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Thus, the customer has the possibility currently to retrieve the age, was washing cycles and carried out repairs on the textiles from the service provider at any time. A request called authorities audits in the pharmaceutical sector. In contrast to purely technical applications where particle freedom must be guaranteed, in addition as germ poverty or sterility is one of the most important requirements in the medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. EU GMPAbb.: Overview of particulate and microbiological limits in the pharmaceutical fabrication here finds a distinction between at rest and in operation. Clean room clothing is loaded for use with hair, dander, skin grease, germs and fibres of clothing.

The filter function (particle barrier) is thereby greatly reduced. The clothing must therefore dusted off,. disinfected and, if necessary, be sterilized. Prerequisite for a proper preparation of clean room textiles is a qualified infrastructure (clean room of the required class, high-purity media, monitoring). The treatment area should be not located basically in the production environment. The cleaning and decontamination procedures should be adapted to the respective requirements. This procedure, the use of high-purity media is useful to ensure the highest quality of treatment.

Accompanying this is a continuous quality control. Summarized data of a clean room laundry: A clean room at least ISO 5 class. In the reclaimed clothing protects from particle loads, before it is packed in suitable packaging. Computer based, integrated monitoring (online monitoring of air exchange, temperature, humidity, water treatment, feeder) water treatment is fully documented and validated evaluation independent microbiological controls: external Regular professional maintenance of all regular staff training laboratory measurement of particles. Final inspection of each processed batch nachASTMF51-00. Cleaning and disinfection of clothing cleaning clean-room.: cleaning a clean room (source: Stephan May, Campilo) restore the clean room suitability to restore the General clean room suitability of clean room textiles requires a cleaning and decontamination. In areas of microbiological standards”a disinfection or sterilization of the clothing is necessary in addition – the clothing should not be the source of the contamination.

Deutsche Bahn AG Relies On GRP


Fibre-reinforced composites is for innovative applications in the Deutsche Bahn AG rail technology as integrated group structure and has over 1000 subsidiary. The State-owned company is the largest railway transport and railway infrastructure company in Central Europe. The best-known subsidiary in the rail sector are DB Regio (local passenger services), DB Fernverkehr (long-distance passenger services) and DB Schenker rail (freight). DB network is the railway infrastructure companies and operates the largest rail network in Europe. In rail transport, the company earns today about half of the total turnover. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jorge Perez. The more transport and logistics business and various service providers make up the other half of the operating business. Deutsche Bahn AG is on the way to a leading mobility and logistics.

Deutsche Bahn AG relies on the experience of CTS composite in the areas of materials and application technology, as well as the machining and Assembly of profiles and grid systems. The company from Geesthacht realized platforms, bridge replacement, service routes, railway crossings, grating systems and platforms. Deutsche Bahn AG is convinced of the constructions made of GRP, which exhibit high strength with low weight. According to the security needs of the EBA can the GRP parts in yellow”or manufactured in any other security colour according to the RAL colour chart. Another aspect, which cost relief positively affects during Assembly, are the electrically insulating material properties, as well as the ease of processing.

As a result, no grounding of structures is required. In addition, only a minimal maintenance is required for the maintenance. The composite materials are corrosion – and weather-resistant and provide the user with a non-slip grip for high comfort. The products and solutions of CTS composite have the approval of the railway Federal Office that quickly and cost-effectively be realised maintenance. Deutsche Bahn AG appreciates the CTS composite solutions you convince by high efficiency, short construction time and easy Assembly in the construction projects. About CTS composite CTS composite technology systems GmbH, leading European supplier for fiber-reinforced composites (FRP) from Geesthacht, supports its customers with individual solutions for professional designs with fibre-reinforced composites for 20 years in architecture, railway engineering, chemistry, energy, automotive, amusement parks, marine, waterways, and public areas. The services range from the beratung, planning, development of to the Assembly of new solutions. Many years of experience in the areas of materials and application technology, as well as the machining and Assembly of profiles and grid systems are the basis for customer-oriented applications. The solutions help to optimize applications and sub are traditional materials. A high efficiency achieved CTS composite with the fibre composites for their customers. Contribute long service life, the high strength with low weight at the same time high UV and weather resistance at. The possibilities are varied and allow room for a variety of applications. Joachim Wilczek CTS composite technology systems GmbH Mercatorstr. 43 21502 Geesthacht phone: 04152 8885-0 telefax: 04152 8885-55 press contact: Hans Kemeny German marketing consulting Berliner Strasse 2 b 23611 bad Schwartau telephone: 0451 / 284363 fax: 0451 / 284370