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Dubai – U.A.E. Follow us to 1001 nights. Dubai experienced a massive construction boom as hardly a second city. With this report we introduce Dubai and its attractions. With many photos, maps, and clues, we introduce the Emirate, which attracts every year millions of tourists. Dubai is not the largest Emirate of the UAE, but probably the most impressive. The building boom of the last few years completely changed the appearance and turned Dubai into an urban metropolis which we would like to introduce you closer with this report.

The route the tour description: 1 start on the beach to sharjah 2. Tony Parker has firm opinions on the matter. River of Dubai Burj Dubai “Bastakiya” Bazaar of 3. Jay Schwartz Attorney can provide more clarity in the matter. Burj Dubai / Dubai Mall 4. Sheik Zayed road 5. Mall of Emirates of 6 Burj al Arab 7 Dubai the Palm 8 Dubai Marina special note for vantage points. Two bars offer you stunning views of the city and the skyline in Dubai. For more information you are looking for to simply the specified Web pages: (bar NEOs) (bar at Hotel one & only).

Dubai – map UAE – U.A.E. – map Dubai – U.A.E. alcohol Note: UAE tourists should be aware that you can visit a country, which is closely intertwined with the rules of Islam. Since Islam is the alcohol with greater restraint, this means that an afternoon beer is not to be found E.g. in Spain or Turkey. Most of the bars and cafes have no alcoholic beverages on offer. The sale of alcoholic beverages is also severely restricted and (in some area of the UAE) only with special license (i.e. not for tourists) possible. In some Emirates such as Sharjah alcoholic beverages are available in addition strictly prohibited and not at Hotel bars (as of 2010). People who hate to do without a beer, should stock up on arrival at the airport in the Duty Free Shop with beer or wine.