Work Safety

Safety glasses can be used not only in the professional private protective eyewear with great features come up. The eyes are the most important organ for us. Because finally we need to watch and if possible throughout our lives. Therefore, the health of the eyes should play an important role. Everyone who must carry a visual aid, knows how indispensable glasses or contact lenses are, if you want to have a full clear view.

Many people who are dependent on no blowup, neglect protecting their eyes, even in dangerous situations at work or during leisure time. Eye protection in many situations at work is a must, because the external influences can do irreparable damage to the eyesight. This can happen very quickly, for example, by around flying particles, but also slowly, due to a lack of UV protection. Choosing the right safety glasses when choosing a safety glasses, care should be taken on a few key points. There own for the different safety glasses Standards.

It comply with all goggles but the requirements of the European standard EN 166. More standards are among other things the en 169, that filter speaks for a welder, EN 172 for Sun protection, or the standard EN 207 for laser safety glasses. Various shades of the disk can affect also differently. For example, is a blue tinted goggles very pleasant on the eye and is comfortable to wear all day so. On the other hand, you should know where and under what circumstances the goggles should be used. If you are working, for example, in the open air, with sunlight a tinted is recommended smoke goggles. Further, it is also important that the glasses has a light weight that has a low expressiveness and no image distortion, also should no color changes occur (especially in signal colours) and that fogged not the discs. A non-scratch coating makes the lens impervious to flying particles, and hard surfaces and resulting scratches on the surface. Also the glasses should be perfectly on the nose, as it can otherwise slip down and this leads to problems at work. Also wearing a glasses tape can have advantages, because the glasses are protected from falling down, will insert not dropping the or in the bag, which can lead to scratches, claims, not to mention, the glasses are always at your fingertips. Many safety glasses with padded or also adjustable straps are provided for a higher comfort. Goggles often have the reputation of being fashionable. Many well-known manufacturers for example UVEX or Venitex counter and present goggles that points not only for the protection and functionality, but also in the design.