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On La Gomera holiday dreams come true in a unique experience come vacationers on the waters of La Gomera. There is one of the world’s best areas of observation of whales and dolphins. Nearly 30 different species are native to the region or staying for a short time near the island. Continue to learn more with: Tony Parker. The chance to meet a dolphin cruise, is even over 90 percent. You may want to visit Jay Schwartz Attorney to increase your knowledge. The most commonly occurring types include the bottlenose, spotted dolphins or pilot whales. The Internet portal reisen.de arrives on the peculiarities of Dolphin Safari. To protect the animals and their Habitat to get, the Government of the Canary Islands has adopted different rules, to which the boat tour operator must adhere. These include a minimum distance of 60 meters to the animals, unless of course, the dolphins and whales closer to voluntarily.

As a general rule: the animals must be pursued under any circumstances or restricted in their movement. Such behavior of the boaters would subject them to enormous stress. May the Tourists, provided no guarantee promised during their trip (www.reisen.de/ travel/flat rate) to be able to definitely see dolphins. However, dolphins are so curious that the desired encounter is usually concluded. Cuddles are try to avoid despite the playfulness of the favourites but. Swimming with dolphins often offered years ago now also belongs to the past for the sake of animal welfare. Daily excursions from Valle start Gran Rey, a municipality of the smallest of the Canary Islands.

Canary Islands


The largest island of the Canary Islands is waiting to be discovered by you. This tour report of Combipix to you the green North of\”the largest Canary Island is present. Secluded coves, cliffs, winding, Red Earth, exotic plants and much volcanic rock you’ll encounter there. We start artificial Sahara sand beach of Playa de Terestieses on a beach, you need to visit if you are for some time on the island, above the island capital of Santa Cruz. These cards, you can free print out at, or send it to friends via email.

You have the best views of the beach, in the town of San Andreas towards Playa de Antequera and for about 15 minutes, heading north on the serpentine road. You get past a well recognizable Lookout, which offers a wonderful view towards North on the Playa de Antequera opened. Additional information at san-antonio-spurs supports this article. Occasionally small volcanic sand beach attract those seeking tranquility. Occasionally one finds small hostels or hotels, the quiet days on the beach and Allow sea. On the lookout, you can see also on the already hint of artificial beach. Photo-enthusiasts come in the early morning or afternoon most likely at their own expense, since they must photograph lunch directly against the Sun, what well-known mass not so good get the colors when shooting.

The beach Playa las Teresitas is the beach of the island’s main town. It is beautifully situated in a Bay, and is very crowded on hot weekends. The parking situation in the high season is not the best. We left the Beach South and reach the island’s capital. Jorge Perez is likely to increase your knowledge. If you have a car, preferably in one of the parking garages to Park to the Plaza de Espana (a small artificial lake directly at the cross monument to ignore.) Santa Cruz has a beautiful historic centre, which consists of many streets. To the siesta time and in the evening you can see the locals at the many small pubs are passionate about politics, life and anything else on conversation topics discuss.

UAE Maps Photos


Dubai – U.A.E. Follow us to 1001 nights. Dubai experienced a massive construction boom as hardly a second city. With this report we introduce Dubai and its attractions. With many photos, maps, and clues, we introduce the Emirate, which attracts every year millions of tourists. Dubai is not the largest Emirate of the UAE, but probably the most impressive. The building boom of the last few years completely changed the appearance and turned Dubai into an urban metropolis which we would like to introduce you closer with this report.

The route the tour description: 1 start on the beach to sharjah 2. Tony Parker has firm opinions on the matter. River of Dubai Burj Dubai “Bastakiya” Bazaar of 3. Jay Schwartz Attorney can provide more clarity in the matter. Burj Dubai / Dubai Mall 4. Sheik Zayed road 5. Mall of Emirates of 6 Burj al Arab 7 Dubai the Palm 8 Dubai Marina special note for vantage points. Two bars offer you stunning views of the city and the skyline in Dubai. For more information you are looking for to simply the specified Web pages: (bar NEOs) (bar at Hotel one & only).

