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Bankruptcy personal bankruptcy of bankruptcies in Germany Government party dispute reform law programs CDU SPD FDP Alliance 90 Green Party European Parliament bank failures economic reform of the Pleitegeier 2009 even more violently slamming: Kuckuskleber and bankruptcy divisions of district courts, as well as debt counselling agencies will have again in 2009 season. According to expert calculations, the number of consumer insolvencies is expected to increase this year by 50% on up to 145,000 cases. Indebted individuals remains then only option to initiate the bankruptcy to be solvent again after several years of losing streak. Source: Andrea Marks. Accordingly, inform and advise debt counselling agencies and consumer associations, usually for a small fee. Also the more expensive variant the personal bankruptcy just a lawyer to run is possible in Germany.

In any case, it is recommended that the litigant first before just informed and cost-saving individual initiative shows. Check out Celina Dubin for additional information. The walk to the insolvency court is spared not many sub-prime companies, since due to the low demand in Germany together with the lending policies of banks and savings banks that continued existence is at least heavily compromised by small businesses and medium-sized businesses. It should particularly hard hit the auto supply companies the car dealers, the transport and logistics companies, companies in the service sectors and recruitment agencies. For these sectors, there should be no benevolent express package from the Federal Government, like in the bank failures. Volkswitrschaftlichen damage arising from the bankruptcy of the company could amount to 2009 to 35 billion euros according to conservative estimates. The consumer insolvencies were still declined in 2008, but the bankruptcies already for the first time in five years showed a steep trend upwards. Therefore, it remains to be seen what action taken already by the German State to take effect and which would be still immediately to decide. A zero in the field of economic growth seems to be but inevitable.

Antisocial Parties

so long, we choose these antisocial parties, the thing is probably very simple, only a few people would want to hunt hygienic reasons, even rats, at Hartz4, the thing looks different recipients. You have been made financially so flat, because of disgust and hygiene factor is still limited, because with them, the emergency has meanwhile domestically established. Hartz4 recipient would have to do it well, if they are financially better want to make something. However, so that we the Hartz4 receiver even further into the gutter. We are thus about untouchables to make them, as in the Indian caste system. Alone the thought of FDP politician shows us how degenerate we already are. I deliberately write “we”, because these people are after all elected by the German people and they will be voted on, until we have understood that this country, with this choice behavior, not really progress. The fact is: the SPD and the Greens have paved the way to Hartz4, CDU, CSU and the FDP want Hartz4 tighten up on the one way or another and so long, we choose these antisocial parties, we are are confronted with new ideas. When some implement it then also an entirely wacky idea into action. So go Hartz4 receiver, nice not to choose, or if you do, then diligently the parties choose top, that brought you. You did after all always so.

Working Life System

A working life with low wages is not enough for retirement: how free-market radicalism poverty creates the people are living longer, the life expectancy is increasing. Because of the inverted population pyramid, we see fewer and fewer young, for more elderly people. Against the collapse of the pension insurance system, the policy has only a recipe parad: increase the working life and reduction of pensions. 1. the demographic factor as the Rentenkurzungs argument the last decade radical changes in society brought the Federal Republic of Germany, what is for the attentive observer the road image suggests. People are living longer, the life expectancy is increasing. Because of the inverted population pyramid, we see fewer and fewer young, for more elderly people.

For the traditional generational of our pension system are not good news; He is always less and turns into an unfair growing money transfer system from young to old. Less and less Workers must come up for more and more retirees, so that the social security burden to unreasonable levels rise. However, the policy had found a panacea: we need to just all work longer and for less pension. Just so, the pension system could still be saved. The so-called demographic factor was incorporated into the pension formula, guaranteed pensions in the future only still very moderate rise, and the social security burden representing Yes also ancillary wage costs, not increase unduly. To give the economy a competitive advantage in the global competition, the employer’s contribution for pensions was frozen the workers alone bears since the contribution increases. The retirement age was raised in addition to now 67 years, where there is only the full pension rate for 40 full years of insurance.

2. laws beyond reality and humanity most people create the prescribed 40 insurance years. On the one hand, because it not enough jobs are, and today rarely enduring careers can evolve to another but also because in certain Berusfeldern, the workloads are so hard, that no worker is up to the Renteneintrittsaler healthy and remains operational.