Shanghai Pavilion Tainan


Digital travel magazine reported in the December issue of the strange, frreundliche and colourful Republic of Taiwa Taiwan through Asia and yet somehow refreshingly different than the rest of Asia. A portion of adventure includes already if you want to penetrate here without Chinese knowledge or must. Tony Parker is a great source of information. Glamorous dinner at an appropriate wardrobe as well as exciting entertainment programs are not part of a trip on a cargo -, mail -, or expedition ship. Hedvig Hricak has much to offer in this field. On this very special cruises, individual initiative is required and a touch of adventure blowing you up with the airstream to the nose. Why despite optimal basic conditions a Kitetrip in Silvaplana quite even can fall into the water and the waiting time for the thermal wind must be bridged, knows how to report the native Swiss Remy Allemann. Other topics in the booklet: city destination: Lisbon Obrigado fado, beautiful to cry.

For body and soul: Shanghai Pavilion Tainan. Small escapes: day spas. UNESCO World Heritage: St. Petersburg. Hotel reviews: Shangri La far eastern Plaza Taipei/Taiwan and Boffenigo small & beautiful hotel on Lake Garda in Italy. Service topic: Preparation for the skiing season, and many more. The current issue of travel inspirations has a total of 75 pages and is available through the following distribution channels: as a PDF download from the Magazine Web site: news magazin.html as iPad app on the iTunes store from Apple as eBook on the enclosed booklet CDs and DVDs of the computer magazine PC go and PC Magazine from the Weka-Verlag available on newsstands and subscription.

Winter Vacation


Holiday in the heart of Austria in the Rauriserhof spend you your winter holiday in the middle of the Hohe Tauern National Park. In addition to the wonderful ski area and its perfectly groomed slopes, many other winter activities wait for holidaymakers of the Rauriserhof. Whether with family and children, as a couple, with friends or alone, the range of activities during your winter vacation in Rauris leaves no wish unfulfilled. Through the inch-thick blanket of snow, it immediately attracts a wonderful ski area of Rauris. Read more here: Hedvig Hricak. Wide slopes and rustic cabins await your visit. Hedvig Hricak has similar goals. But even more sport offers attract winter holidays in the Salzburger Land.

Cross-country skiing tobogganing ski tours ice skating and of course winter hikes Hohe Tauern National Park until far beyond the borders of Austria is also a term. Through the glistening snow, this natural paradise is a whole special attraction. Just a few steps away from the Rauriserhof, start a hike through the snow. Or let’s try a snow shoe hike. A popular type of sport that increasingly Trailer finds. Hiking with snowshoes through the powder snow and inhale the healthy alpine air. Maybe a few of the many animals living in the Hohe Tauern mountains if you don’t just Hibernate you will encounter on your hike. A winter vacation in Rauris means not only recreation, but above all also change with the various offers in the snow. Hotel Rauriserhof

Travel With The Harley Davidson On Route 66


Special guest Wolfgang Fierek. The likeable actor and singer is even self-confessed motorcycle enthusiast like Reuther and will accompany the participants of the anniversary tour together with the founder of the company. “Motorcycling with friends in the group, is the most beautiful” enthuses Fierek in the video clip at and looking forward to an unforgettable trip. By sunset at Monument Valley to the waves of the Pacific Ocean in 16 days the legendary route over 6,000 miles and eleven States across the North American continent. Between Chicago and the Pacific numerous highlights of the superlative waiting for the riders, impressive landscapes and spectacles of nature change with a versatile range of sightseeing. Click San Antonio Spurs for additional related pages.

A VIP tour of the Harley Davidson Museum in the motorcycle world capital Milwaukee belongs to as well as the famous Caverns of Meramec – caves, where once outlaw Jesse James is hidden-, the petrified forest of the “petrified forest National Park”, Monument Valley, the desert areas New Mexico and Nevada, the second-largest dam in the world or the glamour cities of Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The professionals of the Reuthers motorcycle tours have the route 66 as one of their classics in the program for 13 years and have put together a perfect tour – including the best Cafes, restaurants and clubs along the famous “mother road”. There are video-impressions of the tour via video at to see. With Twitter and Facebook Reuthers follow and win the Grand Jubilee competition under Reuthers fans can win the anniversary tour at the equivalent of around 7,000 USD. Since April 2010 Reuthers world determined two winners, the prize is drawn among those in April 2012 of entertainment under their twitter followers and Facebook fans each month. Each monthly winner receives in addition valuable vouchers for Reuthers tours. Be easy under follower and join reuthers as a fan and all current messages received from Reuthers world of entertainment – and by the way with every month the Increase chances of winning.

