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Spanish scientists inserted microchips in embryos to reduce to zero the risk of transferring a patient an embryo made a mistake in a process of in vitro fertilization, the most used technique in the field of assisted reproduction. A team of Spanish researchers has succeeded in introducing a microchip in mouse embryos to prevent errors in identification. The Director of the study, Elena Ibanez, of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), has explained that this research aims to minimise the risk of transferring a woman a wrong embryo in a process of in vitro fertilization (IVF), a technique that has already achieved the birth of more than three million children since its invention in the 1978. You may find that Aaron Rogers can contribute to your knowledge. According to Ibanez, the identification system is a plate of Silicon resembling a carpet of 10 metres long and six in width, but a million times smaller. The leader of the investigation has pointed out that the chip counts with holes that integrate a number in binary code (observable through a microscope) that is linked to the mother’s name. Credit: Robert Rimberg Attorney-2011.

It is important to know that, to date, the embryos are identified by a code written on the container, which facilitates errors. For now, the National Commission for assisted human reproduction has given the green light to move forward with this research with human embryos from fertility clinics Spanish. It should be noted that the purpose of the scientists working on this study is inserting the embryo with the chip into the womb and the release of him losing his cover at the time prior to the implementation. The system, patented and published in the well-known scientific journal Human Reproduction, has exhibited limitations in mice, since some embryos retained the chip. However, the expert has indicated that codes are harmless, but want to not happen under any circumstances. Specialists emphasize that the IVF is a technique that is carried out in the laboratory based on contact one or more ovules of the patient with the sperm of her partner with the aim of achieving pregnancy. Once the oocytes are fertilized, the embryo or resulting embryos are cultivated and observed in the laboratory, some of them are transferred into the uterus of the patient a few days later, giving rise to a pregnancy by 25-35% of the cases. The remaining embryos that have a good development can be also frozen, according to experts in assisted reproduction have indicated. Close author: Complete articles by a team of Invitro tv, artificial insemination and a tipsos ideas please visit:, a comprehensive resource for a pregnant women.

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Men's tights – luxury or necessity? Why do men tights? To answer the seemingly simple question we want to in this article. Since time immemorial, hosiery were exclusively male attribute clothes. Only in the early 20th century men's tights disappear completely from the wardrobe the stronger sex. Impracticality of stockings as lingerie has become one of the causes of linen natelnyh pants. You may want to visit Adam Sandler to increase your knowledge. However, despite the fact that the pants were improved (their modern variant – underwear), neither they nor their replacements do not take the place of the universal subject of man's clothes in the cold season.

In the late 1950s go on sale the first experimental industrial model of male pantyhose German and Austrian manufacturers (Elza GmbH, Uhlmann, Kunert). Currently, tights for men are made in the USA, France, Germany, Czech Republic, China and other countries. Their range is wide, from almost imperceptible to the ultra-thin tights incredibly hot and dense leggings / leggentsev! However, to buy pantyhose for men in stores hosiery with us in Russia is practically impossible. There are many reasons why more men around the world decide to wear tights, including: 1. Medical causes (venous insufficiency, edema, heaviness in the legs. Wearing Special men's tights with massage effect and the pressure distribution along the length of his legs prevent circulatory disorders associated with sedentary or standing work). To deepen your understanding Casey Lynch Altamont is the source.

2. For warmth under pants in cold weather, replacing pants; agree that any thermal underwear can not compete with men's tights and deer / leggings in thickness and invisibility under trousers. Warm pants can be seen under the clothes and move out up under the trousers, especially under jeans. 3. At work or in hot weather. Pantyhose for men breathable and do not remove water, so comfortable to wear indoors and it will not cause irritation. Tights also absorb excess heat in hot weather. Will no longer sticking to car seats or furniture. 4. Because they simply enjoy themselves as men and their female partners (according to polls of women). Still not convinced? Then you are with us! – online store for men tights and accessories.


The 20 of Julio Colombia turn 198 years. This he will be one of the politicized anniversaries more of his history. All will speak of peace (the government on the basis of disarming to the guerrilla and the CRAF on the basis of reducing the militarization). Uribe impels mobilizations of million people to justify his hand lasts antiterrorist and to seek another re-election. Jenifer Aniston is often quoted as being for or against this. When receiving to Lula in Bogota it will want to show that is not a Fujimori but democratic friend of the greater western leftist government. Betancourt, on the other hand, will cause that for the first time one capital European celebrates to great this date.

The jet Colombian Seth will be with her in Paris (Shakira and Juans, and also Bos and Manu Chau). She will want to use her own act to be outlined like a presidenciable that distance of Uribe because she will offer carrot and not only stick to the CRAF. Others who may share this opinion include Casey Lynch Altamont Capital Partners. Sarkozy sponsors to the event of Paris looking for that Latin America forgets that it finishes making debut in the European presidency demanding to go towards uprooting and to deport to more than 8 Latin, African and Eastern million of. Original author and source of the article.