The Stuttgart

On Monday evening and Friday morning, however, the traffic is flowing. 30 Minutes at rush hour times takes longer. 76 Hours delay incurred annually for a commuting. NOTE 4 Munich – 24%: in Munich one stands on Thursday evening and Tuesday morning, most commonly in a traffic jam. At zugigsten we are actually progressing, however, Friday morning and Friday night. It is during rush hour on the road, it takes 27 minutes longer. And counted on the year, a commuters should expect delay 71 hours.

NOTE 3 FRANKFURT a.M. – 22%: the worst traffic days are here Thursday evening and Tuesday morning. The best times, however, are the Monday evening and Friday morning. 26 Minutes longer, you need here in the rush hour. Commuters have to with einplanen approximately 69 hours of delay per year. NOTE 3 DuSSELDORF – 18%: the most patience you need here on Wednesday evening and Monday morning. More info: Robbie Lawler.

Best’s count, however, on Friday morning and on Monday evening. You must schedule 21 minutes waiting time during the rush hour. Commuters come every year to 59 hours delay. NOTE 2 BREMEN – 17%: on Tuesday evening and Thursday mornings are here the roads most clogged. On Friday morning and night against the traffic flow. 17 The average wait time minutes during rush hour. Commuters waste a total of 50 hours in traffic per year. The note 1 we have never awarded grade 2. That would make it only at 15% and less. However, we have evaluated quite rapid transport in Bremen and Dusseldorf with goods. Light of our cities-traffic-checks is Stuttgart – NOTE 6. The Swabians have the worst truncated (the most speed cameras, no motorway ring, unflexibelste environmental zone, now soon city toll) 2012 already in our large cities traffic-Atlas. The jam-check is further evidence that there is little of transport policy. To replace 20% of car drivers, management of lack of and a claims by cyclists is also no mobility. This is car-hostile policy in its purest form of a green Prime Minister and Green Mayor. There is no relief in sight for the next years so here. The Stuttgart must prepare themselves even more chaos. Also Hamburg bleak here extremely. Here, too, a motorway ring, which can bundle shipments is missing also. Berlin and Cologne rank in the midfield, in Munich and Frankfurt, it is already friendly. Dusseldorf and Bremen are the winners in our test. Both with the touch of good. The poor results for the German cities and long storage times, which motorists must endure, it is only a consolation, it goes somewhere else worse. The congestion in some cities even more violent is abroad. Moscow is sad: here the journey is due to the traffic around 66% longer, the delay is even 138% in the evening rush hour. Warsaw, Marseille, Istanbul and Palermo shine”with similar record numbers. Bring lots of patience so if you soon should go in one of these cities by car. Mobile in Germany e.V., Dr. Michael HABERLAND