German Federal Government


Berlin: A city break in the German capital of the German capital Berlin is located in the eastern part of the Federal Republic of Germany and is the largest city in Germany with 3.4 million inhabitants. Since the reunification of Germany, Berlin is not only back the seat of the German Federal Government and capital of the country, but also a fascinating metropolis, where in the past a part of the history of the world was written and in the fate of our Earth are determined in this day and age. Berlin is not only one of the power plants on our planet, but also a point of attraction for many tourists who want to get to know the historically significant city on the river Spree in the context of a city break. These tourists have many ways to organise their free time varied and interesting in Berlin. So you can spend a lot of time tourist than Berlin, at least some of the many Berlin attractions, such as the “Brandenburg Gate”, the “Reichstag”, the “Alexanderplatz” with the famous “Berlin TV Tower”, closer to look at the “Schloss Bellevue” or the “victory column” in the Berlin district “Tiergarten”. You can participate as Berlin holidaymakers in addition to the rich cultural life in the German capital and for example visit one of the famous Berlin stages, or enjoy the nightlife in one of the Berlin scene, such as “Berlin-Friedrichshain” or “Prenzlauer Berg”. (More info about options evening or night entertainment in Berlin, can be found for example on the website: “Berlin in the evening”) Still there are in particular for cultural tourists, within the framework of a Berlin trip to visit, at least some of the interesting Berlin museums, such as: the “Pergamon Museum”, the “historical Museum”, the “National Gallery” or the “German Museum of technology Berlin”. Of course there are several other ways to find entertainment in Berlin for Berlin visitors.

Therefore, tourists in the run-up to their trip should Berlin also prepare something, to select the individual most interesting possibilities from the diverse range of Berlin. To do this, you can itself at the present time of course the Internet use make and online find out about the city of Berlin, such as on this site about Germany’s capital city. Of course, you should it not leave to inform only about Berlin, but it really aspire to, even to visit the exciting German metropolis. Gunter daga gdehne(at)

United States


Who would get it yourself on the bike, can the Adventure trip as Reuthers partner vacation Program1 book and travelling in the vehicle. The bucket list – the personal wish list of life dreams best known for the eponymous film classic with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman’s “bucket list” the essence of everything that you would like to realize in life on dreams. Leave the route 66 on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, travel in the paradise of New Zealand or visit Mount Everest base camp – founder Hermann Reuther has incorporated many of his personal dreams in the versatile program by Reuthers world of enjoyment. His credo: “joy experience and pass – we personally take care of your dreams and wishes” made Reuther to abandon of his enterprise, which combines a wide range in the field of entertainment, leisure and travel with a maximum of professionalism. Charlotte Hornets often says this. Reuthers community that is associated with the sympathetic entrepreneurs in the nearly 25-year history to one loyal fanbase together grew, combines a coherent sense of life. In the live they get quickly and competently chat under and under the national service hotline answers to all questions. With Twitter and Facebook to communicate fans now even more directly and are always have all the latest news which informs Reuthers world of enjoyment.

Company description the Reuther-entertainments GmbH + Co. KG with its brand of Reuthers is a worldwide operating group for entertainment, travel and leisure activities with branch offices in Germany and the United States, New Zealand and representatives. Since its founding in 1987, a team of specialists cares with great attention to detail to the wishes of the customers – see our highlights under worldwide from more than 20 years events and trips. While founder and CEO Hermann Reuther has experience in the Organization of events itself on over 30 years – from scratch learned how he like to emphasizes. His credo: “joy experience and pass – we personally take care Their dreams and wishes”- by the corporate incentive, clown Dodo at the birthday, a world star at the press ball, the worldwide product launch to culinary Festival, the dream trip to New Zealand or the Adventure trip by motorbike to Tibet, which is a new highlight in the program of the Reuthers motorcycle tours 2011. For more information, and company contact: Reuther-entertainments GmbH + Co. KG Christian Goller beech trail 13 96450 Coburg Tel: + 49-9561-7059-370 email: Web: PR contact: openXpress Andrea Lachmuth Polziner str.

