Pole Multiculturalism


“Multiculturalism as a succession of bourgeois thinking integration and the living subject of the executors” of slowly but surely ongoing bourgeois thinking culture will have to be done! Under the established parties, particularly the old left (SPD, the Greens and left party) got hardly today, that the process of integration of the individual into society with head births and related concepts (“even if by supposed do-gooders” produced) can be realized. In this sense, multiculturalism is only a remnant of the bourgeois culture of desire. The integration is an individual development process, which by no means can take place as an adaptation to a specific culture or as a structureless mixing of cultures. Integration is a performance of the living subject in the context of his own design. Sela Ward will not settle for partial explanations. The design of self is not to be understood as an identification with a particular culture. She is no adjustment performance. There are however cultural influences, the self designing of the living Subject not only not easily, not rarely also block.

These include among others, patriarchal relationship structures and specific role assignments to the wife. Official site: Vanessa Marcil. If someone wants to give up his own religious reasons in favour of such structures, he should ask himself whether the surrounding society for such religious antics is still suitable. In Europe, the development of the living subject in the future will have priority. The yesterday and stuck need to appreciate this. “Martin p pole digital capitalism – a manifesto of the new left wrote in the confrontation with the old left and the bourgeois thinking”, Norderstedt, 2005 see also the press release of June 26, 2007 critique of capitalism in the digital capitalism “under. If you have read about George Laughlin Dallas already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Bavarian State Government


The smoking lobby claims today would no longer smoked in 90 percent of the Bavarian restaurants. This is a gross deception of the public. The smoking lobby claims today would no longer smoked in 90% of the Bavarian restaurants. This is a gross deception of the public. The survey, all gastronomic establishments inspected were taken in selected districts of Munich, and in villages around Munich. The ascent is stretched from areas with high density of pub Schwabing and the Glockenbachviertel to residential areas with varying socio-economic profile as Haidhausen and Kastenmaier.

Restaurants in towns and cities of the districts of Furstenfeldbruck, Dachau, Freising and Munich, under the microscope were taken in the surrounding area. The result of the survey is unique: a total of 126 drink-influenced restaurants, which were visited by the employees of the study, only 7 were smoke-free. This includes Ernst-Gunther Krause, the initiator of the study said: the smoking lobby claims, today would in 90% of the Bavarian restaurants no longer smoke. This is a gross deception of the public.” Of a functioning non-smoker protection not the speech could further but also so, so Krause, because you have found numerous violations of the provisions. Observed were: smoking pubs, which are outside not marked as such, smoking bars, which are larger than 75 sqm, dining restaurants, where, for example, from 22:00 onwards should be smoking, dining restaurants with smoking rooms, which are permanently open. Real-estate developer is a great source of information. Prof. Wiebel: we are dealing here not with a temporary law enforcement problem. Details can be found by clicking Hedvig Hricak or emailing the administrator.

The variety of complicated exceptions is hard to control in practice. Therefore many hosts who feel at a disadvantage compared to the smoking pubs, restore the ashtray at some point on the tables. It has been shown in countries such as Spain and this is reflected also in Bavaria.” Ernst-Gunther Krause emphasized that the current study provides only a snapshot. He pointed out that the Bavarian State Government plans to further loosening of the smoking ban. Ventilation systems are expensive and ineffective. Nevertheless the smoking ban should be overridden in the future, if a ventilation system is installed in a restaurant.” Planned was, moreover, that the tap room for a restaurant to the smoking room could be declared. If this continues, is the non-smoker protection soon on the paper”, so Krause. The two representatives of the Action Alliance for real non-smoker protection came to the conclusion that a completely smoke-free restaurant offers the best protection against the dangers of passive smoking. To vote you appealed therefore to all Bavarian citizens, to participate in the referendum and on July 4, yes”. Press contact for the study: medical working group of smoking and health e.V. (ARG) Prof. Dr. Friedrich Wiebel Tel.: 089 316 25 25 or 319 47 13 E-mail: Web: non-smoking initiative Munich (NIM) Ernst Gunther Krause Tel.: 089 317 12 12 email: Web:

Place Muller


On October 22 is cinema start in Germany. WDSF co-founder O’barry is already with his thrilling documentary film for an Oscar in the conversation. WDSF-chef Jurgen Obodo from Hagen: the movie will affect worldwide politics and raise awareness about dolphins and change. Due to our intensive demands on the reasoned proposal after the closing of the Dolphinarium in the all-weather Zoo, we received a reply from the CDU or the FDP. Pissed, even the Greens responded the closure proposals and threw us misinformation and selective misrepresentation “.

