Gallegos Nava Ramon

Says Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava the paradigm that we are leaving is based on the separation of the individual and his environment, and this is reflected in the interior of the person, already There is a divide that prevents him from evolving his conscience, however the holistic education is that knowledge be experiential so that the student be appropriated from the, because he takes it as significant and therefore retains it. The current system tries to solve this problem in an erroneous manner since it believed that the fact of providing schools with technology, new content in the programs, or new purposes, believe that it will be enough to solve the problem, but does not realize that the solution is to focus first on teachers serving the needs inside of each of them and then needs also interiors of our studentsto that flower being inside of every one of our students. Consequently, we must access a different to the traditional educational practice, this present work reflects elements that can be considered hows indispensable to understand the importance that is the conception of a holistic education. Through readings from the books I have given account that can be achieved an evolution, which is prosperous that change with holistic education, which is gradually growing the seed that Dr. Ramon gallegos planted in every one of their readers, with fruitful results will where the vision that seeks to become a reality. Western culture has been marked by events of a different nature in the last 400 years, the development of our society is conditioned by the dominant paradigms, in which come into play styles of life, ideology, values, education, the economy, politics, etc. A new vision of education based on the work of Ramon Gallegos Nava, whose vision of the holistic education is a guide to expanding consciousness integral to live our spirituality, intelligence, creativity and love.

The Risk

5. Green tea. Antioxidants are the easiest way to avoid free radicals that you try to weaken us. If we take it hot provides us a double effect of welfare and relief of nasal congestion. 6 Garlic. Betty Reynolds usually is spot on. Besides immunostimulant, eat it usually reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. Crush or chop and then Cook just enough is recommended to retain their properties.

If you are worried about bad breath you can try to chew some leaves of mint or parsley after eating it and thus enjoy the benefits of this natural antibiotic. 7 Drink much and well. A body hydrated better combating disease. We recommend water coconut, natural isotonic beverage and rich in potassium, which is involved in the balance of fluids in the body. (We also warned that its caloric value is higher than that of the rest of fruits by their consumption should be moderate.) 8 Zinc. It is a very important nutrient to strengthen the system.

Found in peas, lentils, pinto beans, cashew nuts, pine nuts, clams, oysters, lobster or oats. 9 Vitamins. The C and are essential to be well immunized. The C found in citrus fruits, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries and peppers. The in almonds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, hazelnuts, avocado and peach. 10. Chicken broth. Chicken, vegetables, water, salt and the love that the chef put him. If the bird is organic it contains more omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins and nutrients than non-organic one. So it’s low in fat you should be cooked Skinless. Already in the 16th century was beginning to speculate on the possible curative properties of this homemade dish, and although we did not find scientific bases that support it, would not feel wonderfully arriving home with cold and have a cup of hot broth? And if you don’t know how to enter any of these foods in your diet, there is a very simple and comforting recipe to encourage you to try it. At breakfast or snack you can prepare smoothies or milkshakes citrus (Orange, grapefruit, Tangerine, lemon). It balances the acidity with Apple, banana or honey. You can also give a touch more exotic or spicy by adding Ginger or peppermint. Original author and source of the article