Greek Italian Cuisine

This Italian cuisine restaurant, Greek and Tunisian left me a Chinese feeling: sweet and sour. And is that a pilgrim theory according to which sites would only have to go once I have confirmed: If you do not like, it is normal not to repeat the bad experience if you like, it is normal not to repeat so not to spoil the good memories and I incumpli that precept and had dinner there twice in succession. Look in and I came across this restaurant, the first day to reach the owner told me: passes, this is your home. And well tried me extremely to the point that not I cared too which gave me to eat. Incidentally, was a cous cous normalito and excellent Tunisian dessert called Jalvas. Before you start put me a little bit of bread with pate, a bit of chorizo and olives for waiting for the cous cous, and he was explaining me some things from Tunisia and a short period that was with a motorhome by Catalonia. He also recited me some things related with St.

Augustine and the Tower of Babel. The second day, on the other hand, was when I really felt at home because I almost have to go myself to the kitchen to cook me dinner. She began to speak with other customers and there was no snack for me, but yes for the other three tables. Finally served me one lasagna (it was good) and stopped already exist: remove the dish, nor ask if I wanted to dessert, coffee anything. While waiting in vain he was hearing as the same stories of St.

Augustine and the Tower of Babel which had told me the previous night had to which that day deserved their attention. I thought having found a friendly restaurant and was really in a theme park. In short, is a recommended place. But only the first time.