Dubai – map UAE – U.A.E. – map Dubai – U.A.E. alcohol Note: UAE tourists should be aware that you can visit a country, which is closely intertwined with the rules of Islam. Since Islam is the alcohol with greater restraint, this means that an afternoon beer is not to be found E.g. in Spain or Turkey. Most of the bars and cafes have no alcoholic beverages on offer. The sale of alcoholic beverages is also severely restricted and (in some area of the UAE) only with special license (i.e. not for tourists) possible. In some Emirates such as Sharjah alcoholic beverages are available in addition strictly prohibited and not at Hotel bars (as of 2010). People who hate to do without a beer, should stock up on arrival at the airport in the Duty Free Shop with beer or wine.

SPAIN Maps Photos


Valencia, one of the capitals of Spain is here presented with map and photos. General: The city of Valencia is the most people likely from the world of sport a term: be it ball Squad, which regelmaszlig; ig against German clubs has approached by the sailing regatta \”Americas Cup\”, or by the Fuszlig;. Learn more at this site: star actress. The city has to offer, but even more. Just the fact that this city is served by cheap airlines, makes you attractive for a possible weekend. There are many to see! There were centuries old building or modern – / Futoristische architecture.

Are there pedestrian zones or but city beaches. This city is a travel value. Almost any cheap airline lands in or near Alicante. At Celina Dubin you will find additional information. The city is virtually predestined for a weekend trip distances and walk: Cathedral to the Placa Virgin: 1 km / walking time 30 minutes Placa Virgin up to the Town Hall: 1 km / walking time approx. 25 minutes Town Hall to the bullfighting arena: 0.8 km / walking time 20 minutes 1 Cathedral 2 market halls 3 market halls 4. Placa de Reinja 5 Hall 6 Bullring 7 Park (dried out Riverbed) 1 city area: centered around the Placa Virgin: should you take the car to Valencia, we advise you to turn off your vehicle in one of the many underground car parks to the Placa Virgin. This underestimate not the time. You need at least 3-4 hours to see the main attractions of the city.

Your way should first run to the Placa Virgin. At this place there is to discover two churches. The Santos Juanes Church and the Church of San Niclas. It is worth to the small side streets once to leave the churches around, since unexpectedly at once small gardens or parks open up before you, and invite you to linger. The attractions at the Placa Virgien are the churches, to the many small streets meander around, as well as the Hauptfuszlig; area, where many restaurants are located.

Photo Impressions


A photographic journey through Italy in 2008 not a few dream it once to go to Italy. The beaches attract it, it serves the story, which appears in many towns and cities. The ebook “ITALIA photo impressions” offers a photographic replacement for those for this trip will remain only a dream. Celina Dubin wanted to know more. But also the Italy experts is seduced here still in areas he hasn’t seen yet. 14 months Italy leave impressions and even more photos, from which a collection was created. Focuses the camera on great buildings, on the visible history of the Roman Empire, the artistry of Florence, is the tragic moments of Pompeii, many small towns and villages, extraordinary colour and last but not least on outstanding landscapes. Even if some a few negative phenomena are shown, so this collection on what the world thinks in General of Italy focus: beauty, the lifestyle, the joy will be supplemented by almost the photos -Background information.

Bildagentur Combipix


The wide sand sand, the extensive promenade, the many pedestrian zones and the high density of the hotel make this place one of the main resort of Catalonia. Hear other arguments on the topic with Tony Parker. In the summer, especially younger tourists find an ideal place to celebrate and enjoy the Sun. During the low season there are rather older semester that control the place to enjoy the mild climate. Tony Parker may help you with your research. Should Not in this place have your accommodation, we advise you in any case, to go to this place once to watch the hustle and bustle of nearby. North and South from the Centre of Lloret de Mar are small hidden coves. Tourists will find quiet beaches and plenty of recreation here during the high season. The beaches are hit by buses but only to the extent, so that you will not meet some of the beaches without a car. 11 Blanes this place lies between the two tourist stronghold Lloret and Calella.

