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On Zanzibar, a diverse fauna and flora awaits the traveler finally. Rich Bird populations, a small species of Gazelle and the only on Zanzibar red region are at home here. But above all, the spectacular underwater world is a highlight of every Zanzibar holiday, because around the archipelago is a unique snorkeling and diving paradise. In the South of Zanzibar in the Menai Bay, can be seen also large schools of Dolphin with a little luck. The tropical jungle and adhering mangrove forest ranges up partially on the Islands to the sea. Both the tourists and the locals the coconut can be completely recovered by the fruit until the tree is regarded as most important plant.

Many here grown spice types are important not for nothing Zanzibar finally epithet the “Spice Island”. On one “Spice tour” the traveler learns here once, what looks like the plant to the appropriate spice. The exotic scent of clove trees will stick to far over the holiday, in the nose. Who is planning a holiday in Zanzibar should think through of course well previously but this and make corresponding preparations. For this reason, it is useful to get a first valuable travel tips. The residents of Zanzibar are different ethnic origin. Please visit Tony Parker if you seek more information. The traveller meets 95% here about Muslims.

The small rest consists of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and various mixed religions. Despite this unique relationship Zanzibar considered religion-technically very tolerant. So there are alone in Zanzibar city in addition to the 60 mosques, four Hindu temples, three Christian churches, a Zoroastrian fire temple and a Buddhist temple. Mosques are sacred places, to the non-Muslims Muslim unaccompanied have unfortunately not allowed. The traveler should show his respect for religion through appropriate clothing and not necessarily to bathing suits and bare-chested through the villages of walk. Also public flaunt by hugging or kissing is considered offensive. Further, no alcohol should be consumed in public places it unless the traveler is located in a hotel, a bar, or a Restaurant. If you give things or take, this should be done with the right hand, as the left hand is considered unclean. Also, it should be ask for permission if you want to photograph a foreign person. As long as travelers so during the Zanzibar holiday in accordance with the local rules and customs behave, the Zanzibar are very warm-hearted and hospitable people. Vanessa Marcil is full of insight into the issues. Nothing in the way is extraordinary encounters with a fascinating, exotic culture in an idyllic setting and holiday will certainly succeed in the Zanzibar. Popular souvenirs of Zanzibar as a reminder of a wonderful holiday are local handicrafts can be purchased in numerous markets and bazaars. The purchase of carvings, mats, fabrics, etc. also supports the local population and contributes to preserving traditions with at. Kai Wolfermann

Perfect Summer Holiday


A perfectly maintained and family-friendly accommodation in the House round the busy sea air and at the same time, Cuxhaven from relaxed holiday. It is the most beautiful time of the year. The summer. Possible everyone likes away then, to relax and regain energy. The eyes can wander off. This can be achieved in the North Sea with its mudflats chainrings.

An interesting change to the trip abroad is to spend the summer in Germany for many holidaymakers. Cuxhaven is one of the the most developed destinations on the North Sea. Not without reason, because here nature moments for the entire family can experience and diverse leisure activities for young and old are there. Not only perfect waves and healthy air here provide a unique holiday. What else on incentives offered, explains the House air in Cuxhaven. Here is it never boring Cuxhaven offers year-round through charming aspects, to spend a beautiful time. But especially in the summer, the many well-kept download Sandy beaches to a cool bath to take, to bask in the Sun or simply in a beach chair, the soul baumlen to leave and gaze at the sea. Also a walk along the beach lends itself and conjures up holiday mood.

The Duhnen Spa part is very popular and is located in the West of the North Sea Spa of Cuxhaven. A small but nice City Centre invites you for strolling and shopping. If you prefer more sporty, long and rewarding with great views from hiking and biking trails offer is. Excursions that delight both children and adults are also present in large numbers. Ideally, a guided mudflat hiking through the National Park would be Wadden Sea or exploring the countryside behind the dikes. Countless events in the summer and further destinations with charm make sure that never get bored. A perfectly maintained and family-friendly accommodation in the House round the busy sea air and at the same time, Cuxhaven from relaxed holiday. For detailed information about the range of services that is House air in Cuxhaven, at any time of the Available. Press contact House air contact person: Wolfgang Schmidt North RT 16 27476 Cuxhaven phone: 04721 48164 fax: 04721 45159 email: Homepage:

