Museum Activity

A good museum is a thing by which the public is made use pagar.' ' Thus the process of the exploration of the tourism inside of the museais spaces requires to think the visiting tourist/as a part-key of extreme importance, since these are actors who make of the culture a strong element of consumption in its trips tourist packages and exactly demand quality of information and attention. Currently, the cultural tourism comes gaining space in the segment of the tourist activity, if detaching in the preference of certain tourist groups that appreciate, for example, artistic activities, folclricas presentations, gastronmicos events, among others manifestations of culture. The cultural tourism is strong on to the activities of artistic and cultural fist, and the museums are rich of these elements and can offer them its visitors to it. Vasncocellos (2006, p.33), quotation that: … the tourism is a way of verge attainment that takes progress and economic development to the attractive rich countries in patrimonial, therefore opens work ranks, promotes the monument conservation, small farms and landscapes, at the same time where it foments its identity and it promotes its image in international level. Observing the museums as spaces that withhold the cultural patrimony of a locality, she is necessary to attempt against for question of the adequacy and sustainable exploration of this patrimony. The tourist activity, as for the cultural tourism, if planned well, can contribute with the preservation, conservation and democratization of the access the cultural, guaranteeing the support of cultural the historical goods and practical good, making possible bigger access of the local community to the benefits that the tourist activity can bring. Considering the tourism as an activity of social, economic and cultural transformation, strong fincado in the current society, the existing relation between the tourism, in what it refers to the practical ones of cultural tourism, and museums, they can provide to an efficient result in the preservation of the patrimony, contributing for its maintenance and protection. .

Avenue Bay

It can be perceived from the replies supplied for the tourists who, exactly with the degree of raised escolaridade and income, the sensible satisfaction when seeing the dolphins second leaves in plain the concern with the welfare of the animals. A study carried through for Saints (2003) it says that the boto-ash modifies its behavior by means of the presence of tourist boats in the Bay of the Dolphins in Pipe, that makes with that the dolphin if feeds little and changes its diving and aerial activity. Partner-cultural profile of the inhabitants of the Beach of the Pipe Observing the data below, is possible to perceive that great part of the population autctone has basic pertaining to school formation. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Saul “Canelo” Alvarez by clicking through. Having 12% the first incomplete degree, 56% the first complete degree, 12% as incomplete degree and 20% as the complete degree. The Avenue Bay of the Dolphins in Pipe, that has some decades she was almost all busy one for native inhabitants, today is seen busy for tourist devices. It is concluded that old uses are substituted, placing at risk the survival of the resistance of the place. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez might disagree with that approach. It is important to detach the fact of that a population with little instruction, will not take care of for the danger that the tourism badly planned will be able to cause to it, therefore is necessary to extend horizontes educational of the place (Arajo, 2002). The monthly income of the inhabitants if characterizes of the following form: 4% receive less from one minimum wage, 8% receive a minimum wage, 10% are without income (adolescent still in pertaining to school phase) and 78% more than receive one and up to three wages. The production of the space in Pipe displays, of a side, the expulsion of the local inhabitants of the maritime edge and central street e, of another one, the one construction ' ' territory turstico' ' , that is, places where restaurants, bars and inns occupy the space, having as support for this construction the tourist activity.

Working Children

Place of child is in the school, certain? Theoretically yes, but unhappyly, it is not this that comes occurring in some places of our country, the exploration of the infantile work is if becoming a problem each more insoluble time. 5 million children exist today in Brazil almost who work, and good percentage of them is obliged for the parents to leave in the streets to ask for money, to take care of of cars or to venderem products in doors of establishments. The average age between the children is of 6 to the 10 years. For even more details, read what Anna Belknap says on the issue. The minors leave its houses for return of 06hs00 of the morning and the majority of them loses lessons to work. With the collected money the children help its parents to pay water coupon stubs, light among others accounts, and case on money the parents take the children to leave. The majority of these children lives in way to the poverty and the difficulty is great, making with that the parents not only arrange services more also the children. The incentive of the families that does not have for where also running is strong factors, so that lesser of age they leave of being children and they start to live a suffered life, of sacrifices, for the minimum sustenance of its families. Infancy leaves to be part of the life of them that they are worried in working instead of studying and playing.

