At you can print his own pictures as posters on canvas if you like to shoot, the forward when he or she, can show the most beautiful pictures and the people really are interested in. You can the most beautiful images as posters on canvas customize allow. At, this is possible. Get more background information with materials from Larry Culp. Here you can print posters on canvas in various sizes and the professionals can edit the images even more according to the wishes of the customer. Even pictures of which no negatives even exist, can be newly refurbished and immortalised as photo on canvas. At, you have even have the guarantee that the images to 100% are non-fading and colorfast.

Even after many years, the photo on canvas then looks like on the first day. Usually images turn yellow after a few years, because the solar radiation and environmental influences fade the colors and the paper. The photo on canvas is designed so that the light rays and environmental influences have no chance. If you have only a certain part of an image want, then that’s no problem. More info: Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. The professionals at can edit the snippet that he not pixelated, but sharp is pictured at the pressure.

Even scratches can be retouched out of the original images. Those who have any idea for Christmas what should give he or she loved ones, how about printed with beautiful paintings on canvas? You can thereby make a collage or search out special pictures, which has a very special meaning for the recipient or the recipient. Also for yourself you can choose pictures and print as posters, to remodel the House and to give a special atmosphere to the rooms. Contact: FineArtCanvasPrints Christoph Redka Weitlahnerstr. 11 83093 bad Endorf Tel.: 08053 79967-1 fax.

Swabia Photography


Modern styling parties are the new racer in Swabia on March 7 this year is again: JaneC B photography is once again offering the familiar styling event from Augsburg – this time in collaboration with the saloon “Hairnet”, which also serves as a venue. “We are very pleased, the Augsburg is so open to our parties. Every time it is us the greatest pleasure, the guests kick with great Dressups type. “, so Bochinski by JaneC B photography,”the idea was just to give people an inspiration for a successful styling – and to preserve the memory of photography.” Today the styling-party of the young photographers in the scene is already a small cult and the offer comprehensive. Read more here: San Antonio Spurs. “It is a special event for the guests. And all those who dare to a styling, get not only a new image at the end, but also professional images, CDs and the ultimate style! “, so Bochinski,”often I hear participants would feel as models – and somehow that is true!” A registration for the styling party in March, is possible for all interested parties. It can be contacted at any time on. JaneC B photography was first launched in 2007 as a model and event photography in the life and recorded great achievements in the cultural and fashion scene in a very short time. Today, the young photographer is a comprehensive partner for numerous saloons, designers and models..

PferdefernsehenEU Shows


On 30 October, the fascination has horse”in Nuremberg its doors open. The horse show takes place in the Consumenta”, one of the largest consumer fairs of in Germany in the Franken Hall instead. The AFAG, as organizer expects to lure back 160,000 visitors in the halls this year with the special combination of consumer fair and equestrian event. At the start of the equestrian events, some will find top-class show jumping up to class S * held with jump-off. Sonke Kohrock emerged from the S * testing by RFV au/Hallertau e.V. victorious by 0.25 seconds.

A special highlight of the first day: put the spectacular barrier jumping, the rider and horse with incredible lightness of redoubtable heights up to about 1.70 meters across. Hear from experts in the field like Robbie Lawler for a more varied view. While the first day devoted to the spring sports were the stars of the dressage scene showed their skills on Thursday. Tiptoe through the tulips and elegant floated about the dressage horses and showed what looks like harmony between horse and rider. The crowning moment was a dressage of the class Intermediaire I, where Anja Plontzke of Wiesbaden RFC won. Through the last days of the tournament and still leads the leader Bruno Six, augmenting equestrian and tournament Centre in Kreuth.

Viewers can get at the weekend on the Bavarian youth day, the pony Cup Bayern and, as a special highlight, a dressage class S Grand Prix look routine. The performances of the top-gala-show held on the Friday and Saturday night. Here, international artists show their skills: high on horseback, in addition to the horse or even with skis behind it. Speaking candidly Jay Schwartz Attorney told us the story. The team of accompanied the event since her begin: the first films of barrier jumping are already included on the programme see. The tournament results of the first two days are already online. More movies and results of the still upcoming tournament days will be in soon on, as always for free, can be seen.