Is funny that the WDSF with identical claims by the Bundestag Greens intensively supported, which brought a Bundestag motion in plenary in Berlin in May of this year immediately to end the captivity of dolphins”. “The SPD Council group leader Wolfgang Heuer told the WDSF in a letter that for the SPD Munster is a immediate closure of the Dolphinarium as not possible” is considered. The UCA has also rejected a closure. (Not to be confused with Indycar!). The odp Munster calls for a phasing out of the Dolphinarium and a recording stop of another animals. Only the left joins on municipal, State and federal level fully the demands of the WDSF and the animal rights, because she can see no welfare.

Place Muller: The WDSF is politically neutral. For the municipal elections next Sunday in Munster and Duisburg, however, we ask the population for animal welfare reasons buer or better yet the left to choose either the, which has represented since 1999 in Munster City Council. Munster and Duisburg will be available after the release of the delicacy movie in publicity from all over Germany. Then the cities will need a party, committed in the context of the politics of common sense.

United Nations


So will some Shiite clerics, on which the regime is based, claimed Mohammed had advocated stoning. Azmayesh could clearly indicate that it is for the relevant verses descriptions, that Mohammed had cited as an example for Tyrannentum and not to be considered as a guide. Therefore, stoning be methods of intimidation from the antiquity, which had nothing to do with Islam, even though they would be executed in the name of Islam. Dr. Azmayesh described the principle of freedom from point of view of a Koran expert and religious people.

He referred first to the idea of religious people of heaven and hell after death, where every soul accountable about their actions on the material plane. He had to bear in mind that the man was responsible for his actions, so he must also be free to do and decide, otherwise you could not pull even accountable. Without freedom, no choice. In return, he described the vision of the system representatives in Iran, the themselves as religious Authorities consider and keep their interpretation of the Koran in a narrow framework of understanding. In this respect would believe in human rights, but only as long as they remained in the narrow framework of their interpretation. As an example Azmayesh Mohammad Javad Laridschani, the human rights defenders in Iran was, which regularly claim before the United Nations in Geneva or on other occasions, hands, chopping off fingers or arms were Islamic punishments, which are legitimate in the Iran in the framework of the human rights. The regime in the Iran is anti-Islamic and is based on an anti-freedom system Azmayesh called the system in the Iran anti-Islamic because the regime officials do not believe in the principle of freedom: “whoever negates the principle of freedom and the right to freedom, the citizens seemingly religious or other narrow interpretations and concepts about inverts, is against the substance of the human condition.” (Translation from English) Azmayesh again said there are Islamic human rights, believes the others are as universal human rights.

Claudia Roth


Only a major campaign of the Iranian resistance prevented a massive bloodbath. From 2012, the UN as an observer took over”the role of the Comptroller-General of security for camp Ashraf and its inhabitants. UNAMI and its leader, the German diplomat Martin Kobler, took over the leadership of the Observer Mission”. Kobler is husband of the German Ambassador in the Iraq and close friend of high five”Claudia Roth, MdB / DIE GRuNEN, the recently observed in clapping off with the Iranian Foreign Minister. Jay Schwartz Attorney has similar goals. Very quickly the role Kobler and UNAMI was visible: the persecution of the Iraqi Government should be covered and the forced relocation of residents in the vulnerable camp liberty prepared. Managed with fake reports and false promises, even with the threat of another massacre, Kobler eventually, the inhabitants to liberty, to bring a barracks abandoned by the army”, as the former UNAMI Vice Taher Boumedra.

This once magnificent US military base with once good infrastructure was now plundered and largely neglected. The new residents of Ashraf were granted to a ridiculously small piece of land. Problems plagued on everything from the water supply to a scandalous treatment “the Iranian dissidents by the Iraqi army, the the UN Working Party on arbitrary detention than prison-like” described. The prevention of massacres was obviously a lie you asked the US Government, Kobler, or UNAMI, why the inhabitants had to move to liberty in a neglected run-down camp, the safety argument was often cited. Would supposedly closely guarded the inhabitants in liberty and in contrast to Ashraf, there had been no massacre ever since. Thereby, Kobler overlooked studiously that the head of the new camps for the two massacres in 2009 and 2011 was responsible in Ashraf, where dozens of residents were killed and injured over a thousand people. But since February 9, this promise of security is waste. Seven people died when a mortar – and rocket attack on the camp.