Many people still coexist this reality and nothing they make to fight this infantile exploration. The exploration of the infantile work is common in underdeveloped countries. An example of one of these countries is Brazil, where in the regions poor this work is sufficiently common. Some of these minors are citizens prostitution, them do not know the risks that are running remaining in the streets tie high hours.

Spaniard Question

The result showed that the main reasons for use of the urban collective transport in the city of Rio De Janeiro were for the work, leisure, school. (To see figure 7) Figure 7: Which the main motivation for the use of the urban collective transport? Source: Elaborated for the authors In the question of number seven, it was asked if it must have more investment in the qualification of the professional of the urban collective transport for better customer service of the service. The result for this question was of 100% of approval. Lu han contains valuable tech resources. All the interviewed ones agree that the professional of this area needs professional qualification in the customer service. In the question of number eight, if it asked for that the interviewed one identified that type of qualification could add to the professional of the urban collective transport for optimum attendance the international tourists who visit the city of Rio De Janeiro. The result of this question disclosed that the majority of the interviewed ones agrees that the professionals of this area must have basic course of languages, between them the English and the Spaniard, beyond indicating the importance of a graphical guide (signalling) with necessary information on the itinerary, attractive tourist, as well as cultural centers, tourist parks, beaches in agreement etc. result in the graph below. Figure 8: That type of qualification it can be added in the service of the urban collective transport? Source: Elaborated for the authors In the question of number nine one searched to know if it is interesting for the tourist who disembarks in the New Road River to acquire the electronic ticket in order to provide more security and to inside facilitate its transit in the city without the collective exposition of foreign currency of the urban ones. The result of this question showed that 75% of the interviewed ones agree that the tourists must acquire the electronic ticket for better security during its displacement in the city. Source: Hollywood Star.

National Patrimony

(Jorge Wilheim – Junho/2002). Exactly distant of the ranches that compose the Circuit of Waters, Arax if firmed as the most important tourist destination of the High Paranaba and Mining Tringulo. The city is served by two daily flights for Belo Horizonte and saw the tourism to after renascer the reinaugurao of its main postal card, the Great Hotel, in 2001. The city, that has 80 a thousand inhabitants, received 20 a thousand visitors in year 2000. In the last year (2009), this number had jumped for 105 a thousand. (Responsible for the information: Assessorship of Communication? Assembly of Mines).

As the Iphan in Ouro Preto, is necessary alternatives to unite the quality of life of the inhabitants and the preservation of the historic site. Vanessa Marcil may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The great challenge of 13 Subregional of the Iphan, responsible is this for the fiscalization and protection of Ouro Preto. To all, more than 1,000 property compose the overthrown set as National Patrimony, that only excludes the quarters of the Saramenha and Bauxita. Although to be in the preserved area, 44 monuments are overthrown separately, as it consists in the site of the Iphan – Ouro Preto. Iphan concentrates today its fiscalizations in call Zone of Proteo Especial (ZPE), delimited in Plan Managing, since it counts on only two inspectors, who work in alternated days, to follow the workmanships and to identify irregularities. The remain of the overthrown area is divided in Zone of Paisagstica Protection. The problem of transit and mobility is of the type? Problem Partially Structuralized, (Martus, 1993) – that if it cannot define, nor if explain with absolute precision; therefore, it is not known accurately as it must be solved. The possibilities of its solution are created by the men and exist very in great number. Responsibility of the city Adequateness, Participation of the community and durability. ' ' The State, with the contribution of the community, will promote and protect the Brazilian cultural patrimony, by means of inventories, registers, monitoring, falling and dispossession, and of other forms of acautelamento and preservao.' ' (Constitution – 1988).