Breathtaking Landscape


The luxury train ‘Rocky Mountaineer’ pampered its passengers with regional delicacies rolling star kitchen of the legendary Rocky Mountaineer rattles through the perhaps most spectacular landscape in the world. Surprising: Instead of canteen food regional specialties are served on Board at its finest from the coming season on German. (bfs) of the way in the Rocky Mountaineer aims”. The famous train crosses the homonymous mountains and it exudes the atmosphere of a bygone time: the time rail journeys were still the epitome of luxury and comfort in the and trains schnauften leisurely through the countryside. With just once 50 miles an hour it goes into the Rocky Mountaineer”within two days of the Olympic city of Vancouver through Kamloops to Jasper after the National Park. The railway crosses narrow bridges, rattles in a constant cycle of spectacular rivers and Lakes along and takes visitors on this way to places that are inaccessible to even avid hikers. Turquoise blue lakes,. rugged mountain peaks and dense forests of the legendary Rocky Mountains landscapes Rob every visitor breathless. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Robbie Lawler has to say.

On top of that bears, bison or caribou, North American reindeer show up at the track often. Another highlight of this exceptional trip represents the galley. Regional delicacies on the plate here instead of Loveless canteen meals. Including, for example, delicate Alaska – salmon and butter-tender Alberta beef can be found. The often excellent chef Jean Pierre Guerin already has Bill Clinton, Meryl Streep and cooking Lady Di. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Rick Garcia on most websites. With his equally award-winning partner Frederic Couton, it is common for the selection of dishes of the Rocky Mountaineer”responsible.

“In May of this year, the two chefs published a cookbook with the euphonious name of Eat Play Love: regionally inspired cuisine by Rocky Mountaineer ‘. In it are selected dishes from the luxury train to find personal favorite recipes as well. With so much love of good food it is worth offering catering at Board to perceive. “An insider’s Tip: who until March 31 on the special tour operator fasting your seatbelts” Bay, receives a free upgrade from complimentary breakfast to half board for the nights on certain routes. The trip on the Rocky Mountaineer”, a legend on rail, is a real adventure for Canada fans and nature lovers of all ages. As more and more German-speaking guests on board, for the first time also tours with bilingual services (English and German) are offered in the coming year. More information at and.

Shore Excursion On Gotland


Report on a shore excursion on Gotland, Gotland is aim of Baltic sea cruises unfortunately too rarely. The great Swedish Baltic island is a nice alternative to the pavement contact: rural and fresh, green and healthy, with one word: Scandinavian. When the weather in the summer Gotland has something of the charm of the Mediterranean. Ever so not Nordic serenely radiates the Sun, the Baltic Sea is unduly blue, surprisingly extensively play the children into the sea. June in Gotland – right next door is the Riga and Tallinn. We have for our Baltic Sea cruise sweater wrapped and no T-Shirts. That cannot happen knowledgeable Gotland drivers. They know their island has more sunshine than Sweden’s Mainland and also at all not cool looks and booked out.

Our cruise ship has anchored from Visby. The historic island capital is pretty to look at with its fortified city walls, a fortified building from the middle ages. The city wall is still intact with 38 towers. No one passes on Gotland’s glorious past. Sure,. been quite often golden old times care to be.

But this island has seen really better days. Around 1300, the rich Hanseatic town Visby dominated all trade on the Baltic Sea. And Gotland farmers fed their livestock from silver trays. That munkelten in any case, the people on the Mainland. It awakens the envy of neighbors usually go unpunished. Only the Danes were produced then the Lubeck over the island. Since then, the Islanders have enough leisure to dream of the past. Gotland was meaningless, poor, and consequently to the Idyll. Out of gratitude, not that they must live in concrete tenements, the Gotlanders make candlesticks and ship models in their historicized window; as if their homes were still not cute enough! Not a high-rise building is on the entire island. The highest houses of Visby Strandgatan for example have purebred staircase as Gothic warehouses. There are all sorts of alternative for the afternoon on Gotland in the Landau flight brochure. We should go after Lickershamn in the North and walking South through its pine forests? Shall we visit the 92 churches on the island as artsy education citizens or dig for fossilized sea urchins and snails as a naturalist with a passion in the cliffs of Gothemhammar? We rent us a car and drive at a Sunday pace over land. Here a stolid farm, as a delicate cottage in wedding cakes look, which is sentimental. Once all resorts on the sea must have been so or at least something similar back when you jetted yet not on vacation, but attended a summer resort; a summer resort with solid wooden houses, their conservatories every year were cut in May and in their front gardens the peonies on time flourished at Pentecost. Despite relevant experience of Gotland, we have provided exaggerated expectations of the Ibiza of the Baltic Sea. Sun, beach, bare breasts and orchids make no Spaniards from the Sweden. Nordic temperament is not just Mediterranean. Those who come to Gotland, which must be themselves enough. Because between 57th and 58th degrees of North latitude little happens. But is actually very much in the hustle and bustle, or? We go on board and excited about the future goals of our Baltic Sea cruise. If you want to learn more about Baltic sea cruises, I highly recommend the website Ostseekreuzfahrt24.de. Heino Tegeler

