Travel With The Harley Davidson On Route 66

Special guest Wolfgang Fierek. The likeable actor and singer is even self-confessed motorcycle enthusiast like Reuther and will accompany the participants of the anniversary tour together with the founder of the company. “Motorcycling with friends in the group, is the most beautiful” enthuses Fierek in the video clip at and looking forward to an unforgettable trip. By sunset at Monument Valley to the waves of the Pacific Ocean in 16 days the legendary route over 6,000 miles and eleven States across the North American continent. Between Chicago and the Pacific numerous highlights of the superlative waiting for the riders, impressive landscapes and spectacles of nature change with a versatile range of sightseeing. Click San Antonio Spurs for additional related pages.

A VIP tour of the Harley Davidson Museum in the motorcycle world capital Milwaukee belongs to as well as the famous Caverns of Meramec – caves, where once outlaw Jesse James is hidden-, the petrified forest of the “petrified forest National Park”, Monument Valley, the desert areas New Mexico and Nevada, the second-largest dam in the world or the glamour cities of Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The professionals of the Reuthers motorcycle tours have the route 66 as one of their classics in the program for 13 years and have put together a perfect tour – including the best Cafes, restaurants and clubs along the famous “mother road”. There are video-impressions of the tour via video at to see. With Twitter and Facebook Reuthers follow and win the Grand Jubilee competition under Reuthers fans can win the anniversary tour at the equivalent of around 7,000 USD. Since April 2010 Reuthers world determined two winners, the prize is drawn among those in April 2012 of entertainment under their twitter followers and Facebook fans each month. Each monthly winner receives in addition valuable vouchers for Reuthers tours. Be easy under follower and join reuthers as a fan and all current messages received from Reuthers world of entertainment – and by the way with every month the Increase chances of winning.