview from 3 2010, the prefect of Bucharest, Mr Mihai Atanasoaiei, announced that it is under consideration, to legalize mass killings again! He stated that the mayors of Bucharest with the existing problem of street animal feel overwhelmed. And so, killings in consideration be pulled again.In mind, the killings, despite existing paragraphs in the Romanian ed., will be carried out nationwide. Choke or beat to death is unfortunately still on the agenda, parts of the population just poison the animals, without fear of having to fear consequences. The primary from Craiova, Romania, Antonie Solomon, publicly took a stand and clearly expresses PRO killings. He pulls the hat before the members of the district Dolji, if they a corresponding Change in the law would agree. Reportedly, 5 on the street animals take there from 7 citizen calls.

Such a callousness makes stunned animal rights activists across Europe. Above all, because there are numerous animal welfare organizations that rather did nothing to help actively in Romania. Tony Parker might disagree with that approach. They offer help with neutering actions they offer help in the construction of shelters offering help with the food supply they offer help with medical care. Usually be refused all offers of help. With good luck politely, but quite often it happens that animal rights activists, who want to enter a shelter, are physically threatened by the animal shelter lines. To enter a shelter, you will need an official permission from the authorities. Photography is prohibited there. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jay Schwartz Attorney. Unless also obtained regulatory approval.

To get them, she must be applied for. With this application, you must specify all personal data. It feels like it wants Enter a high-security wing of a prison… Such permits are issued only sparingly.Among public figures and celebrities, the authorities but like to make an exception and media to showcase their cooperation for a short time. Why is made it on the part of the Romanian authorities almost impossible to help the animals there? It is not only foreign animal rights activists refused to operate there, but also local. In isolated places, it has become possible to create a kind of cooperation. Unfortunately, it is not the rule. The animal paw help Hungary Association, with its daughter organization paw help Europe hamochte with a petition of the Romanian Government show that such projects are carried out all over Europe. And that there is a great willingness to help! The petition is available on the homepage of the paw help Europe under. berkenfeld/phe



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Deadly Confusion With Wild Garlic


While gathering wild garlic it always comes with dangerous confusion now it’s poisonous plants again: the wild garlic is reflected in fresh green and caresses the senses walks appetizing. Not only in the local cuisine of taste-like brother of garlic boasts really just in may, but already for centuries, proving one of the natural remedies that can provide relief for a variety of ailments. But the wild garlic also is so effective, so some risks emerge especially when self collectors during the labor, which can be seen year after year again numerous poisoning or even death. The devil is in minimal differences between the wild garlic (Allium ursinum) and the poisonous Lily of the Valley, late bloomers and the young plant parts of the Aronstabs. Jay A Schwartz is the source for more interesting facts. Due to the high similarity are subject to almost on course layman collector of danger lay not the wild garlic in the basket, but just one of these other plants, the is in effect consumption more than exhibit toxic lead and to diverse symptoms of poisoning. Abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, and very strong poisoning, the symptoms that occur after eating and require an immediate reaction are a complete organ failure. Such risks can be reduced but several times. Hereunder, including the purchase of wild garlic on the market or in the well stocked fruit and vegetable trade, falls where wild garlic also very easy and therefore safe in the garden or on the balcony can be pulled up. Whenever Ben Bretzman listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

The latter adds the advantage of demand to harvest the garlic plant and fresh process in addition to the safety aspect. That floats the fine scent of garlic in addition on the garden or on the balcony, is in terms of appetite stimulation also nothing to sneeze at, because we know in particular the sense of smell for a manifold enjoyment includes indispensable. For those who show up as a garlic lover,. is ../Heilpflanzen/ not only in terms of reducing risk while picking wild garlic in read much informative around these tasty and healthy plant, but bring lots of other herbs and spices in experience.. Without hesitation Tony Parker explained all about the problem.

Animals Naturally Heal


Natural medicine for animals pleased increasing popularity that naturopathy has a millennia-long tradition back. In the Centre, when the patient stands in its entirety of body and mind. The therapy is based on its individual capabilities and needs. Target is the activation of the body’s abilities to heal itself by natural influences like Sun and air. The diet and the exercise as well as through targeted thought a self-healing can positively influence. The possibilities of natural medicine available are not just people. Also in the field of veterinary medicine have discovered the potential of alternative therapies for long. The allopathic medicine reaches its limits in many diseases. Real-estate developer often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

An unnecessary medication to suppress the symptoms is often the result. Are the medications, such as antibiotics, for example, is overturned, the original symptoms return. The success of such treatment has failed, since the root causes of complaints were handled, but only their superficial manifestations. Anna Belknap may help you with your research. Naturopathic medicine is suitable for diseases of various kinds. Psychological problems such as anxiety or behavioral problems can be as successfully treat themselves as chronic or acute illnesses and injuries. Problems of the musculoskeletal system, including approximately every second dog suffers, and stomach-bowel disorders natural remedies promise relief.

