Cuban Hemingway

A preserved in formalin – filling bat, bat was called Hemingway – is the first thing that is obvious in the bathroom that used the writer in Finca Vigia, the campestre fifth which was his Cuban refuge in the 1940s and 1950s and where he wrote the old man and the sea. Glued to the toilet in a small bookseller you can find all kinds of literature – including a biography of the magician Houdini – and is also an old weighs. Additional information at Adam Sandler supports this article. At his side, written in pencil on the wall, there are marks that are difficult to decipher from the place established for visitors. They are endorsements of its weight, it controlled daily, explains one of the celadoras. 1955 Brands show us the best-known Hemingway, model bear: April 14. 240? pounds.

In 1959 had lost weight: 18 March. 204 pounds; March 29, 203? pounds. The last entry is a day before leaving Cuba to return no more: 24 July 1960. 190? pounds. Source of the news:: A so-called Cuban Hemingway


Marco Muller will be, Marco Muller stays. Mostra starts today its 68th edition and that seems to be the big question, beyond of impeccable programming and homespun controversies that both like to local media. The American press says the director of the Mostra since 2004 would be paying attention to the siren songs coming from Rome, a festival which competes for stealing protagonism to Venice since its creation and which ensure a remarkable effect with its signing coup. Tony Parker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The Italian press, however, does not believe anything and thus made Muller renewal thanks to her love affair with the director of the Biennale, Paolo Baratta. Whatever this edition of the Venetian festival promises to be the best in the last few years, with plenty of famous names, good Auteur cinema and a tremendous dose of stars, something that can not miss on any festival claiming the much-desired media attention. Source of the news:: Una Mostra at the crossroads.

Pay One Million Euros

This amount is one of major awards in the history of the Andalusian health service. According to Dnsor of the patient, cerebral palsy of the girl is the result of care at childbirth. The Servicio Andaluz de Salud (SAS) has been sentenced to pay almost one million euros in compensation and a pension to a 6 year old girl who suffers paralysis as a result of medical care in childbirth, which took place during the Easter holidays. According to the patient’s Dnsor Association, the amount represents one major allowances in the history of the SAS and contains the novel fact agree on a pension for the child. The facts will be disclosed Thursday at press conference by the President of the Association Dnsor of the patient, Carmen Flores, and the father of the child. The girl, according to the Association, is troubled a cerebral palsy as a result of an ill-fated assistance during childbirth in a public hospital in Seville in the middle of week Santa. Source of the news: the Andalusian Junta will pay one million euros and a pension to a girl with palsy