Innovative Dispensing Solutions

Increase process reliability costs first ViscoTec PUMPEN – u. Dosiertechnik GmbH as an exhibitor on the PVSEC was in Hamburg, Germany from September 5 to 8 represented. The EU PVSEC is known as the world’s leading platform for the exchange between science, industry and the global PV solar markets. Focusing on pure photovoltaic the trade fair was an ideal communication platform for ViscoTec, specifically present the modules dosing and conveying solutions for the needs of the production of solar. For all the production steps, adhesives and sealants, as well as metal pastes must be processed where, ViscoTec offers appropriate dispensing solutions. With this system can significantly increase the process safety both at the same time, the costs are so ultimately a significant increase of production efficiency. For the production of silicon wafers, the bricks on plates must be bonded, to allow fine cutting. 2K-Klebstoffe are predominantly used for this purpose, the absolutely free of Air inclusions must be applied.

With the draining systems of ViscoMT series, the inline degassing ViscoTreat inline as well as the 2K-System ViscoDuo V ViscoTec for this production step a complete system to provide that an air bubble-free product feed as well as a mixed always exactly 2 K guaranteed adhesive. The Metallization of wafers with aluminium and silver paste is made with printing facilities. These must be continuously supplied with the abrasive and viscous paste. Especially for the small doses used here mostly, ViscoTec offers a version designed specially for this jerk screeners of the draining system ViscoMT-D, which can be easily integrated as a supply unit in the control systems. Because the PV modules are exposed to extreme weather conditions and thus must meet highest quality demands are perfect dosing results in production in direct relation to the long-term success of the manufacturer. For the gluing of the Predominantly 2-component adhesives and potting compounds used engine parts, as well as the encapsulation of junction boxes. Special material properties such as high viscosity and filler components make high demands on the metering technology. The endless piston technology of ViscoTec dosing pumps designed for these requirements.

With ViscoTec metering systems which can easily be integrated in a wide range of plants, thus high-quality bonds and casts be ensured in automated production processes. ViscoTec company headquartered in Toging a. Inn in Bavaria engaged in equipment, to promote, dosing, applying, filling and removal of medium until needed high-viscosity media. ViscoTec was founded in 1997 and developed from the earlier pumps Division of Resch Maschinenbau GmbH. Over 60 people today rely on an over 20-year know-how and manufacture sophisticated solutions for the global market.

Stress Management With Video Course

As you will be able to live stress without stress management course RELAX NOW! Why most people fight against stress, without this experience real freedom of stress, while others actually manages a small group of people to achieve inner peace, more serenity, and better quality of life thanks to the successful stress management? Could it perhaps be that the small group of people know something is unknown to a majority of the stressed? “It is also possible that there is a certain tools” in response to stress are found not so easy in books, on the Internet or in conversations? During my training as stress coach I was wondering again why there are people who make it easy to get your stress under control. The majority of the people but not, even though she’re the same tools stress management had applied. Perhaps it is in the genes of a family history or simply just random., that it is at a few Working people right off the bat? Today, after some years as stress coach on the white area of stress management I, that it not the inability or the special circumstances that are many fail, but rather the absence of a precise and sophisticated plan! It is not sufficient to go a little jogging, only the weekend to relax or to dedicate his hobby in our hectic period. I thought about a long time me, what I could offer to help the stressed people. Courses and seminars are one, but long ago not all stakeholders have the opportunity to prove such events. And that will come out this success plan I RELAX NOW! found and people always are to take notice.

Here I placed for me for me about crucial question: How can I reach maximum results in as simple and concise instructions for tackling stress in the shortest possible time? The eleven videos for the coping with stress by RELAXING NOW! will clearly show you up like Stress is what you must be careful in the future and how the problem forever finally managed in the world can. Let me say the following: stress management can successfully be applied by anyone. Not for nothing are used for some time”even the concept of stress regulation. So regulate the stress”. I’m talking like to stress balance. So by the balance of good and bad stress. Basically gives you RELAX NOW! the tools, with which you can regulate your stress positive. And the 11 videos show you what tools you use, control and influence, in simple and short step for step instructions. Yes, I want no more stress! I’m sure if you the videos by RELAX NOW! as it were internalized”have and repeatedly study the exciting and entertaining video training, if you have detected the subtle tools of body, mind and emotions, and after notice to the first positive results (also the reactions of the) Fellow!)u0085 then you’ll wonder why I not previously started to fight back successfully against the harmful stress. Now watch this video: Easy/RNProSalespage/RNProA.html zt (click here) Hanspeter Roth

London Low

The cow cost car hire is growing, whether it is for business or personal reasons, all often need to travel. However, lately the trips have become increasingly more expensive and saving is essential. To save money on a trip can take several measures, as e.g. opt for low-cost airlines or companies who choose to rent a car low cost. Cheap rental cars: tips and tricks to assist in this task, this article offers five essential tips for a fantastic trip at a very affordable price. Therefore you won’t have to spend much money for your business or your family.