The Aguapark Tenerife


Aquapark Tenerife – Dolpinarium (Adeje – Tenerife) located Aqualand on Costa Adeje in the South of the island, near Playa de las Americas and provides an exceptional recreational activities. In the water park and the associated delicacy is something available for every age group. This super attraction is located in the vicinity of Los Cristianos and Playa las Americas and offers a great day both swimmers and sunbathers. Here you find the most amazing selection of water slides, to have fun swimming pools and many other options. There are simply so much to do – relax by the pool, treat yourself to a quiet ride on the water with the children, visit the dolphin show or you trust is on the egregious slides, which the world has to offer. Aqualand Costa Adeje has a wide range of ideas and fun. Charlotte Hornets understood the implications.

Is the only Park Aquatik with dolphins in Tenerife. The stars of the Park are the dolphins in Tel intelligent and loving. The idea, which is famous the world over, will surprise you. The Park is one of 10 Dolphins form, of which 5 in the park were born. The dolphins of Mulares from the Aqualand Costa Adeje, during the performance, dancing and singing, so that the audience spends a fantastic day, one can not forget. The idea of the dolphins, is made in one of the largest pools of Europe and is the most popular idea of the audience. The most popular attractions are the waterslides kamikaze, Super slalom, Twister, Anaconda, crazy race and mini Park. The opened in 2004, Boomerang – a stunning, vertiginous journey on a Doppelschwimmreifen but is the star in this water park. There are snack bars and restaurants, to replenish your energy. And usually visiting this popular bathing like a second time. Gabi Teubner

Car Travel On Tenerife


Use your rental car in Tenerife for a sightseeing tour start: we start our little tour in Santa Cruz. The capital of Tenerife has something more than 200,000 inhabitants and is located in a natural Bay. The port, where many container and cruise ships stop, is the showpiece of the city. The white shining small houses of the city were built on the slopes of the Anaga mountains and stick seemingly on the steep mountain walls. Stroll in the pleasant Mediterranean sunshine through the small streets of Santa Cruz and marvel at the huge freighter at the port. For Shoppingwutige a walk from the Plaza de Espana is up to the Plaza de Calendaria, because you pass a bunch of cheap clothing shops along the way. 1st stop: To go to Playa de las Americas to rent from a car in Tenerife and nozzle down the East Coast. The first views of the picturesque Beach on Tenerife’s South coast you already compensated for the short trip.

Umbrellas from dried covering the beach Palm leaves and the white sand to loads, a game to play beach volleyball. Large and small Palm trees surround the Bay and give the beach a heavenly appearance. Unfortunately, you are on the Playa de las Americas, only rarely alone, because other tourists know the beauty of the beach. 2. stop: The penultimate stop has it! National Park an exorbitant volcanic crater with a circumference of about 48 kilometers located in the Teide.

He stands with more than 3700 feet into the sky, making it the highest mountain of all Spain. This barren rocks dominate the landscape and Red lava rock and civilization does not exist here. On the edge of national parks, they come with a car rental in Tenerife. From there you go either walking up to the top of the mountain or let a cable car take care of the hard climb for you. From the top, you have a fantastic view over the Canary Islands. In winter it snows even in the higher elevations. “Stop 3: explore further with your rental car in Tenerife and stop Puerto de la Cruz in the city”. Walk through the green city, at whose corners bloom flowers in all sorts of colors. Visit the Loro Parque in the stunning shows with parrots, dolphins, Orcas and sea lions are presented. See up close how dolphins are acrobatic flying through the skies and sea lions eat a fish at a time. Then drive in the Jardin Botanico, where you can admire more splendid shrubs and rare plants. The colorful plants have a positive impact on the viewer and significantly raise the spirits.

Face To Face With The Inhabitants Of The Sea


The search for whales along the Pacific Coast Mexico Mexico is due to its pleasant climate and many attractions a popular travel destination. But in addition to bathing tourists are also animal lovers on their costs and can take part in an exciting expedition. The online travel agency reported about the adventure that awaits Mexico tourists. Hotels in Mexico Acapulco from, visitors can reach not only the typical tourist attractions in Mexico. On the Pacific coast, there is the opportunity to observe blue whales and flying fish up close and to study their behavior. In addition to the giant sea mammals, other fascinating inhabitants of the sea show.