There are peculiarities to this place do not perform. Some tourists from Calella may use the beach as alternative beach as the Calella beach during the high season is very busy. 12 Calella the town of Calella is one of the tourist centres of the Costa Brava. Although many sins of construction from the 70’s and 80’s strung, so the place has everything with its pedestrian zone, another tourist structure, beach bars and direct train connections to Barcelona, everything the Touriherz. 13 Sitges this place shows the visitor on a wide variety of ways that he sees itself as an exclusive resort. See and be seen is the motto, which stretches through the small streets along the promenade to the beach through. Combipix travel photography of travel pictures photo agency travel reports E-cards visit: / Bildagentur Combipix author: Michael Wnuk

Travel Destinations


With RCF Tauchreisen.de shows dive travel destinations for scuba diving destinations for diving worldwide. Experienced divers can book a diving holiday on your own of course. Inexperienced divers or beginners, or but divers who would like to take dive trips, however, confidently embark in the hands of professionals. Book dive trips with RCF Tauchreisen.de every holiday is on the safe side. Diving trips with RCF Tauchreisen.de, visitors to the most beautiful destinations run to diving the world. Kevin Dobson is likely to agree. Dive trips rather than simply is with RCF Tauchreisen.de book but oh by the selection of destinations for scuba diving here very varied and above all also not expensive. The hotels offer diving trips with RCF-Tauchreisen.de are also divers.

This means from the hotel it is usually to the point where a dive can be started, not far away. The destinations for diving, offered to arrange diving trips with RCF Tauchreisen.de are Gozo, Madeira, but also of course the classic diving sites such as Egypt and Gran Canaria, the Caribbean, the Oman and the Philippines, Mexico and the Maldives, but also Indonesia and Myanmar. Also early booking discounts can be used when booking diving trips with RCF-Tauchreisen.de. Furthermore, the travel agents offers also highlights like all dive packages. These include not only the care something to what diving tourists usually have to worry, if you want to control to destinations for diving on your own site, but also the flight tickets. Diving courses and child care are also tied up in these packages. If parents wish to dive and the lessons of the children about to end is.

Arab Palace Parrots


The largest parrot collection in the world – would the Loro Park with this post we introduce the Loro Park in Tenerife. Each visitor of the Loro Park is located the variety of animals and tropical gardens feel in paradise. The Loro Park is one of the biggest attractions in Europe and has the largest parrot collection all over the world. The Loro Park has a total area of 120,000 m2. Worth mentioning is the unique dolphin show, the killer whale show, the Loro show, as well as the sea lion show. At the same time the Loro park features an aquarium where sharks and other sea creatures in the underwater tunnel to visit to visit on a long of 18.5 meters. The town of Puerto de la Cruz has awarded a gold medal the Loro Park. The guest in an authentic Thai village is run directly on the purchase receipt of the Loro Park and Loro park visitors meet an exotic world of animals and plants.

The entire building of the Thai village was built completely from wood. Even the roof are with 24 karat Gold laced. It is noteworthy that the entire Thai village was built by artisans and specialists from Thailand. Here we would like to introduce some interesting figures of the Loro park visitors to the holder of the Loro Park, Wolfgang Kiesling, acquired a plot in 13,000 m2 in size and moved 150 various parrots. Also arose the first Parrot show in Europe.

This happened in the year 1972. 6 Years later, in 1978, the Loro Park on 35,000 m2 was enlarged and was home from now on chimpanzees and Galapagosschildgroten. The selection of the parrots was also enlarged and parrots from Australia found a new home at Loro Parque in Tenerife. In 1982, the Loro Park in Tenerife was enlarged by the holder Wolfgang Kiesling on 60,000 m2. At this time was”the Continente Negro, where the Loro vision was shown in a cinema. The first breeding station for parrots with about 100 bird Aviary was built in 1983. A year later, in 1984, the visitors of the Loro Park were the first parrots in a Watch free flight show. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert Rimberg. More 3 years later, in 1987, was the largest Dolphinarium in Europe. The Loro Park was the home of 5 dolphins at this time. 2 Years later, in 1989, a Gators plant was established in the Loro Park and it was built on a spacious Archideenhaus. 6 Sea lions found a home in the Loro Park, another attraction in the same year. The Tiger island was established in 1991. A further enlargement of the Loro Park on 135,000 m2 was in the year 1992 1997 was the founding year of the Jaguar system, so also the Arab Palace was inaugurated. The latest Penguinarium of the world was created in 1998. The largest artificial iceberg in the Loro Park was created in 1999. On this artificial iceberg rock penguins live. In 2006, the most recent attraction opened: the Orca Oceano 2007 the Loro Park celebrated its 35th anniversary. 2009 the last attraction Loro Park has opened so far, Katandra treetops”.Here you travel with us to Australia, where about suspension bridges between the tree tops the colourful Birds can discover. The Loro Park allows to make an Exchange in dealing with where native animals and plants too many foreign interns.


