Dramatic Eiron

There are at least three types majors of eiron: 1 – Verbal Eiron: when something is said to indicate the opposite thing. 2 – Dramatic Eiron: when the surroundings perceive that something succeeds to a personage and the personage to him ignores what happens. 3 – Situacinal Eiron: when it is indicated the mutual incompatibility between which it is and what had to be. There are three instances for eiron generally: 1 – The same scene (for example, where the people make something pretentious and the poor result puts in evidence the unfulfilled ambition) 2 – eironista indicating (for example, when it notices the anomaly it observes and it with his objective) 3 – The ones that they observe (For example, that must recognize the mutual incompatibility between which is and what had to be) As far as the procedures of eiron: – Eiron in antiphrasis. When one names to alazon indicating the opposite than is. – Eiron in astesmo.

When an insult to alazon is pretended to congratulate it with subtility. – Eiron in clenasmo. When an exchange becomes of qualities between alazon and eiron. – Eiron in carientismo. When it are expressed seriously to make fun of of alazon. – Eiron in diarismo. When things remember of which alazon must be shamed.

- Eiron in mimesis. When it is imitated to alazon to ridicule it. – Eiron in tapnosis. When the importance stoops still more of which it did not have it. – Eiron in meiosis. When the importance stoops exaggeratedly of which in it has it too much to truth. – Eiron in auxesis. It is in opposition to meiosis, a type of hiprbole that grants an excessive importance to him to which already it knows that he is despicable. Eiron, besides tropo, is considered like a metalogismo that implies a literal sense and an intentional sense. The Bible is absolutely full of Eiron. Creo that God is a Great Eironista. You could almost at first find in all the Bible some example of each one of the enumerated procedures of eiron more above? ______________________ (1) Alazon and Alazoneia: In " Ethics to Nicmaco" , Aristotle speaks of whom attributes worthy qualities of praise that really it does not have, or that has in smaller degree del than alardea". (2) Scrates, against the sophists, approached to them as a timid student and asked to them on subjects that supposedly the sophists dominated. Slowly, with eiron, it did questions to them and it left exposed like ignorant while they appeared like guards of the truth. Original author and source of the article.

Drama Follows

Before the primary democrats of the 22 of April in Pensilvania adversaries of the Clinton they requested that gains Obama so that does not follow the drama. However, Hillary won by 10 points. While Obama protests that he is the precandidate who has secured more votes, States and delegates, she him retruca that if the annulled interns of Florida and Michigan were clear she would be ahead in voters. At this point she is impossible that Obama or Clinton obtains the 2.050 delegates necessary to be proclaimed. This will lead to that who they dissolve they are in favor heads and the democratic convention that will occur two months before the presidential ones of the 4 of November; and that Florida and Michigan want to impose their results or that they are called there to new elections. Obama, although it penetrates in sectors average and voting republicans, does not pierce in the traditional or working base of the democrats. The struggle intra-democrat benefits Bush who, in spite of being unpopular, can esperanzar itself in which with that crisis its party remains in the power. Original author and source of the article.

French Revolution

The delay is tense, they usually are standing up challenging on largusimos the heels or seating in high stools playing with different poses. There are closed, half-opened doors. Sometimes two professionals share a single position to see that cheers up with the task and the price. The men extend the conversation: there is much detail that the potential clients want to know. The eyes explore the anatomy and would seem that Babel did not have so many languages as those that are listened to here.

There are moments of peace in the streets when several of the cubicles close their doors and the heavy red curtain extends that gives privacy and it allows that the agreement starts up. An emptiness between five and the seven of afternoon takes place, dinner time, the unique hot meal that usually are taken in Holland, and the forced moment of familiar meeting. The payment is advance and in contante money. Condn or preservative is of rigorous use without exception. If there were some incoveniente the police arrives, that always is present with agents if it uniforms and with cameras of monitoring located in the streets. Photos and videos in the red zone are prohibited. All we are? Or All homos? Every year, in the first week of August, without lack, the march of the homosexual pride with an aquatic parade by Prinsengracht is realised, a centric channel to borders of which is the House of Ana Frank, the concurred museum more of Amsterdam.

The boats begin to march past at noon and all Amsterdam settles in the margins of the channel to enjoy the show colors, self-assurance, music, song and dances. In 2008 the flowers and the fruits stood out. The celebrations begin one week before and they conclude one week later. They arrive homosexual and lesbian worldwide and in the boats there are names of multinational companies that sponsor the parade of their homosexual and lesbian employees. Nevertheless, the population gay of Amsterdam adds the five percent, forty thousand people. The celebrations are public and all are welcomes. Good bye Amsterdam! In the red they are without writing thousand of words related to the wind mills, the tulips, the bicycles, the cheese, the wood pile shoes, the beer, the diamonds, the rock and roll, the day of the queen, the marinated herring, the giant pancake, the embroidered cloth, the boats, the architecture, and who knows more that. Amsterdam was the city of the medieval miracle of year thousands three hundred forty and five and during two hundred years attracted pilgrims in the style of Santiago de Compostela or Lourdes. After the Reformation it had one hundred years of commercial splendor and in those years the historical city was constructed. It was the Jewish time of Rembrandt and its clients, the time of the pioneers of the Myflower who met in the Noorderkerk, the time in which hugonotes dreamed about the French Revolution. Amsterdam, today, is only well-known by sex, the drug and the rock and roll. Original author and source of the article.

National Museum of National Sciences

The National Museum of Natural Sciences of Madrid offers a temporary exhibition of the evolution of Darwin on the occasion of the bicentennial of the birth of Charles the Darwins and the 150 anniversary of the publication of its more revolutionary work, the origin of the species. The visitors will be able to know first hand the scientific principles of the Theory of the Evolution, the biography of the author, the social and religious context of their time and the situation in Spain in the s. XVIII. This interesting exhibition, organized by Banco Santander Foundation and the Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian of Lisbon, was inaugurated month of July the past and it will be possible to be visited until the 10 of January of the next year. The sample will captivate to peculiar with variety of objects and the pieces of incalculable value like hand-written letters, original documents, images, audio-visual material, reproductions and works, yielded by many national and international institutions. The fascinating exhibition also counts on materials of the own exhibition of the Museum like unit of birds and mammals, amphibians and reptiles, fish and invertebrates, chorales, fossils, flowers of the past century and a skeleton of okapi, among others.

This route by the evolution of Darwin is distributed in five thematic scopes: The scientific context before century XIII, the precursors of Darwin, the history and biography of Darwin, the genetics and, finally, the darwinismo in Spain. In order to culminate with the celebration of the darwinismo the National Museum of Natural Sciences it recently celebrated a cycle of conferences and scientific cinema. The lovers of science have an inescapable appointment in Madrid. The exhibition can be visited of Tuesday Friday of 10 to 18 hours, Saturdays of 10 to 20 hours and Sundays and festive of 10 to 14:30 hours. The evolution of Darwin discovers and reserves to the best supplies and discounts of hotels in Madrid with LateRooms.com.