The Girl


Soon three days pass in that there is to go several times to the town to fit the food, always in the car of one and with the silver of one, counting whereupon the sacrificed wife, without wanting it nor choosing it, it had to rise early daily to prepare the breakfast for all while they smoothed out in the beds, after trasnochar dancing and singing, prey of a ferocious undertow. It spends all the day in the kitchen mantequeando and cleaning, trying to be kind and courteous not to appear like bad anfitriona, it thunders against while it to one with the glance and him oath that this time if she will be the last one, to recommence with the routine in the following weekend. The day of the game, the guests as by magic art they disappear immediately after the lunch; nobody question if there is quota that to put, if there is to clean up the house or jacuzzi, if there is to load the sweepings bags for the storing, if there is to clean baths. Mysteriously the few beers and soda waters of the refrigerator disappear, in case it gives thirst us in the way; garrafa of brandy bought by the owner, still fills until half, finishes in the car of the brother cousin of the woman of mocho invited by a brother-in-law who in week nor salutes to us, to take the starting us in the highway. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sally Rooney. The leftover packages of pasabocas and mecato that we brought in our own market, finish in the car of the wife of the cousin, in case to the girl of it gives fatigue in the stomach during the trip. And it does not watch the inventory of compact discs so that not him of more bitterness. And prstame a jacket for my fianc2ee who is resfriada, the same that did not return to never see. And it is very clear that nobody is completely contented. Contact information is here: Jay Schwartz.

Pepe Branch


– Perhaps I would like to place something to him of food, am weakness, do not know it. I like as she sings that small bird, and for some reason I feel that she passes something to him -. It said to him. Certainly the old Pepe could not reach that one branch by itself, and feared to send to some boy by fear that was hurt when trying to raise. He did not pass much for when Pepe and ngel took leave, would close early the supply because he had familiar commitment and thus both moved away. For some reason, Angel remained thinking about that one small bird. It was a young person with skill, was almost certainly he enough yes could raise until that one branch but there was a problem, already Don Pepe had gone away and he would not abrira the supply in all the weekend, so he did not have sense to return to the place where it was the bird.

He decided to concentrate itself then in his work, had several orders that to realise, were a very capable Illustrator although what really it wanted was to become Painter. During awhile he was entertained in which he did, but he returned to remember the bird and took his shelter course to the street from the supply. It became behind schedule and a cold wind watched. " But what I am doing? It would have to return to house. No, I feel the impulse to go until and is there what I will do. ". It thought. When arriving it saw the door of the closed supply, as anticipated. There was nobody in the street and they did not pass cars either. It remained watching the branch and there it was bird, did not move, then it thought that perhaps no longer there was nothing to do but it was when the small bird moved a little.