Tours India


November 2013 to April 2014 Organizer Asiamar by ID travel world has reduced prices for all new bookings from 10.09.2013 for tours in India to 10 per cent of Asia travel. Through renegotiations of the Organizer not only guests of this price reduction from the next Katalogsaison, but the price reductions also apply to all previously published fares in the coming winter. Asiamar by ID travel world has already adapted the prices. Charlotte Hornets contributes greatly to this topic. For those who want to learn about India and its famous golden triangle in the State of Rajasthan and include the Taj Mahal, the ghost town of Fatehpur Sikri, imposing palaces and the purple Jaipur, a so-called beginners is offered travel in 6 days / until New Delhi allows a gentle contact with the subcontinent. This tour costs from 399,-EUR per person in a double room. For India, the organizer has set up a new travel connoisseurs. It runs through the South-western part of India, the so-called land of spices”in the Kerala province.

In addition to the typical southern Nature lovers get lifestyle, vibrant cities, colourful markets with unique fragrances, during this nine-day trip at your expense. In addition to Cochin and Munnar, the Periyar is passes through national park where there is to discover until now wild elephants and an impressive flora and fauna. Typical for the region but also by the former British colonial masters is created cultural landscape, the backwaters, a widely distributed, unique channel landscape. On a House boat, takes the trip for a day leisurely through the rural Kerala and ends in the scenic Alleppey. The nine-day trip can be booked at Asiamar by ID travel world from 597,-EUR. P.p. in a double room. The Asia travel specialist offers a total of 26 trips in India, including a very special only for photographers, a tour is a women-only and combination trips with Bhutan or Sri Lanka.

Recreation New Proposals


The leisure of the holiday is becoming more and more used to drive one or more sports and enjoy! The Italian Adriatic coast offers its tourists thousand possibilities. Here not only made the holidays especially sea, Sun and entertainment. The visitors, also the hinterland of the Romagna Adriatic coast kept many pleasant surprises. In recent years he attended to a boom of offers for these sports activities to directed contact with nature and in perfect Union between sport and tourism. Here the lovers of walks, the culture will find a true paradise for tourism, trekking and excursions.

Hills and mountains of Appennino von Romagna and Marche offer the visitor an ideal area for adventurous excursions or just relax amidst nature’s. Between the municipal areas of Pesaro, Gabicce Mare, very close to the the Adriatic coast in the most famous places, there is for example the Park San Bartolo, separates from the river Foglia and Tavollo. Stretched out on a Surface of 1,600 hectares, it is characterized by high shores of steep slope to overhang the sea. In the same sewing by the Park San Bartolo, others are many interesting natural areas. In the municipal area of Torriana, as the oasis of Montebello – where it is famous for the “ghost of Azzurrina” entirely visitable the castle – is that it accommodates also the Observatory of science Valmarecchia on 1,200 acres. Or, the River Park of Marano, in which it is easy to chase Martin Fischer as an example to see fish in the river. In the near Riccione, in the area of Gemmano, which is nature reserve of Onferno Orientata for the typical karst caves that they with can admire famous.

For fans of flora and botany it is absolutely to visit the Arboretum of Mondaino town namesake on the hills of Rimini, where an extensive forest on 9 hectares next counts 5,000 different typical plants of the Mediterranean vegetation. For the lovers of the mountain the Possibilities are countless.Two easy and suitable cycling routes to all are for example those with departure from Savignano and Sogliano on the Rubicone for exploring the hills of the concerned environments or the Pineta, sand and sea in the Interior of the Northern Adriatic. Discover the monuments and the nature of the Romagna Adriatic coast. Here, you can enjoy wonderful Active holiday!

