Luxury Yacht

Camaya world's largest and most luxurious private yacht sailing under the name 'Maltese Falcon' ('The Maltese Falcon ") was put up for sale for 112 million euros. 88-meter yacht Tom Perkinson – most unusual in the world of yacht with an elegant interior. Yacht was constructed on the project, not imeyuschumu counterparts – for more than 12 years of hard work shipbuilders. The debut of the beautiful yachts took place in 2006 at an exhibition of yachts in Monaco. The past 2 years presented with a yacht worldwide recognition. The yacht has earned numerous awards, of which only four – at the ShowBoats International Awards, three – on World Superyacht Awards and one Award of the International Association of super-yachts in the category 'Best boat length of 36 meters.

" The speed of the yacht reaches a truly record-breaking: journey across the Atlantic Ocean, it can make for some ten days. The design and appearance of this elegant yacht is owned by British Ken Frayvohu. Interior yacht struck high-tech, design is replete with original moves and ideas designer, take for example the navigation lights in the style of Ferrari cars. On a yacht near the wheelhouse is a VIP-cabin, the cabin owner of the vessel and the four guest cabins. On walls are covered with paintings by famous artists, among other decorations – a huge aquarium. Now the yacht is waiting in the Pacific Ocean its new owner, who will have to lay out the current owner yacht truly the astronomical sum of 112 million euros. Genesis: a yacht club 'The Admiral'

Quarterfinals Roland Garros

May 25 kicked off the 107th in a row the French Open tennis, commonly known as Roland Garros, which is one of the most striking and important events not only in tennis, but also a big sport in general. As part of the tournament held the championship: single male and female, paired male and female, mixed pairs (mixed) competition, as well as youth tournaments and tournament veterans. The current championship 'Roland Garros' accompanied by rain, which then increases and does not let the players on court, then again becomes quiet. Tony Parker will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But despite the bad weather, Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova on Tuesday won a fourth round match that was postponed on the eve of the dark, Belarusians against Victoria Azarenka – 6:2, 6:3. Kuznetsova will next opponent Kaia Kanepi Estonian, Russian tennis player with which the various competitions have never crossed. It should be noted that in 2006, the year Svetlana Kuznetsova managed to reach the finals of the French Open, losing to winning Belgian tennis, Justine Henin-Hardenne, 6:4, 6:4. A Russian woman in last season's quarter final stumbled on, Serbian tennis player lost to Ana Ivanovich.

Start Playing Table Tennis

In table tennis can play. This is a great vacation as a family and for friends. What you need to become a good player in table tennis? Not so much as it seems: racquet ball, table tennis, where you able to exercise regularly, and partner in the game. In Soviet times, were available Soviet and Vietnamese shoes for tennis. For a game commonly used tables in the yard or even at home.

In our time, choice of racquets and other accessories has improved markedly. You may wish to learn more. If so, Anna Belknap is the place to go. Now you have the opportunity to buy not just bat and ball, but the personal table for training. Amateur, all-weather or a professional – you choose. And what is needed to become a great player? For this purpose, in addition to ability and resistance training, we need not just good but great racket, and an excellent table. Partner in training and can act as a tennis robot. The capabilities of these machines today almost limitless. Their assembly and setup takes less than 5 minutes. No special tools are needed.

Such robots can be used for all table tennis. Buy everything you need to Table tennis is not difficult, and most importantly, this does not necessarily go to a sports shop. Why waste your precious time on transportation? Order everything you need to play table tennis Online! In today's online retailers of table tennis is a wide range for both beginners and for pros. Payment for goods can be carried out both in obtaining and online. "This service is currently The only time our shop tennis, "said Maxim Ay, project manager 'UA Table Tennis' There are a lot of inquiries from people from other cities of Ukraine, which is not always convenient to call in Kiev, and pay when receiving goods or a bank. Live Chat with the manager, and most importantly credit card payment is much easier ordering goods and payment for goods to people from other cities of Ukraine. " If you like tennis, and already decided to buy a good racket, in order to find the right product, try the new service UA Table Tennis contact manager and an online store for advice (look for the button "Our manager online"). If you are a professional, and clearly know what you want, feel free to add product to cart. And after that, use chat, "Our manager online" and you will be given the opportunity to pay for purchases by credit card directly in the chat! "But what delivery? "- you ask. You can arrange delivery from the same manager in "Our manager online." And remember, you can order for delivery a few options after looking racquets, with balls packs and cases, and make their final choice when they are delivered. Have a great holiday to you!


Learn to windsurf Windsurfing in Hurghada – once he saw it and for life! Windsurfing popular recreation – each year finds more and more admirers in Russia. Just lie on the beach and tan is not, for health need to show some athletic activity! But it's better to do it with pleasure. In windsurfing, anyone will find something different: A sports game is a way of life with nature Activities Leisure Participation in exciting competitions and the opportunity to travel just a very beautiful sport You think – it's not for me – it is very difficult The process of learning windsurfing is not a special difficulties if there is a good instructor. Tony Parker has plenty of information regarding this issue. And it is most important. And if you learn as a family – learning becomes a great pastime in which each participates.

What do I need to learn how to windsurf? For learning not to have special skills, there is not significant sex, height, weight. Need only your desire and willingness to follow the instructor! Windsurfing is available at any age. Where can I learn how to windsurf? An ideal place for learning should look like permanent steady wind The warm sea air and lack of emotion General Security Professional windsurfing instructor is also desirable that the sun was shining, to increase the already sverhpolozhitelnye emotions in teaching Russian health resort of Hurghada – is not only a favorite resort and democratic Egypt. Hurghada is also a kind of 'MECCA' for those wishing to learn and cultivators in windsurfing – a wonderful sport and entertainment together. Necessarily in every hotel in Hurghada you will find windsurfing boards. For teaching windsurfing in Hurghada Russian tourists choose naschu windsurfing school. Relaxing atmosphere safe lagoon professional instructor for a very short time you will learn to sail. We offer you not just relax in Hurghada, but to learn from enjoy this wonderful sport and odyha – WINDSURFING! An ideal exercise for people who love sea, sun, travel and life – welcome to our windsurfing school in Hurghada.