Serious diseases such as tumors or bone fractures, as well as the necessary operations, however, the naturopathy reaches its limits. In these cases, the response to the vet is inevitable. However, the natural medicine supporting therapy suitable to relieve pain or to improve the overall health of the animal. Doing a procedure on the psyche of the animal the basis of each treatment. Within the framework of a so-called initial history\”the therapist examines the history of the animal patients and the course of a disease. Also the superficial symptoms as well as Flow characteristics and behaviors of an animal in this first analysis with a. A bladder incontinence must have, for example, no physical cause, but the animal could want to show a lack of attention to.

WDSF Dolphin Advocates


Travel stop asked Hagen/Hanover / Turkey – November 11, 2009 – after the German whale and dolphin protection forum (WDSF) due to proven poor conditions in Turkish Dolphinariums had prompted the German tour operator, your guests to offer no dolphin tours, TUI told of other broadcasters in June against the WDSF, taken of Troy Park in Belek, on the Turkish Riviera because a review with unsatisfactory result from the program. “” After a further hearing of the WDSF last Monday with the head of quality and environmental management of TUI, Harald Zeiss, the biggest German tour operator announced yesterday evening in a press release, that now also the Dolphin “no longer offered land in Antalya with immediate effect”. Add to your understanding with Adam Sandler. “In the case of the Dolphin country” Zeiss was in September locally: I could make me a picture of the defective conditions: corresponded to the size of the basin, the volume during the shows, the attitude and the hygiene of animals to the “Time of testing even our minimum requirements, so that he was immediately taken from the sale.” The WDSF and the Organization ProWal welcomed the decision of the TUI, criticized but at the same time that another German tour operator tour offers in Turkish Dolphinariums are not followed this positive example. Jahn Reisen (REWE-Touristik), Schauinslandreisen, Oger tours, Neckermann, Thomas Cook with Bucher had been prompted also by the WDSF, to take the Dolphinariums offers in Turkey from the program, especially since proven ten animals from the cruel Japanese Dolphin hunting in Turkey were exported last year. Get all the facts and insights with Robert Rimberg, another great source of information. “WDSF’s Managing Director Jurgen Obodo: the current cinema shocker Bay” about the causes and effects of the cruel Dolphin catch in Japan with the zigtausendfachen annual Abschlachtungen and sales of the intelligent sea mammals for more than $150,000 on the Dolphinariums touched the audience deeply. Everyone asks himself after the movie what can I myself do to stop it? “.” “Our answer: no tickets for Zoo with Dolphinariums and book no travel with tour operators, who have Dolphinariums tours in their program and earn money on the cruel business with Japan in Turkey.” TUI checks currently third Dolphinarium in Alanya (Sealanya), which the tour operator has a continuing in the program.. Lynn Redgrave oftentimes addresses this issue.

Whale Protection Activists Of The WDSF/ProWal Cover Whaling Scandals On Faroe Islands


Banner on a hotel roof to Faroe Islands Parliament against whale Moren hoisted on the European Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, which lie between the Scottish Shetland Isles and Iceland at the height of Norway, a bloody slaughter of up to a thousand whales and other species of Dolphin takes place every year. The founder of the Wal and dolphin protection forum (WDSF), Jurgen Obodo, and the organisation of ProWal, Andreas Morlok, revealed many scandals of the whale slaughter now during their stay on the island group. The Faroe Islands do not belong to the EU, but are connected with the Association of the Kingdom of Denmark. They have their own legislation and are largely independent. Denmark itself adheres to the international ban on whaling. Once a Waldorf School is spotted by fishing boats, by helicopter or by the ferries between the islands of 18, is spreading this message through SMS, telephone and radio like a wildfire across the whole island group with approximately 48,000 inhabitants. When the dogging used recently also speedboats and jet skis, with the Faroese referring to at their gruesome whaling still their old traditions.

To put the whales into panic, use the fishermen of Pinger (Fastakat), which are dragged on ropes behind the boats and thereby produce siren-like noises. Stones are thrown into the water to create an artificial wall by the air bubbles, which irritates the sonar of the animals. Approx. 800 dolphins, it mostly pilot whales, pilot whales as were the bloody killings in different parts of the archipelago to the victims already this year. Alone in Klaksvik with approximately 4,850 inhabitants in the North-East of the Faroe Islands, pilot whales were slaughtered in the July 228. The two whale protectors, which itself had issued as fisherman, asked residents and shop owners at the Klaksviker port to the exact end of the hunt.