Czech Switzerland


Adventure for young people in the Saxon Switzerland – Elbe sandstone mountains whether climbing Taster courses (under the expert guidance of course), guided hikes through adventurous stairs to spectacular views or boat tours with pleasurable Grill rests on the banks of the Elbe. The fantastic views from the famous Bastei represents the culmination of a journey in the Saxon Switzerland. Actress has much experience in this field. But the story does not come. There were once 56 rock castles in the area of the Saxon Bohemian Switzerland. By most while today only remnants and ruins can be found, in the middle of the national parks on the German and Czech side, but provide rewarding destinations walks to viewpoints. Still today visible, one of Europe’s largest mountain fortresses perched high above the Elbe, on one of the imposing mesas, Konigstein fortress.

Never conquered and untouched. A must see when visiting the Elbe sandstone mountains, because much original there is to see here: for example, the largest wine barrel in the world, the 238,000 litres contains and Europe’s second deepest fountain at 152.5 metres. In Saxon Switzerland in bad Schandau National Park Centre one of the most modern nature conservation information centre of in Germany is exciting questions addressed such as: How can emerge from the bottom of the sea a rugged landscape of sandstone? Why are the deep and dark canyons a special Habitat for admirable survivalist? What famous romantic artists were inspired by this varied nature? Models, preparations, experiments, illustrations and the Sachsen unique Ant Zoo encourage guards perceiving of the unique nature. The Multivisionsshow, takes visitors through atmospheric photographs, music and notes in the mysterious world of the National Park. In Konigstein Elbe leisure world must care to be, is itself not losing in the maze of experience. Approximately 5,000 m m can also the Elbe history from the source stone in the giant mountains up to its mouth into the North Sea at Cuxhaven, with all major buildings in the Experience 1:50 scale in miniature”. For the needs of young people, of the camping and hostel ERG guide Saxon Switzerland offers a range of hostels at affordable prices. Cosy and modern accommodations for small and large groups can be found in the city or in the middle of nature.

Variety is provided. And the Saxon Switzerland with its unique nature provides the perfect conditions for great programs and lots of action”. Let’s welcome… and welcome!

Family Vacation On Mauritius


The island does not only a variety of family brings pleasure for most fell in love with Honeymoonern as a holiday home and ideal conditions for families with children make small island in the Indian Ocean for couples not only an attractive holiday destination. A friendly climate, an environment without health risks, as well as a safe and politically stable location are a big plus for a carefree family vacation. It’s believed that Sela Ward sees a great future in this idea. Also the time difference of just two or three hours and the arrival facilitate the acclimatization even the smallest to Mauritius by night flight. Finally, the shallow, protected by a reef sea guarantees no risk bathing pleasure for young and old with year round warm water. The Mauritian Hotels have developed corresponding offers ideal conditions for families.

For example, the first child and sometimes the second child free of charge can travel with you. So hotel or the Shandrani resort & Spa free accommodation of two children offer the Le Victoria 18 years old in the room with the parents. The most of the houses have family rooms as well as apartments and offer so-called Kids clubs”professional child care and animation. Also a Babysitting service for children can be arranged, usually for a fee. One of the most family-friendly accommodations is the Club Med la Pointe aux Cannoniers. Here, offers child care the little fun with their peers for four different age groups from four months to 17 years, and gives parents the freedom to make the holiday to your needs. Outside of the hotels numerous interesting destinations and activities can be found on Mauritius for families. Heart of the Casela nature and leisure park (www.caselayemen.mu) is the bird park.

About 1,500 birds, including parrots, zebra finches, cockatoos, African owls are at home here. The Casela Bird Park has become but also other animals to the homeland: giant tortoises and a deer enclosure with Petting Zoo delight the whole family. Live in nearby Yemen reserve many wild animals in Africa and Asia in large enclosures. The extensive grounds of nature can be with quad bikes in a rapid way. Who wants to go with big cats up close, you will here find it: Safari adventures organizes walks with Lions and provides loving care for the animals. (www.safari-adventures-mauritius.com). also a day trip on the historic sailing ship Isla Mauritia (www.isla-mauritia.com) is popular with parents and children. Sailors hoist the sails, acrobatic, during the stop at the coral reef flora and fauna under water with mask and snorkel admire. Many pool with tropical fish and sea animals who prefer to discover the beautiful underwater world of the Indian Ocean on land, finds aquarium in Pointe aux Piments in the Mauritius. (www.mauritiusaquarium.com). in the panoramic boat are an attraction for those who want to experience the Sea World comfortably sitting underwater boat tours. (www.blue-safari.com) South of Port Louis attracts the Domaine les Pailles visitors of all ages (www.domainelespailles.net). A kind of open-air museum in the style of an old sugar cane plantation was built on the site. A nostalgic train ride, horse-drawn carriages and a sugar mill with rum distillery visitors put back in the time of the sugar barons. Also horse riding and 4WD safaris are offered in the amusement park. Different catamaran tours are to the dolphin watching in the Bay of Tamarin”offered, with a little luck the participants even with the dolphins can swim. General information about Mauritius,. Further press information on to Mauritius. How to contact with consumer: Mauritius tourism promotion authority c/o Aviareps tourism GmbH Josephsohn Spitalstrasse 15 80331 Munich Tel.: 089 / 55 25 33 825