1 Choose low cost airline if you want to fly, always choose low cost airlines. If you don’t have knowledge, these companies designated by the low-cost, there are companies who practice at much lower prices than those generally, and allow you to save enough money. If you opt for this type of overhead lines in mind that short flights often are not included meals and that the conditions in which the flies cannot be so satisfying as other companies. 2 Choose the companies that make car hire low cost. Compare prices! Although it continues to grow in Portugal, low cost rental car is a practice widespread abroad and can save you lots of money if you need a car to move. This option can be even cheaper than if he chose another means of transport. 3. Plan your trip planning a trip can be crucial if you want to save money or have a limited budget.

When planning the journey must take into account all changes that will make this airline will choose and even that amount can pass through food. Bearing in mind all these details, surely you will save much money because you can compare the prices in advance. 4 Leverage promotions many airlines tend to release very tempting offers. This way you can buy a flight for a very low price. There are airlines that arrive to sell trips to London for only 22, a price noticeably cheaper than practice common. 5 Buy tickets in advance of travel as you know, air travel prices may vary according to the moment in which you bought the ticket. Sooner you buy the ticket, best, because the price is incredibly cheap. In conclusion, it is very easy to make a trip at an affordable price, especially when using a service of low cost, such as low-cost rental cars or buy low-cost air transport. I think the most important advice given in this article was the advance planning of the trip, because this way you can control spending and the budget that have need for the trip. We hope that you can now do a great trip at a very tempting price!

Automotive Future 2030

Mobility scenarios in the 2030 time horizon the critical thinking in automotive development are on the other hand characterized in essence by the availability of fossil resources and thus, the costs for certain transport services on the one hand and global environmental issues (CO2 and emissions). In the future, it is necessary to make the development as an interdisciplinary E.g. at the E-vehicle through integration of utilities and municipalities. How can the interests and values of the individual and collective mobility harmonize. Related Group may not feel the same. The automotive industry of the future has to take account of these premises. “Apart from the question, how long we will drive with fossil fuels, is to question whether it is just a technology of the future” type or multiple different with different global priorities in the vehicle fleet.

In addition to the legal framework and taxation models incentives could, such as market support in France or California, and accelerate. Mobility and prosperity depend on closely together. The number of journeys per day, suggests the development of a national economy and population. To secure prosperity and raising the qualities of the site, the mobility of the future must learn a conscious design. The study estimate future global automotive mobility scenarios in the 2030 time horizon “looks at all aspects of the future developments and provides facts about developments, trends, and forecasts of new transport concepts, as well as drive technology in the various economic regions of the world.

Germany Competition

A competition for a generational coexistence the Hamburg Club way out of the loneliness of e.V.(Wade) starts with the competition discovered experience explorers 2013 “in the 2.Runde. The European year for active ageing and intergenerational solidarity and dedication of Maxi Arland for our Club and for the SOS Children’s village was decisive to initiate the competition. Connect with other leaders such as Tony Parker here. A contest for generations with the competition experience discovered discoverer”2013 Wade calls, to develop ideas and to realize sustainable and positively influenced the solidarity between of the generations by a generational togetherness. Older people often feel lonely and underutilized. Children, grandchildren and relatives live far away or have little time to take care of the family. Many seniors have time and experience that want to pass them, they have simply no opportunities to do so also. Children and young people have often a few older relatives in the immediate vicinity and Thus, no contacts with the old”generation. By missing positive experiences with the older generation, hardly understanding can grow at a young age, so, already.

Also, contacts that you can have time and pass on experience are often lacking. This situation is to change it, because children and young people to go without any reservations on the older generation. You learn with enthusiasm by the experiences and enjoy the gifts active time. Here our competition should apply what sustainable and future-oriented ideas are developed today or have already been implemented? Which projects can have as a role model to emulate both generations to bring together and to generate activities understanding and close together? These are the central questions of competition. We call on institutions, clubs and communities from the seniors and the children and youth sector in whole Germany to apply with new, creative, active, regular and sustainable, common with a projects or ideas Activities to bring about a better understanding between the young and old generation.

Annual Horoscope

Also on the Holy three kings, Questico consultants offer views in 2008. The Sternendeuter from the Orient are worldwide as Epiphany on 6 January\”(literally of Epiphany\”) celebrated. In Germany every child as the Magi knows you\”. This date is a special not only for astrologers and psychics and astrologers by Questico consulting/astrologen.htm. Other leaders such as Tony Parker offer similar insights. The experts also advise consulting/Tarot reader and wahrsagen.htm on in clairvoyance, Tarot and fortune telling on Questico and gladly take the Epiphany as the occasion for a look into the future. At the beginning of the year are particularly popular market leader for esoteric life advice on advice/jahreshoroskope.htm yearly Horoscopes by Questico. In a personal conversation can via advice by Questico a specialized experts, for example, under guidance/aszendent.htm the ascendant analyzed, a personal love horoscope on consulting/liebeshoroskop.htm or also a Chinese horoscope under guidance/Chinese horoskop.htm be created.