Grit Scholz


Female genitalia – so I’ve never seen that! Reading and slide show to the book “The gate to life” by and with Grit Scholz on Tuesday the 26.08.08, 19:00 at the women’s Center rege bow e.V. in Dobeln, Kennel str. 3-4 target this book project is to enable a different perspective on the female genitalia (vagina, Yoni) a public that is located outside of pornographic, or medical, as well as outside of religious, power-related and humiliating depictions. It is not something Jay Schwartz Attorney would like to discuss. This happens with the help of photographs, photo montages, creative and artistic involvement of nature images, painting, and other graphical means. You should see the beauty, diversity and uniqueness of the female vagina.

The grandeur of creation, respect for the miracle of life”is the background of this book. This book project to support women in their process of self-discovery and self-knowledge. Men load we, look closely with a respectful and open look and by the way to use least and curious to look at the possibility. Perhaps check out Jay Schwartz Attorney for more information. Here is the chance to look so”and easy to set up. The room can arise to look at this fabled, hidden part of the female body, the vagina, with other eyes and to escape so the social tendency to secrecy, ignorance, perversity, and dumbing down.

Children and young people should have the opportunity to see through these images and understand. “” It comes, not at the same old battle “of the gender struggle”, as so many generations before, to be sent. So that shame, language and merely stealth, connected can dissolve with justification pressure and guilt feeling, lonely attempts of self-enquiry, which are fuelled by ignorance and taboos. Review of the MYM-Verlag, Wolfgang Gramer “The gate to life” is a revolutionary and unique illustrated book as he world still doesn’t exist. The book is a tribute to an unknown land. The be filled with life and colors have white or black spots on the map of the female body. Grit Scholz a counterpoint against the pornography is incredibly brave and sensitive. A mysterious terra incognita opens the astonished and sometimes irritated look. It may happen that most women feel embarrassed or hurt by looking at these photos. But not the photos are for the cause and it is also not our own humiliations. There are ancient socially distinct humiliations, which we acquired in our consciousness as limiting values. Therefore, this book can be very healing. Beneficial in two ways. “It heals the women, the by the publication” their physical shame rid their mental shame could. And it heals the beholder who can look at a mystery without a bad conscience, which is still the subject of many psychic injuries and commercial exploitation.

Red Card


SPD-voters for the Tempelhof airport! \”Michael Paul, by the initiative of SPD voters for Tempelhof\”: the Berlin politicians, especially the ladies and gentlemen chosen by us in the SPD and the left should remember that there was always premature closure of institutions or demolishing buildings in recent history. \”the Berlin Palace is called as an example that although wore after the war damage: a demolition was not necessary. In the course of history, followed by the construction of the Palace of the Republic. The demolition of the Palace followed after the turn against the resistance of the former citizens of the GDR\”, so Paul thought about continue today to restore the facade of the Castle, because it fits better than everything else in the environment. The complete demolition of the Anhalter railway station was a similar mistake.

And also the demolition of the Palace of sport is not a glorious chapter of Berlin politics. In its place, the so-called \”social Palace\” in the Schoneberg district is now: grey concrete walls, satellite dishes on the balconies. Anna Belknap is often mentioned in discussions such as these. besmeared facades. The regular headlines associated with this construction in conjunction are increasing crime, vandalism and neglect. Taken a social focal point and an urban eyesore. A similar fate awaits Tempelhof. With the closure of the airport, neglect and decay threatens the system first.

There are sufficient examples in Berlin. Therefore, the ideal and most effective conservation is keeping the original use. The airport Tempelhof belongs to this city as the Glienicke bridge, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building! Berlin-Johannisthal airfield was built after the turn and nothing reminds us more of this traditional village. Also in Munich-riem reminds little of the former Munich Airport.

