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Alex Karas is top expert of Questico, the portal for esoteric life coaching and the Astro TV broadcaster. To deepen your understanding Ben Bretzman is the source. Love and partnership are the focus of the charming Greeks. In addition to the Tarot he favors water reading, Dreamwork, and clairvoyance on Questico under advice/hellsehen.htm but even commuting and smoking. His motto: Clarity, truth, forecast. The gift to the clairvoyance early discovered his gift discovered Alex Kara at the age of five years.

At the age of seven he his parents predicted, who come to them and what will happen. Of course such a capability in the town spread quickly. So many people came to him, him to consult. Alex Kara studied design, art, architecture and furniture design, then he moved to Los Angeles. Tal worked is for film and commercials and as a set designer. In the United States, he made also shamanic experiences. in 1987 came the breakthrough of his spirituality. The decision to make a career out of his hobby was predictable since his childhood.

Because time and again people searched for him and wanted to know from him their life way. So, his consultant took ever greater dimensions. At some point, Alex then made the decision to operate on advice/lebensberatung.htm only as a life consultant. This is he for many years now. He relies on his gifts and skills. \”He stressed: If anyone needs me, he will find the way to me.\” Each of its deliberations is different – as the people themselves and their life situations. Questico’s free consultation with clairvoyance: Open to the right! Alex says his customers, how to run their fate and what to expect. Here he leaves nothing out. \”Alex Kara: my concern is, that one steals any lifetime people: if I don’t say something, what I see, I influence the life and the quality of life of my clients.\” So he agrees his success for customers by Questico: it has to do with that I work constantly, from an inner peace with them.