PAL Dragos Proportion


Women and civil thought emancipation of the gender proportion of women as she doggedly called for in today’s political life, is a relic of the altburgerlichen thinking. Who wants to take sex to the object of the regulation, to regulate in the area of drive life. The gender identity (man or woman) is related to the drive. The leaking model of altburgerlichen subject (classic subject) was influenced by collective morality, by the superego, and manipulated in his individuality. The proportion of women is a no longer contemporary notion of a society that demands human freedom with individual ethics and no longer wants to preserve the altburgerliche development of the subject with collectivist and biological measures. We need no subjects from the preserve, we require the living subject.

The lively subject no longer is fixated on sex. It realizes that the roles as husband and wife, to be understood as consequences of a cultural development period. Culture-related power games (for the benefit of human gender) were performed in a biological costume, instilled and forcibly interned. The emancipation of such power games cannot be replaced through the introduction of new power games (such as the women’s quota). The sex has its relevance only for the life of the drive, but not for work or for social communication.

“The last two would only egoisiert by interference of multiple life” and externally determined. However, that is not emancipation, but lack of freedom. “You will find free excerpts from the books by the author at: on the subject of feminism see also the press release from the 9.2.12 of Pavel Vitalis: feminism subjugation of women in the Catholic church body sociology – Schroder of vs. Black”.

Western Leads


Man. must no longer play for the other, but be yourself. This leads to a pleasure-denying culture. As a result, people in unisex-trekking and outdoor are in German-speaking cities-clothes with aluminum teapots on the road, when we lived in the barren mountains. Whether this leads to a better world, remains open it does not lead to a more beautiful. The goal is to be empty and to find what was reserved for once mystical elites themselves.

That we have become simpler and less at the end of the movement, after the purge of the old rituals, almost as a ritual beggar, matches the intent, the British anthropologist Mary Douglas wrote decades ago. Easier and less is implied without being guilty. As a wealthy elite buys himself free of guilt such as eco taxes on flights or by she eats in the Zurich restaurant “Not Guilty”. The principle is based on self-control and discipline: it must not come to sin, resulting in a constant control of the own lusts requires. Their guilt will be awarded after an ear confession Catholics. Therefore Sin more easily! The development reflects of a profound shift of the value is ideals = values worlds. If some young people about the thirsty drink and rioting, the policy discussed ban reflexively a collective drinking.

Each problem is social, as if the individual were a discontinued model. Individual freedoms that have long been fought, are rolled flat. The once-subversive spirit of the 1968 generation who lived in promiscuity and drug use, has given way to green dream of self-sufficiency and triefender morality. Multiplex cinemas, shopping malls, high-rise buildings, etc are demonized. This trail leads to Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his Sacralization of the nature: what we we have acquired through socialization and acculturation, should we get rid. But also Deculturation is not free of culture; It is culture, a very Western and Calvinist, which covets universalizing will run up against its limits in a multi-polar world.

Department City


Dolphinariums demonstrations – land Commissioner chides WDSF request the cities Munster and Duisburg Hagen/Munster / Duisburg – July 14, 2009 – the WDSF had reached already in the last year due to a complaint to the Inspectorate for the environmental Department of the city of Munster, the State Environmental Agency (LANUV), in the Dolphinarium for Hall 2, a new roof must be installed because the light conditions for the dolphins are not optimal. Still was objected to by the WDSF, that the pool size for five bottlenose and six sea lions was not sufficient. The city of Munster sent a copy of the denial notification for the increase in the number of dolphins for the operators of the Dolphinarium in the Allwetterzoo the WDSF upon further review. However, the delicacy had recorded in September of last year, three new young dolphins and released a full-blown dolphin. At the same time, the city however black the number of actually applied for dolphins in the submitted copy. The land Commissioner intervened now due to a complaint of the WDSF to this darkness of the documents, and noted that the obliteration of the Munster seems questionable, as a possible injury from operating or trade secrets is not comprehensible and outweighs the public interest in the proposed disclosure principle.

