So the real estate industry expects flat with a restoration rate of about one to 1.5 percent per year. The immediate need for energetic renovation with the aim of increasing energy efficiency is now abundantly clear. The renovation rate would be at least at three percent, then it would take at least 23 years until all dwellings with a built before 1978 would be more energy efficient. To move forward here, the SAMONIG AG in Berlin has begun to buy a portfolio of real estate and energy to rehabilitate. This makes use of the Berlin-based company of and the investment market and has created an attractive capital investment with a positive short term with its real estate loan of EnergiePlus. In addition to its own money, bank loans and the involvement of programmes this bond ensures achieving return on investment with a clear conscience for investors here. The issuance amounts to EUR 10 million and will go through the SAMONIG AG itself.

The minimum investment is 1,000 euros, the interest rate 7.5 per cent per year. The collateralization of the system is carried out by liens on the acquired real estate. A trustee was used for the sharing of resources. Already for the 14.06.2015 the capital should be attributed fully. Until then, want Samonig have not necessarily won an MIPIM award, but is hoping for a correspondingly increased range of programmes on the part of the banks. Last but not least, the implementation of such remedial measures is the best guarantee for the push of the job engine in the construction sector in Germany. For more information,