Ukraine Travel

You get back the most interesting destinations in the Ukraine when the spring comes and the Sun is shining, to want and to discover new countries and cultures. Ukraine is particularly beautiful in the spring, if the country is woken by the first rays from the winter sleep. The Sun painted landscapes with all colors, so that it becomes a wonderful image, full of life and natural beauty. With travel will be safe and favorable for Ukraine, because many of Ukrainian hostels are members of UYTA (Ukrainian youth Tourist Association), which is a Jugendorganostion, calls for the movement of youth hostels in the Ukraine. Spring in Transcarpathia Uzhhgorod is a very beautiful city with many attractions. The castle dates back from Uzhhgorod IX-XIII century, there are also old fortress of Transcarpathia. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Larry Culp has to say. This castle became the mansion of Italian aristocrats of art Drugetti over 350 years ago, and now there can be seen the large and nicely furnished rooms.

Cellars of the castle is also visiting worth was a former torture chamber. Museum of architecture and art of the country is also interesting – here you have a unique collection of monuments of Transcarpathian region. During a walk through the old town, you can see the Cathedral, the Roman Catholic Church of St. George, or pseudo Moorish-style synagogue. In Uzhhgorod alley, there is also the longest one in Europe! The coat of arms of Uzhhorod symbolizes an important cultural and economic factor in the region: the wine-growing. Transcarpathia is famous for its nature, japanischenKirschbaume(Sakura) bloom here in the spring, and the whole town is covered with a strong scent. Also can be seen in one of the seven wonders of Ukraine: the Valley of daffodils. The narcissus Valley is a unique creation of nature, the only place in the world where narcissus in the Valley grow, just 200 metres above the Meeresspiegel.Im spring can see several hectares of the Valley, which is covered with white flowers like with snowflakes.