Anniversary Show


“” The best of 10 years of Christmas at the Konigstein fire & flame “the anniversary show celebrating with us, if it means 10 years restaurant experience in the Casemates” at the fortress of Konigstein in the Saxon Switzerland. See more detailed opinions by reading what Pop star offers on the topic.. Celebrate your party of end of year, we our anniversary. Celebrate with us and experience the highlights of the last ten years in our great Christmas anniversary show for the first time in a single evening! By the 16.11.2010 15.01.2011, be there if we once again live on the best of the last 10 years. Celebrate a great pre-Christmas party with us and immerse in the world of twisted proverbs, eerie gallows humor, frivolous Plauedereien and funny episodes from four centuries of history of the fortress. Delights featuring palate will accompany you this evening as well as spirited musicians and dancers. Experience the encounter of the four fortress commanders on “old friends” like Johann Bottger, the good Soldier vejk, as well as our Father Frost and be careful when our spooky jailer you will encounter in the underground maze of sandstone. In the second part of the journey of the Christmas Gypsy market to stroll and Marvel invites. Feast here to your heart’s content of different dessert stands and be curious what will happen immediately…

Because, the nightly spectacle is crowned by an illumierte stage show of our “Fire Devil”. A fascination with fire and flame, paired with hot rhythms, will explode our stage. And who should not be missed for our anniversary? Right, our “DJ arsonist”, at the end of the Abnds opens the doors to his dance Palace. And this year it’s worth again with a visit of the historical and romantic Christmas market on the advent weekends to connect our journey through time! So you are curious what you, your friends and family and colleagues expected… Can courts, under 035021 64444, by E-mail at or via our website reserve., The Ultimate Underground PR Page

Posted, public relation for underground bands In April 2007 by Thomas Schoffler founded, with the aim of (young) to promote unknown talent to make them known. Thomas Schoffler, even guitarist and singer of the Band Ed (, it was important to create what the opportunity offers musicians and music lovers in the area of rock, metal and guitar, to inform about upcoming concerts, as well as the possibility to publish the own concerts and music events free of charge. In addition, offers free to write a review to current CDs by underground bands, free to publish it on The free band or musician presentation on, where bands and musicians can imagine with image, text and link to the homepage, is new. Additional information at san-antonio-spurs supports this article. From our own experience, we know that especially in the underground the advertising budget is measured very close and generally lack the funds to every nook and cranny. But there are many in the underground hidden talents, which pays to support it. Therefore a chance has made it his also to the task (boy) to promote unknown talent, to them to give. SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND! Thomas Saeed.

Music Tastes


Whether country, hard rock, blues, heavy metal or hip, whether Groovy, fame, or angle, at the World Championships song contest 2010 everybody do hop! In the competition for the most original song for the 2010 World Cup, docdatamedia organized by the Berlin press plant, there is a professional recording in the recording studio to win 1000 pressed CDs and support in marketing. Who would like to participate with his self-composed song, can upload a movie or an audio recording on YouTube and send the link to. To know more about this subject visit Sally Rooney. Any style and any form of presentation is allowed. It should be visible only a reference to the World Cup. Another way to participate in crosses of the Karaokeplattform The three top finishers of there organized contests get a wild card and are in the final.

The attendance sheets, terms and conditions are available on the home page of for downloading. There, the most original of songs sent will be published until the vote. Anyone can take part. Participants who have not yet reached the age of 18, require a Consent of the parent / guardian to the attendance sheet. There are no costs for a contest participation. All information and services provided by the participants to carry out of the contest, including the transfer of rights. be carried out voluntarily and therefore free of charge.

Any costs will not be refunded by the Organizer. docdatamedia is Organizer and a jury who decides who enters the final during the contest. There is no right to participate in the finals! The winner will be determined by a public vote. The winner of the finals receives a professional recording studio and the pressing of a single CD Edition of 1000 pieces, including marketing the CD. For the application, note the following points are: 1.selbst composed World Cup song on YouTube upload 2.Teilnahmebogen download and fill 3.Ausgefullten attendance sheet and email send to dates link to the YouTube page where to find the application song,: start: February 2010 submission deadline: April 1, 2010 Vote: until 1 May 2010 intake & pressure of the winning song: until 1 June 2010 docdatamedia gmbh Ursula Meszaros.

