You can draw an analogy with the harvest. In any case, the owner of a good kind of harvest leaves for the next year, so that was what to plant in spring. But too much of the resulting crop is spreads, but so that the spring once lived. And if the harvest was excellent, everything will be fine – and the crops will be and will always be covered with a table. And if you turned a bad year, bad, then not all eat and not leave the reserves, because the next harvest will not be or will be a little bit. In this case it is particularly important to maintain reserves for future cultivation of the crop, even forced to have to stay hungry now. Yes You can go on to another road – eat everything, to hire more skilled to a neighbor than you would get for their work some money.

But the problem is that most hard-working period is limited to age. And the profit from working at his uncle usually have some limits. As a result, this road will lead to what we are seeing now is very often – people karyazhitsya to the last, in fear get the ax, because the current pension gives a bleak existence, but in no way deserved rest somewhere in the tropics. But working people are also engaged in a kind of investment. They invested their labor and time in his retirement, when get to live on income from her rest.

Unfortunately, as this sometimes happens, the contributions have not been promising, and our state – a very bad subject for this kind of investment. Hence, it turns out that we should not engage in investing? Naturally, no! Save money and invest – the overriding objective of the road to financial independence and freedom. But to do this process to some purpose in life, deprived themselves, if only podnakopit more money, not worth it! Money – it's just a tool to help implement their plans and fantasy purposes. So, be out of their money to make a pleasant process. Behold, I have been using a simple rule "Pay yourself first." Upon receipt of any income of a small immediately have put an investment account (I use the stock). The remnants can live almost exactly the same. To charm, to settle in at home in the accounting department where I see how the expense is added. Thus, investment look like transfer from one account to another, and feeling a lack of money away from you almost do not have. Quite the contrary – warms the soul, that koltchestvo money in the investment account is constantly updated. And do not deny yourself everything, saving each penny. Life is once, and it should be so, then to not be unpleasant. Live life to the fullest and remember myself. Good investment!