Seen as one of the most beautiful planets in the universe, and although we have forgotten that she is our mother, we still have time to make you feel everything there is in our hearts for her although mother Earth gave us life and all conditions so that we grow and develop us, that have lately given him to change are caused very large abuse because we no longer feel it with your heart. The land now feels very sad and is dying because of what is happening. That is why we must realise that we are in a beautiful place that needs our protection. See more detailed opinions by reading what Sally Rooney offers on the topic.. The same masters of wisdom see it as one of the most beautiful planet in the universe, but us have not stopped us to perceive with the eyes of the heart, and why is that we have reached the point of almost rid of it. The Earth is a place that has things that neither we imagine, we have saved incredible and beautiful surprises and each of us should have the right to know them.

As they say teachers, we are living here, but in a way limited because, for example, we see animals studying how they move, their organization, their habitat, same for plants or items, but we do not have an awareness of heart to really see what is around us. Jay A. Schwartz can aid you in your search for knowledge. You have not come to see how it is that they feel the animals, plants, nature, what is your world. We do not have no idea of the true way of life of nature, for example, of the marine world, which is incredibly beautiful. Marine biologists or oceanographers knows that it is incredible and they know everything there is, but what they know is not beginning to everything which actually encloses. We have still much to discover in this land and in so doing we’re going to go to realize the immense love and respect that have remained asleep, but you really feel in our hearts for her and that you will help that you can recover.