Friday February


24 February 2009.-during the next few days 25, 26 and 27 February, Master-D distance training group, will be responsible to arrange for the holding of the third international meeting of the European project PoD (Parents of Down) in Zaragoza. The Parents of Down European project comes to Zaragoza by the hand of Master-D and the Down Foundation. It’s a project that has its origin in October 2007 and with a duration of two years. The objective is to create an innovative training tool in digital media (DVD) addressed to family members, professionals and volunteers in order to help stimulate, motivate and educate people with Down’s syndrome from the first day of life. One of the prejudices more clearly established in society is the idea of the possibilities to evolve and learn from people with Down syndrome are extremely limited. Numerous studies have shown that early stimulation helps to considerably improve the intellectual abilities of children and their inclusion in the scope educational and social. It is in this sense in which aims the tool that Parents of Down is being developed within the framework of this project. Agenda Thursday 26 February between 14: 30 and 18 hours will be held the official meeting between families and experts from all the project consortium PoD at the headquarters of the Down Foundation (c/Lakes of CZK 30-34).

This meeting will be organized workshops and joint activities among all participants. Friday February 27 from 9: 00 and up to 15 hours, the third international meeting of the European project consortium PoD will take place at the headquarters of Master-D. These days the Group Master-D will end the DVD recording training directed to relatives, volunteers, or professionals with the intention of guiding them in the education of people with Down syndrome. The fundamental objective of these seminars is to promote the encounter and exchange of knowledge and experiences among the families of those affected by Down syndrome and experts from Spain, Greece, Italy and Romania. The next step will be to start a pilot project between partners who are participating in the project to assess made tool. Finally will be a work of diffusion of the product at the national level in all participating countries among which is Spain.