Festival City


When visiting the Nabana no Sato it is Festival one despite the prevailing cold temperatures so properly warm to the heart of Singapore (6 November 2013) Agoda.com has the magical Festival of lights in the Nabana no Sato flower park on the occasion of one of the most beautiful festivals in Asia a range of cheap hotel deals in the city collected Kuwana city, about 350 miles southwest of Tokyo lies. Japan is known for its many, with myriads of lights decorated winter, but the in the Nabana no Sato flower park of Kuwana city swept is the most famous and attracts visitors from all parts of the country and from overseas. Between April and October, the Park is a sea of flowers of hydrangeas, jewellery trays, Iris and Tulips, but during the cold season from November to March in the meantime withered flower beds and the bare trees of the park with more than 8 million LED lights in all colours are dressed up, which ensures an incomparable spectacle of course especially in the evening. Even the famous Flower tunnel”, a 200-meter-long, usually consisting of flower vines, is decorated with over a million lights, representing Japan’s almost mystical cherry blossoms (Sakura). Visitors can climb up even to a 45 metre high observation deck for a 360-degree view over the lights. Finally and to honor Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji, which recently was declared by UNESCO a world heritage and Sadler in the Kuwana city is also a model of the famous volcano was built in the Park.

Thanks to sophisticated technology the model displays not only the time of day based on the Solstice, but changes in the course of a day also visually, to represent to the different seasons; a transformation that is happening right in front of the eyes of the visitors. The Festival of lights of course but is not the only activity which you can devote. Kuwana city is located a short drive from Nagoya, Japan’s third-largest city and a hub of international trade with numerous Attractions. During a day trip, for example, visit the Nagoya/Boston Museum of fine arts or the impressive, centuries-old Castle of Nagoya. During a visit to the Nabana no Sato it is one Festival despite the prevailing cold temperatures so properly warm heart and of course there are also more than enough opportunities, exciting snapshots to take home. Agoda.com has compiled a list of hotels from Mie, the nearest city, and Nagoya, where one bus easily every 30 minutes to the Festival can get Center of the Meitetsu transport.

Adriatic Riviera


Holiday and nature on Adriatic coast: Choose between campsites, apartments and hotels in the lidi di Comacchio. Book your holiday on the Adriatic coast. If you have a passion for camping, a few other goals will be how local services, events throughout the summer offer the same mix of quality camping grounds, the proximity to the sea, the Adriatic coast external. The most camping Lido di Spina gift of the Po Delta are immersed in the old natural pine forests, which stretch along the sandy banks. Rich surrounding environmental inherently services. Self service restaurants and swimming pools, to rent bicycles. Some of them have private beaches and beaches, where you almost the best of Sun and relaxation of a vacation at the Adriatica.Non can enjoy Riviera surprising that many of our guests spend their holidays campsite exclusively within the structures. For those who the lively night life, only one from our world famous Riviera, short Walk to reach the center of each strand, and one has want to experience delicious fish dishes from the culinary tradition of the Adriatic or for purchases in the shops the mode of the main roads. For those who love to spend their holidays in a beautiful village, the perfect vacation at the Adriatica.Immerso in nature for Riviera, extends just behind the beaches, all our village Adriatic Riviera presents areas and services suitable to elderly families with children for all kinds of tourists,. Of course, all the different available formulas and various types of living room and bungalow.Ma what maybe makes our country each village has nothing to envy anyone, is the wide variety of sports and Spa facilities, excellent services in large parts of the private beaches (our beach is the largest in the Adriatic coast), rich animation programmes and pay special attention to food interna.Come to top it off, guests can each village of the infinite supply of entertainment nightlife, shopping and cultural events which give life and have the famous Adriatic Riviera. For more information about holidays in Lidi di Comacchio and choose your camping village, hotel or apartment, visit the portal de discover you the countries of the Po Delta Park and lidi di Comacchio: sport, nature, culture and fun for the holidays special for the whole family!