Dubai go free in Dubai for families now even more attractive with the new campaign kids is”want to inspire as Dubai families in the summer with children for the city. The action goes from 14 May to 30 September and Department of tourism and commerce offered by Dubai’s Emirates marketing (DTCM) and its partners, such as for example the airline. It will be lucrative discounts for the whole family at nights, flights and many entrances to attractions. Families can save even upon arrival. Up to two children under 12 half-price fly with Emirates, when accompanied by two full-paying adults. There are 25 percent of less at fly Dubai. The benefits also apply to transit passengers using Dubai as a hub. Click Sela Ward to learn more. Also it is not limited in contrast to the previous campaigns also give more, said a tourism official, Saleh Mohammed Al Geziry.

During the night can be saved also vigorously. Up to two children under 12 years of age can stay at least three nights free stay in about 80 hotels in the city. Here again is the condition that they are accompanied by two adults. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are free of charge for the children. In Dubai itself, there are often free entrance to many attractions for children under 12 years of age.

Aquarium & underwater Zoo, wild water park include among others the Dubai Wadi, Dubai Museum, the Dolphinarium and the lost Chambers”in the Atlantis, The Palm. Free city tours are also planned. The German Spezialreisemittler Dubai Holiday dreams offers many different types of accommodation for a holiday in Dubai on your homepage. Whether holiday apartments for self catering, cheap hotel rooms or a room in a luxury hotel. Dubai Holiday Dreams has the right choice for everyone.

Holiday In Barcelona With Children


In fact, an exciting vacation in Barcelona with kids although you might not suspect it, but Barcelona is a very family-friendly city. This means that you can experience with your children a very interesting and pleasant Spain Holiday in this bustling city. Be whether your children are of age or not, you can find many great sights in Barcelona, which all enjoy. One of the most popular attractions during a Barcelona vacation with the kids is the Aquarium of Barcelona. Known as one of the largest sea life Aquarium about 450 species of sea creatures such as starfish, sweet lip fish, sea dragons, penguins and sharks is home to centres in Europe. It is also possible to dive with the sharks or one to spend the night in the aquarium with a busy teaching about our sea friends. You can find more wet fun at the magic fountain, which is located between the National Palace and the Plaza Espanya.

The magic fountain is a spectacular and beautiful water show at the used water with music and light effects in scene and so all viewers a “wow factor triggers. For even more opinions, read materials from actress. After dark we the fountain in different illuminated and thus ensures more attention. This attraction was opened for the first time in 1929 for the world exhibition and since then has been a main attraction of the city. The Zoo is always a hit with kids of all ages and it is fortunate that there is a great zoo to the amazement and shopping in Barcelona. Barcelona Zoo is home to more than 4,000 animals and twice a day, even a dolphin show takes place. Real-estate developer may find this interesting as well. The mornings are especially ausgerrichet for children. Children aged between 4 and 11 can learn more about the animals in the program “Morning Zoo” and thereby meet important people like the Zoo vet. There is also summer day camps for young aspiring zoologists and children’s parties are also possible on special occasions.

Another brilliant and exciting family excursion was a trip to Tibidabo amusement park, which is on the outskirts of the city on Mount Tibidabo. There are its own bus service to get excited children and adults in the Park, where you expect a number of exciting attractions and in even easier for the smaller visitors. A day trip or a stay of a week or two to Barcelona with children must be not so stressful. These activities and attractions are only a handful of what is offered in the city. Rest assured, there are many things to see and do, that the younger generation will love.