Media Transition

One sign of the approximation of the transition is – a weakening of Earth's magnetic field and Heightening amounts of disasters on Earth. Mother – the Earth itself is trying to get rid of unnecessary ballast, which reduces its power. Humanity must take example from our brothers of dolphins and whales, which make huge contribution to improving energy of the Earth. Extraterrestrial intelligence claims that at the level of consciousness of the dolphins and whales are – beyond human. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. And they were brought to us from the Sirius star systems.

Dolphins and whales, as a man all in a row do not destroy, and aggressively is not set up to his mother – the Earth. Mankind must help Mother – the Earth to the quantum transition is smooth, and it should increase the love, and strengthen the unity of everything that surrounds it. Only in love and unity and salvation of the Earth Earthlings. Destructive substance, on the contrary increase the fear, hatred and violence that this transition is not exercised or has ended tragically for the Earth and earthlings. They, through their Media promotes such a lifestyle where money, material wealth becomes the meaning of human existence. This doctrine has led to Western plundering the world's resources, and transforming the space Mother – Land in the sump of mental and material waste. Although our space brothers warned the rulers of the Earth, to stop the looting of the Earth, and in return offers a safe technology that can protect Land from the barbaric attitude.

The Earth

We see her in 2012. This is a planet with a highly developed civilization. Then, the Mayan calendar ends and begins calendar Nibiru. The Mayan calendar – a calendar Pokalya (a-Bye ipsis), arrives to the Mayan Nibiru. Nibiru – plneta-comet does not revolve around its axis – catches the "back" on the part of space debris, meteors exploded Photon (its orbit was between Earth and Mars). Eleventh-Photon Judas killed a Negro civilization on Mars 2010 years ago – Vefliemskaya star.

Burnt dwarf close to the solar system on a parallel coil of a spiral galaxy "The Milky Way" and will soon be captured by the gravity of the sun. It will change its direction movement in the direction of the sun. Niberuntsy and other brothers in mind will catch it and it will install the twelfth apostle Thomas in the former orbit of the eleven disciples Judas. Burnt dwarf – a sufficiently large celestial body, and it will "collect" these fragments. Its occurrence in the orbit between Nebiru, Earth and Mars will have a significant impact on these planets, which will be expressed in the replacement of the poles on these planets.

The Earth has Nebiru advantage – there is a moon. The Earth's rotation will stop the aliens and night on Earth will not (gl.22-23 Revelations in the Bible) – the night will be in the western hemisphere. But thanks to the moon will eclipse the sun. Orbit Moon moved away from the Earth as to increase the shade.