The Entertainment STaff


Showing many young people today the Many rights they have together. And always in our belief that Estadoa “as a major protector of our lives “should give all these welfarism: no further. Nuestrasa primary needs, and especially the entertainment staff, we have to get them through our own efforts. The state can and should small award financial aid, but nothing more. (What I could do Estadoa “their politicians, concretamentea ” is very simple and basic: get off their salaries, which are extremely high, and, of course, try to be honest and honest to the people “we have cast our votes ” for good purpose.) Although we all know that a blame huerfanaa was born, no doubt, rulers, and in a way, are guilty of our delusions of grandeur.

We instilled in our minds the usual a I have derechoa or a we derechoa , since in their election campaigns are dedicated to provide a the gold and Moor to potential voters. We offer all sorts of perks and future financial contributions, which later become white lies dormant in oblivion or the dawn of time, and after voting. But the Spanish democratic system has sometimes fallado.Prueba of the above it was the Grupos_Antiterroristas_de_Liberacion (GAL), having participated in the decision a Diario 16? and a The Mundoo . Melchor Miralles and journalists were working Ricardo Arques researchers who discovered the dangerous professional act carried out by a Grupos Anti-Terrorist Liberation .

The Literary


The answers had been varied, where each citizen answered two atosque executes in classroom. Citizen 1, looks for to say a little doenredo of the workmanship and makes some questions after the reading. interessante, this determination that citizen 1 possesss, in the possibility of the production of different meanings in virtudede a deliberated work, that creates the paradiferentes convergences of the text receptive disposals. In sight of this, is to precisoconsiderar the cultural luggage that each reader possesss, thus comovarias experiences that go to consider different interpretations. Citizen 2, looks for to show that literature possesss one ligaocom the history of the humanity. Cndido (2002, P.

77), says the funohumanizadora of literature, that is, on the capacity that it temde to confirm the humanity of the man. Confirma in the measure in quemostra histories based on the humanity. One another reply of it, o fact to ask for that the pupils write texts portraying suashistrias, that they will always have a little of imagination. As afirmCndido (2002, P. 81): Table 4 – Which the biggest difficulty that you find to paratrabalhar with the literary texts? Difficulties for literary trabalhartextos Suj The lack of taste for reading 1 50 the lack of time for you argue readings In accordance with the dosalunos lack of understanding when reading 50 literary texts 2 TOTAL 2 100 table 4, the encontradaspelos difficulties professors to if working the literary texts, are many, mainly related the pupils, who are pointed comculpados for almost all the problems. Citizen 1, considers comouma of the difficulties, the lack of the taste for the reading, that is a casopreocupante not only related to the literary texts, but to todasas you discipline Martins (2006, P. 95) regarding the taste pelaleitura says that: Ratificamos to be necessary to diversify asatividades directed to the reading, to stimulate the pupil to read without, necessarily, being evaluated, leaving to feel itself it exempts in escolhade its proper texts.