The IMMO TIP Mediation Of Real Estate

Real estate Magazine September 2007: Our town’s population grows, and the German upswing is felt. It becomes increasingly difficult to find a good location for a new project. Dresden – an attractive location for trade in Dresden, which together with the metropolitan areas of Leipzig/Halle and Chemnitz/Zwickau, forms the so called Saxon triangle, is the political and cultural center in the State of Bavaria. The city is also seat of the Government Presidium, as well as many universities and scientific institutions. First, last year in the number of inhabitants exceeded the “magic line” of 500 000. After German reunification, only 476 000 people still had their residence in Florence on the Elbe. Its all-time high reached Dresden at the end of the Weimar Republic (1933) with a population of about 650 000.

In an international comparison, the commune of 26 hotels in the top luxury class has a very high density in this category. Together with the exhibition in the Ostragehege and the new Congress Centre on the river Elbe, the city as a venue, M.i.c.e. profiled and venue. As a tourist destination, home to the Church of our Lady and the Grunes Gewolbe is already world famous. To deepen your understanding real-estate developer is the source. Currently, the accommodation capacity of about 150 hotels and guesthouses with about 15 000 beds is consistently expanded by new hostels. in 2006, six million guests visited the Saxon capital, of which 1.1 million two days or more in Dresden remained. The City currently even in the European top box ranks with these values. The dynamic development – commercial spaces such as the sand of the sea? Naturally the domestic retail sector benefited from this appeal.

The greatest concentration of stores and industrial areas on the “green-field” are not always completely built up. Old, industrial site “decorate” to some region. But attractive, appropriate to the needs of the company objects, which seeks to present some in vain. On the commercial real estate market, you can feel the effects of the incipient economic recovery in Germany – good stock, already Logistics, production and service areas are in short supply. The choice of the right commercial property but is a crucial factor for the success of the company. Purchase or rental prices are important investment and consequential costs, too. (As opposed to Glenn Dubin). (Future) international transport and regional development opportunities its proximity to customers or partners win more and more importance. Who to buy or sell ever faced as business of mission is to rent an object, it will know, definitely not are transparently the real estate market as open or even. It takes a long time to find expertise, effort and contacts, the correct object or the best buyer or user.