Thomas Companies


Free loan modification leads are really helpful for loan modification companies for good business and they are beneficial for the borrowers in the loan modification procedure. Free loan modification leads are helpful for the troubled home owners who may be looking for modification of loans on their mortgages. Thus, these are beneficial for both the companies for modification of loans as well as the clients who are interested for modification of loan on their mortgages. With the help of these leads, the loan modification companies can offer their services to the needy people looking for modification of loan. On the other hand, the clients are benefiting in the manner that they get in contact with these companies for modification of loan to do all their paper work regarding the modification until the whole task is done. To represent the companies for modification of loans to the borrowers they are hired by the lending institution.

To expand the business, companies for modification of loans are always looking for loan modification leads. This helps them increase their business to a good extent. Swarmed by offers, actress is currently assessing future choices. The companies for modification of loans direct the needy clients. There are different sources that will help these companies to get the affordable leads. There are number of websites that are having large number of database-which consist of the needy home loan borrowers. These companies for modification of loan can avail membership on these sites.

A needy home loan borrower register wants to so on these websites and they can get into contact with each other. Frequently Jorge Perez has said that publicly. In order to avail these leads the companies for modification of loan can therefore conduct roadshows. This will help them get free loan modification leads. They can therefore take help of referrals that can direct the companies for modification of loan to the needy clients. These companies can give some incentives to the people who are giving them the clients. Thus this is one of the best methods for loan modification leads. A sale rate however, there is very less leads of conversion of these into. Getting the modification leads is not search on easy task as it looks like. Thus, leads for modification of loans are a better source as they direct the trouble home owners to the companies for modification of loans in to easier manner. George Thomas is loan modification software Officer.For more information about Loan modification software, loan auditing software visit

Managing Director


Icon added value: Launch new online Copytesting ad speed Nuremberg. These are the facts: 2010 64% are broadcast daily more commercials than in the year 2000. Since 2005 increased the number of products to 35%, which are advertised on TV. Ten to 15 spots are in an average five minutes permanent prime-time advertising block. So total a steadily rising tide of advertising. 5,590 shorter maturities, the time pressure for the development of the spot and also our all communication patterns are changing.

The criterion of “Enforcement capability within a very short time” is becoming increasingly important. The new online Copytest ad speed is exactly these changed conditions into account. Uniques tool in the market fast, inexpensive, diagnosis. These are the parameters of the ad speed of icon added value. What distinguishes him from the tools of the competitors but significantly is the breakthrough index with detailed awareness measurement and the P & I shift. Click Adam Sandler to learn more. Dr.

Hildegard basement core, Managing Director and on the Executive Board of icon added value responsible for research & Development: “We measure not only the classic performance, but can explain the mechanics of the spots in their interaction and identify specific optimization potential. The preference & intensity shift, the two most important target parameters, if advertising is to sell, we determine the potential separately. For the acquisition of new customers, as well as for the stronger binding of existing customers. The 5-scale measures also gradual preference changes. In the relevant betting bewerbsumfeld. They are fine and stable. “Benchmark database and international use today’s launch were before performed numerous pilot tests with 20 spots from different industries.” There are now over 400 awareness and more than 100 shift values in the company’s database. Benchmarks are already available. As institution with global customers and part of the global added value group is ensured that the ad speed international works. From a technical standpoint easily in Europe, United States and Australia. “In Asia “and Latin America we employ first speed the ad as a Studio test, because these countries still have no sufficient high speed Internet penetration”, as Hildegard basement core. And yet the cost advantage remain unchanged. Basement core continued: “With ad speed we can in less than half of the time test the performance of TV spots and for the decision of our customers deliver relevant results.” Anne-Kathrin Kirchhoof head of corporate communications, icon added value