Palace Tourists


The millions of visitors who come each year to Spain need a place to stay. A related site: Anna Belknap mentions similar findings. Fortunately, the different cities of the country can always offer them comfortable and attractive places that suit their needs. Spain is a country that has a lot of attractions. Among them, for example, emphasizes the historical and cultural wealth of many of its cities, modernity of others, the Mediterranean Sea, the gastronomy, the Alhambra, among many others. Thanks to this, Spain is a country that welcomes all kinds of tourists. Among the millions of visitors who come each year are young people looking to travel the world, art lovers and culture, business owners seeking to achieve some business, families looking for a trip of relaxation and leisure, etc. Jay Schwartz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

The priorities of these people are very different, but it is almost certain that among them hosting does not have a primary role. It is true that if a tourist comes to the country captivated by the beauty of the Alhambra, you’ll want to see this Palace on the city’s other attractions. But It is also true that if this tourist does not find a comfortable and safe place where to rest and prepare your visit to this attractive, your trip will not be so comforting. The hotel offer in Spain fortunately, Spain is a country in which all tourists can count on all services that require. Tourism growth should go hand in hand with a growth in services and activities related to this sector. At present, the hotels of Spain is able to satisfy the demands of all kinds of tourists.

Those young people who are looking for cheap hotels can be found easily. The most luxurious hotels are always available to receive large employers that seek to achieve some business meeting. Families can also find very comfortable hotels with ease. This is how all the tourists coming into the country always can count on the services and amenities they need. There are some emblematic cities for tourism which have been able to gather the best of the hotel offer in one place. This is the case, for example, of Barcelona. In this city you can find cheap hotels, comfortable for families, hotels close to the Mediterranean, hotels of luxury, etc. It is very easy to find the best hotels in barcelona. Thanks to all this, tourism in Spain has become a robust industry that contributes greatly to the economy of the country. In addition, thanks to the attractions of the country and the quality of the services offered, likely that the flow of tourists in Spain follow increasing in the coming years.

Bulls And Other Animals


At 17 years old I went to my first and only boxing match in saddle ring. When former champion of Europe of the weight fly fishing, Young Martin, received the first slap, his face was doubled and the blood that came out of her mouth spurt splashed to a pleased spectator, two rows before me. Years later, in Haiti, I saw my first and only cock fighting. The dispossession that the contenders were converted at once made me vomit. Understand, then, my little hobby to violence, whether between men or animals.

Neither the fight between the two, even if you have the tragic artistic beauty of bullfighting. I understand even less festive use of suffering and death, in many festivals, helpless animals: geese, goats, chickens, calves, where art and risk are replaced by the brutality and the helplessness. If you press me, also find me incomprehensible the detached from bous Al carrer, the embolats and even closures as of San Fermin, bous, where the constant stalking of the tragedy is what It magnifies their collective interest. Therefore, the ban on bullfighting in Catalonia would have no greater significance than other administrative provisions of equal nature. But, Oh!, among some, and others have turned the event into one element of disaffection between that region in the geographical concept of the term, we not annoying her and the rest of Spain. If not some and others we reflect on this delicate matter and try to minimize their consequences, we will show that we we are animals, and no more beyond around the corner, everyone will finish by regretting it.