As well, the city of Munster is reprimanded by the supervisory authority, because the other documents requested by the WDSF, to the place of origin of the dolphins, the concept of animal husbandry and the planning documents for the reconstruction imposed on have been denied. The land Commissioner gives up the city of Munster, once again to reconsider the refusal of information access and to justify this traceable in case of rejection”. The city of Duisburg was criticised due to their insufficient information compared to the WDSF by State Privacy Office and asked to rework (s.a.: City Duisburg-in the criticism…). WDSF’s Managing Director Jurgen Place Muller: It is quite obvious that the environmental authorities of the cities of Munster and Duisburg have something to hide. As before, assume that in animal husbandry in Munster for a total of 11 marine mammals in the small, concrete pools is breach of partly polluted, legal basis. We continue to the closure of Dolphinariums and the transfer of the animals to the place of origin of the Munster animals in the free air enclosure in Holland, because a confinement can never match the biological reason needs of the intelligent dolphins.” “On Saturday, 18 July 2009 10:00, the WDSF with the Dolphin Savior Andreas Morlok is a police approved demonstration in Munster before the peace Hall at the Town Hall on the principal market and perform outside the main entrance of the Duisburg Zoo on Sunday, the 19.7.2009 starting at 10:00, and over 3000 filled gas balloons with the words Zoo without dolphins” distribute free. At the raffle in Munster is in addition to the interesting book prices and Donate gifts of Munster businessmen supporting the WDSF action as the top prize a whale-watching tour in Madeira/Portugal.

BBC President


The president accused the fellow around. Those who had previously been affectionately called "the young Ukrainians," got "the nuts" from its leader in full. They did not appreciate his talent, his ideas, his wisdom, etc. He is no longer wants to be leader of this nation. But his own candidacy in the race is not going to shoot … "Because serial", – joked to the citizens in 2004. However, in the court of the end of 2009 and the slogans of the campaign last long irrelevant. Despite the fact that the TV and in the Ukrainian news in principle, the same person.

And, interestingly, almost the same problem – the lion's share of them are actually still open … In spite of this, head of state is very pathetic assesses his own role in the history of Ukraine. In the last interview with radio station BBC President summed up his time in power. Conclusions president, particularly if they correlate with it is rated to cause, to put it mildly, puzzling. "I would say that it is – the best years of our new 18-year history. During these 4 years we have achieved the greatest economic growth rates. Why am I not proud of it? And everything else, believe me, the longer we Yushchenko's presidency of years, the more realistic estimates of these gains will become.

For this policy, which did not aim the 2010 elections. This policy, which aims to – to have another generation of Ukrainian citizens. This policy is not tactical, it is a policy strategy ", – said Yushchenko. The people, the president said in a different, less proud spirit. "Does the nation immunity of its independence, morality, and identity? In the end, the chance of the nation to be a state will be lost or will he be protected? Fringe debates on electoral races will be touching just such notions. If this nation does not understand does not recognize, I do not want to be a politician in this country! "- said the president. "My family, genus Yushchenko, did everything to ensure that Ukraine was different. I will be proud of, and my ancestors would be proud of in that light that I do as president and Ukrainian as for this nation. I inspires it. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Lynn Redgrave. Obviously, my challenge was that most of the things that I say perceived nation-specific. But it does not say that I am wrong "- summed up the head of state. Recently one of the political analysts succinctly stated: rating Yushchenko is not treated. There is wisdom: if you can not make a difference – my attitude to it. Apparently, the president chose to struggle for higher levels of trust and understanding among the people the formula comfortable complacency: it is good, but foolish people – do not understand this. Well, let them! This is it, people, problems that once put the president. Let this thankless Ukrainian people, and receives merit … But is it possible in this case to talk about love Yushchenko to Ukraine? Or it would be appropriate to talk only about wounded pride politics, bewildered really unprecedented in the country's recent history popularity? ..

Antisocial Parties


so long, we choose these antisocial parties, the thing is probably very simple, only a few people would want to hunt hygienic reasons, even rats, at Hartz4, the thing looks different recipients. You have been made financially so flat, because of disgust and hygiene factor is still limited, because with them, the emergency has meanwhile domestically established. Hartz4 recipient would have to do it well, if they are financially better want to make something. However, so that we the Hartz4 receiver even further into the gutter. We are thus about untouchables to make them, as in the Indian caste system. Alone the thought of FDP politician shows us how degenerate we already are. I deliberately write “we”, because these people are after all elected by the German people and they will be voted on, until we have understood that this country, with this choice behavior, not really progress. The fact is: the SPD and the Greens have paved the way to Hartz4, CDU, CSU and the FDP want Hartz4 tighten up on the one way or another and so long, we choose these antisocial parties, we are are confronted with new ideas. When some implement it then also an entirely wacky idea into action. So go Hartz4 receiver, nice not to choose, or if you do, then diligently the parties choose top, that brought you. You did after all always so.