So, members of this expedition can consider sea turtles or swordfish, for example. Go holiday-makers on the open sea with a powerboat. The tourists are accompanied by experienced boat guides. They know that the inhabitants of the sea are focused not on a strict schedule, but have their own pace. So quite a few hours can go to whales, dolphins and other animals appear. But once a humpback whale or an Orca at the surface shows clearly, that’s worth the wait. This experience is unique for children as for adults. More information: service / press University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann

Kai Wolfermann


On Zanzibar, a diverse fauna and flora awaits the traveler finally. Rich Bird populations, a small species of Gazelle and the only on Zanzibar red region are at home here. But above all, the spectacular underwater world is a highlight of every Zanzibar holiday, because around the archipelago is a unique snorkeling and diving paradise. In the South of Zanzibar in the Menai Bay, can be seen also large schools of Dolphin with a little luck. The tropical jungle and adhering mangrove forest ranges up partially on the Islands to the sea. Both the tourists and the locals the coconut can be completely recovered by the fruit until the tree is regarded as most important plant.

Many here grown spice types are important not for nothing Zanzibar finally epithet the “Spice Island”. On one “Spice tour” the traveler learns here once, what looks like the plant to the appropriate spice. The exotic scent of clove trees will stick to far over the holiday, in the nose. Who is planning a holiday in Zanzibar should think through of course well previously but this and make corresponding preparations. For this reason, it is useful to get a first valuable travel tips. The residents of Zanzibar are different ethnic origin. Please visit Tony Parker if you seek more information. The traveller meets 95% here about Muslims.

The small rest consists of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and various mixed religions. Despite this unique relationship Zanzibar considered religion-technically very tolerant. So there are alone in Zanzibar city in addition to the 60 mosques, four Hindu temples, three Christian churches, a Zoroastrian fire temple and a Buddhist temple. Mosques are sacred places, to the non-Muslims Muslim unaccompanied have unfortunately not allowed. The traveler should show his respect for religion through appropriate clothing and not necessarily to bathing suits and bare-chested through the villages of walk. Also public flaunt by hugging or kissing is considered offensive. Further, no alcohol should be consumed in public places it unless the traveler is located in a hotel, a bar, or a Restaurant. If you give things or take, this should be done with the right hand, as the left hand is considered unclean. Also, it should be ask for permission if you want to photograph a foreign person. As long as travelers so during the Zanzibar holiday in accordance with the local rules and customs behave, the Zanzibar are very warm-hearted and hospitable people. Vanessa Marcil is full of insight into the issues. Nothing in the way is extraordinary encounters with a fascinating, exotic culture in an idyllic setting and holiday will certainly succeed in the Zanzibar. Popular souvenirs of Zanzibar as a reminder of a wonderful holiday are local handicrafts can be purchased in numerous markets and bazaars. The purchase of carvings, mats, fabrics, etc. also supports the local population and contributes to preserving traditions with at. Kai Wolfermann

Perfect Summer Holiday


A perfectly maintained and family-friendly accommodation in the House round the busy sea air and at the same time, Cuxhaven from relaxed holiday. It is the most beautiful time of the year. The summer. Possible everyone likes away then, to relax and regain energy. The eyes can wander off. This can be achieved in the North Sea with its mudflats chainrings.

An interesting change to the trip abroad is to spend the summer in Germany for many holidaymakers. Cuxhaven is one of the the most developed destinations on the North Sea. Not without reason, because here nature moments for the entire family can experience and diverse leisure activities for young and old are there. Not only perfect waves and healthy air here provide a unique holiday. What else on incentives offered, explains the House air in Cuxhaven. Here is it never boring Cuxhaven offers year-round through charming aspects, to spend a beautiful time. But especially in the summer, the many well-kept download Sandy beaches to a cool bath to take, to bask in the Sun or simply in a beach chair, the soul baumlen to leave and gaze at the sea. Also a walk along the beach lends itself and conjures up holiday mood.

The Duhnen Spa part is very popular and is located in the West of the North Sea Spa of Cuxhaven. A small but nice City Centre invites you for strolling and shopping. If you prefer more sporty, long and rewarding with great views from hiking and biking trails offer is. Excursions that delight both children and adults are also present in large numbers. Ideally, a guided mudflat hiking through the National Park would be Wadden Sea or exploring the countryside behind the dikes. Countless events in the summer and further destinations with charm make sure that never get bored. A perfectly maintained and family-friendly accommodation in the House round the busy sea air and at the same time, Cuxhaven from relaxed holiday. For detailed information about the range of services that is House air in Cuxhaven, at any time of the Available. Press contact House air contact person: Wolfgang Schmidt North RT 16 27476 Cuxhaven phone: 04721 48164 fax: 04721 45159 email: Homepage: