Yuri Candy

With such parents it is hard not to learn two things – to shoot a gun and go on a string. Both she performs brilliantly. According to the stories of parents, to train future ligament MALINA start she was barely three months. 'Oral, so that the flat cracked glass on the windows' – laughs the singer. 'I was very mobile and Yuri girl. In a year and eight months, I fell into a bowl with boiling water.

The result – seven anesthesia, three plastic surgery. " Parents have suffered enough, with a child wandering from town to town, from hospital to hospital. In general, the fate of a child experiencing its strength. Maybe that's why from an early age and she was self-will, independence and multi-talented. For example, in two years on a Christmas tree on the proffered candy Santa Claus has responded as follows: "I do not eat these!" Resolutely put his hand in bag with gifts and chose a piece of candy itself. Still remembers how to overcome your fears and phobias. 'Until the third grade I was afraid of scary to swim – said MALINA, – but once had the courage and bultyhnulas into the pool.

It's nothing that I almost petered out, but she learned to swim. Went to the pool every day and practiced. " In life, everyone involved in a row – gymnastics, singing, dance, swimming. In the second class has so mastered the parallel bars, horizontal bar and timber that could compete with the boys.