Prevailing Flowers


When spring arrives the patios of Cordoba are adorned to participate in a competition as original as colorful. It’s the Festival of Cordoban Patios, one of the city’s most beloved popular fiestas and which allows visitors to enter into the heart of the cordovan traditions. During the second and third week of the month of may the cordoban patios are adorned to celebrate a tradition that dates back to the last century. Then a magical atmosphere hangs over the streets of Cordoba to wrap the visitors with its thousand aromas and colors. The Festival of Cordoban Patios is not one celebration, is a real popular festival which its citizens feel deeply proud.

Evidenced by the fact that at least 50 yards every year enroll in the contest. The central motivation is not the prize itself but the opportunity to keep alive an ancient tradition. A look at the pasadoLa passion for the courtyards was a legacy that the cordoban received directly from the Romans and the Arabs, for whom the central courtyard was a very important place of the House dedicated to relaxation and fun. Why in Cordoba were built real palaces with central courtyards completely landscaped and adorned with water games and polychrome mosaics. When it passed the era of splendor, the majority of these noble houses were subdivided into several houses that shared a common space: patio. Then the cordoban exploited the slightest celebration to decorate their respective zones of the patio trying to each one was more beautiful than its neighbors. From 1933, this popular tradition became an official event that is held once a year.

Between camellias and helechosDurante the festival you can visit for free all the courtyards which participate in the competition. You know what because the owners placed next to the door of your House a pot of hedges. One aspect that will amaze you is the variety of courtyards that are participating in the contest, from smaller spaces to others that have not much to envy to the palatial gardens. However, all they have one point in common: the petunias, begonias, camellias, hydrangeas and ferns are the absolute protagonists. It is worth clarifying that in recent years some of these homes also have become breakfast but since the number of rooms that offer still is very reduced, more secure will be booked in advance for hotels in Cordoba.



Barcelona a vanguardista city par excellence When arriving at Barcelona their architecture and movement captivate to you, is one of the most important cities of Spain and, therefore, possessing of all class of attractive tourist, that go from the particular enchantment of the gothic district, presided by the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, to strolls like the one of Parc Gell, where diverse works of Gaud are appraised. In Parc Gell is the Source Dragoon, which is decorated with beautiful and showy ceramic; besides a cosy museum that was reconstructed on one old house in which the brilliant Gaud lived. But the great work of the artist is without doubts the Church of the Sagrada Family. Of gothic inspiration, this it was his greater challenge and the project that it loved more. In its interior you can find a museum dedicated to Gaud, and all the references about this and other creations. Another emblematic site of the city is the Foundation Joan Watched, where it is possible to appreciate the most important works of the Majorcan painter aside from exhibitions traveling originating of different museums. During the week ends it is possible to be participated in visits guided by the facilities of the institution.

Right in the center of Barcelona, next to the Place of Catalonia and to the old port, is the Boulevard, where they are possible to be useful the incredible gastronomical proposals, commercial and of leisure that offers. One is one of the zones more concurred to concentrate good part of the Barcelonan nocturnal life. With respect to the nature of the place, or it is worth the trouble to know the mountain Montjuic, that is located to the south-east of the city, that owns magnificent gardens, which turn out perfect to give a stroll or, simply, to rest. The mysticism of the Gothic district, the colorful one of the Boqueria and La Paz of the sea, conquers to you. In Barcelona each corner is different and special. In order to cross the city without limitations there is availability of hotels, inns or you can decide on a pension in Barcelona, with excellent services, location, that you can reserve through Internet. The beaches constitute another one of its enchantments.

That way, it is possible to rejoice in beaches of San Sebastin, Barceloneta, New Icaria, Bogatell, Beautiful Sea and New Beautiful Sea, which extends throughout little more than 4 kilometers and they stand out by the excellent quality of his waters. Beach New Beautiful Sea has an exclusive sector to nudismo, whereas Barceloneta excels by its center of talasoterapia, aside from offering different sport services. For the lovers of the sport, it is worth the pain well to clarify that Barcelona owns an enormous amount of polideportivos that satisfy the demands of the different likings. This is only a small sample than you will be able to find after your passage by Barcelona, a magnificent city that has much to discover. Insprate! The gothic mystery, the sea and the diversion hope to you! Barcelona is a imperdible destiny for a traveller like you. Barcelona, hopes to you!