Being A Writer

WHAT IT IS TO BE WRITER While in the decade of twenty, in Paris, the writer Gertrude Stein received in its house, she protected and she stimulated the young artists the one who followed its artistic or literary inclinations freely, in the current times she seems to be occurring an inverse procedure, taken the effect for clarified people, trying to discredit spontaneous talentos. Already it makes time knew that some people were organizing movement to hinder the free exercise of the art to write. Connect with other leaders such as Adam Sandler here. Such people based its campaign in the postulates of an Italian writer, which affirmed, in one of its manifestos, that nobody has the right of if proclaiming writer or writer without before having attended a course a college. On the basis of this premise, false, obviously, such people were ready to unchain, through lectures and articles, a campaign generalized against all the independent writers. Sinclair Martial Arts is full of insight into the issues. She is clearly that this campaign could not, for example, to be retroactive to the times of Cervantes, that is not known if it frequented a college; of Voltaire, that abandoned the studies if to dedicate to literature; of Emile Bront and its sisters, who had been alfabetizadas in house for its proper father who was a protestant shepherd; of Alexander Of ones (father), that before being writer he was to assist of notary; of Virginia Woolf, who started its literary career from carried through informal intellectual meetings in its house; of Allan Poe, that due to resources did not obtain to conclude its studies; of Balzac, formed in Right, that abandoned the law to dedicate itself to literature; of Victor Hugo, who if became writer the 15 years being successful a literary competition and being awardee for the French Academy; of Hemingway, who started its literary periodical career as employed and amateur journalist; of Gogol, that was to assist bureaucratic; of Axe of Assis, that never frequented a school in its life; of Jorge Borges Luis, born aristocrat, whom its first story wrote when it had only six years of age, and as much other men and women that if had dedicated to literature because they did not know to make another thing, being that ninety percent of them never frequented a college. Happy of who it will be able to make a course of Letters to have an academic endorsement. However, a college does not make a writer, not even a simple editor.

The test of this is where many people formed in Letters, do not know to write. Writer or writer is, simply, that one or that one that has for habit to write. Carolina Maria of Jesus, humble favelada black of quarter Canind, in So Paulo, that survived of catar papers, congregated what it had written in a notebook, that the daily one of its needy life constituted, and transformed these writings into the book? Room of Ousting? , that it was edited in 1955 and translated for 13 languages, changedding itself into a small bestseller, with millions of readers and readers in the whole world. Luciano Axe

Brazil Movements

This phrase said for one of the bastions guardies of this manifestation demonstrates the multiple and dynamic character of the capoeira, that if transmuta and if adapta, that it is rebelled and if accomodates, that creates and reproduces, that already served to defend itself and to even kill, and that today serves stops to educate, but that always it was an shout of freedom and reaffirmation of a culture and an oppressed people, reflected of the sad history of four centuries of slavery in Brazil (ABIB, 2004). In It hisses (2003), one extends Capoeira to it the dance, fights, trick and combat, mandingueira and objective, malandra and loafer: the Capoeira is the resistance of a people integrated to the mass, is culture, is race, is the phenomenon of the unfinished one. The author also considers, that the capoeira is game, corporal expression that … the same, fight and dances, touches and sings, attacks and defends; it is the body that goes and comes, of a side for the other, finding spaces in the small emptinesses of the circle for, irrationally, that is, without the rational use of the movements, to feel itself exempts of the real and social pressures of exclusion human being (IT HISSES, 2003 P. 55).

Capoeira is the dexterity fight, where two opponents play in wheel, and through corporal movements expression movements of attack and defense is in its majority with the legs or the hands and etc. in short, fight disfarada in dance is a game/. Dramaturgo Days Gomes said that in the capoeira the players, ' ' they are companionable. They do not fight, dissimulate to fight. They look for? brilliantly – to give the artistic vision of a combat. Above of a competition spirit, it has a direction of beleza' ' In this way one perceives that the estimated ones answered by the participants of the research if are similar with some conceptual aspects of the above-mentioned authors.