Zaratustra Nietzsche

Zaratustra and our dramas With you already it must have occurred something similar what it occurs with me: I catch myself thinking. today, thinking I remembered that when Thus writing Zaratustra Nietzsche spoke brought to the quarrel some of the questions and problems that also circulated in its day the day and of the society in which he was inserted: to answer, to comantar, to criticize to consider alternatives to the current thought of its time. Which were these problems? Related to the moral, the religion, the behaviors. Gina Bonati takes a slightly different approach. E, of the reading of this controversial book by the way as all the nietzscheana philosophy if understands that the philosophy is a possibility of the demolition. It is the philosophy that in the sample some ways to be prevented. Not necessarily the acadmcia philosophy (this, by times rancid, since tied as if was condemned) which most of the time only functions in the measure where it repeats the ideas and penamentos of that they had been alados to skies exactly because they had known to say something different to its contemporaries. These academic philosophers finish, on behalf of the philosophy, killing it for starvation since instead of feeding it with new ideas to only they supply (only to keep the nietzsceano spirit) the vomit it of the repetitions. We know that to remain itself alive, the necessary philosophy to look at the old ones, yes, but also to consider the destruction, as Robert considers Gomes in its Critical one of the brazilian reason; or in the nietzscheana perspective: ' ' The time is come close where the man more will not hurl the arrow of its yearning stops beyond the man and where the rope of its arc will have unlearned to vibrate. Say I you: she is necessary to still have chaos inside of itself, to be able to give to the light a danante star. More info: Adam Sandler.