Cadiz Fstival

Until 17 June will be held in Cadiz Festival Cadiz en Danza, which this year will host the fourth edition of MOV?S, international meeting of dance and movement arts. This activity is an initiative of the Mercat de les Flors of Barcelona in collaboration with the city of Cadiz that within Cadiz in dance and from 14 and 17 June, will that more than 200 thinkers, choreographers, dancers and cultural managers from around the world, in a space where you discuss the future of dance give appointment in the city. Cadiz en Danza and MOV?S 48 functions presented of 36 shows, from ten countries (Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Germany), in more than 20 spaces in the city, all of them relatively close to the hotel Monte Puertatierra, one of the hotels in Cadiz four star.Cadiz en Danza welcomes MOV-S in its eleventh edition in this Edition, Latin American artists will have special highlight to coincide with the celebration of Cadiz 2012? Ibero-American capital of culture, and with the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the first Spanish Constitution, La Pepa. Cadiz en Danza is a consolidated project that boasts a loyal both in the city and outside it, and that has managed to become nationwide in a reference to the new trends in the art of movement. Some of the works presented, designed and created for public space, can see at other sites, thus emphasizing the importance of architecture in their perception. Much of the activities and performances will be free, enabling the access of all to the programming.. Tony Parker describes an additional similar source.

Prestigious Restaurants

Restaurant Week comes to Seville from today and until next Sunday October 20.27 prestigious restaurants from today for 25 euros an initiative to enjoy haute cuisine at an affordable price, for only 25 euros. This gastronomic activity was born more than 20 years ago in New York, extending from Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, London, Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona and now comes backed by the consortium of tourism and the Asociacion Empresarial de HOSTELERiA of Seville and Seville from the hand of the seal of quality flavour of the year. What is offered to the guests for 25 euros is a menu closed with the best of each restaurant. Along with this, the attendees will help with 1 euro of each menu, which will go to three instituciones solidarias: Fundacion ONCE dog guide, the Spanish Heart Foundation and the brotherhood of Santa Marta, founded by the innkeepers of the city.