For the views of the events of the coming 12 months, experts in each discipline can be found on the portal by Questico the initial consultation is free. Eva Andersson-Dubin gathered all the information. A year horoscope can be a valuable guide for 365 days and a useful Advisor in all walks of life. One more reason to contact who lovingly and serious deal in an insightful interview with the personal year horoscope and the ascendant in the creation of a personal horoscope of the year only to experienced professionals. These professionals can be found at Questico. The preview horoscope 2008 describes an astrological forecast for the next 12 months in terms of love, career, and other areas. You can learn how to recognize their personal potential and fulfil. The horoscope is based on the customer exactly for each Questico or customers personally calculated transits. Referred to as transits to the transitions of the slower running planets of the planetary positions in the respective birth horoscope. So a sensitive Questico advice relationship advice/beziehung.htm, partnership, and love can be found.

Weblin Reaches One Million Users

International growth is global trend to avatars and virtual worlds Hamburg, September 9, 2008 weblin, the social software of the Hamburg company zweitgeist, has now reached the magic mark of one million users and thus enjoys great popularity. The monthly increase in the number of users has now arrived on a six-figure base and continues to grow. Weblin users are very active, they surf, chat or flirting each month over 30 hours on different Web pages. The most popular Web sites for Zweitgeister are currently social networks such as facebook, friendster, hi5, orkut, yahoo and the video platform YouTube. In addition to the chat function, especially the feature is drinking”used to express sympathy to another weblin.

Furthermore gifts count, whether collected or distributed, the most sought after features. The weblin-favorite animations are running, waving and dancing. Most Europeans are weblins, 50 percent of all Web-based avatars come from countries like Germany, France, Italy or Spain. Also in the United States, weblin is becoming more popular and recorded a strong increase of up to 250 percent per month. At Sally Rooney you will find additional information. This international success due to the fact that the Zweitgeister are the first form of interactive communication this way and that for over a year. The experience of the team and the positive feedback in the media, including led 250 weblin globally among the winners of the AO.

Global 250 the AO each year appoint the best and largest companies in the media and communications industry. Ralf Baumann, head of the T-Online Portal and Chairman of zweitgeist GmbH congratulates the Hamburg starting line-up team: “is impressive, what strong development weblin in terms of user growth has succeeded.” We must not forget, users have installed an application that requires more trust than just a website to join. I am very pleased that we have an international innovation driver with weblin from Germany again and wish further everything good. the team”weblin is a technology Zweitgeist GmbH and allows for innovative forms of communication. Each user becomes visible through a virtual Alter Ego, his weblin avatar on the currently visited Web site and can see other visitors to the Web site, which reside at the same time. Weblin is the simplest yet to experience the Web as a virtual world. One click is enough to start a conversation with another avatar. weblin works on all Web pages, also on MySpace, MSN, Google, eBay, and who knows and thus brings together people with the same preferences, interests, and needs. weblin is a completely user-driven product that provides the power of free of speech in the Internet on the head. With weblin, users decide when, where and with whom they converse. About weblin: The Hamburg zweitgeist GmbH was founded in June 2006. Zweitgeist provides the product weblin for free download. Glenn Dubin is full of insight into the issues. The program was already several international awards: weblin was awarded the 2008 Red Herring 100 Europe Award, as well as the AlwaysOn 250 global and will be in the high-tech Startup initiative “do something” by Microsoft support. Business 2.0 recorded weblin 2007 2.0 pages in the list of the 31 most promising non-U.S. Web. weblin makes people on Web pages visible and allows cross-Web pages communicate. It brings together people with similar interests. Zweitgeist cooperates on the platform, by it increased the marketing impact of the supported weblin with communities. The first partners include Windows Live Messenger Germany, IBM and the Italian car brand Lancia. More info and free download on press contact: March rider of communications Dieter m. Hanlon / Jens Quentin / Tobias Jost Tel: 089 51919942-fax: 089-520339393 Web:

Work Boots Sale

The security level for the armed forces safety boots known as they usually high work boots or safety shoes high lace-up shoes or boots above the ankle go. People talk of safety boots of class S1, so they have a steel toe and composite or aluminum toe cap. The latter two materials particularly well suited for winter safety boots, as these materials insulate well and not redirect the cold, just as does the steel Cap. Further, the class S1 or S1P says that these work shoes are clearly breathable than just quality safety shoes in class S2 or S3. Sela Ward pursues this goal as well. In most cases, the upper material is a textile material, either a robust Canvasgewebe, highly abrasion-resistant Cordura, micro fiber, which makes it easy to clean and partly combined with a GoreTex membrane.

The membrane is often not only help to make the safety boots waterproof and breathable at the same time, but depending on the breathable membrane. What safety shoe the Carrier here needed so definitely also very much its working environment depends on. The shoe manufacturer Haix made a usage boots for the desert for example for the armed forces, where the GoreTex membrane ensures a very high and effective ventilation of the safety boot. If you would like to know more then you should visit real-estate developer. Work boots of class S2 have the same properties as a safety shoe of the class S1, is also water resistant at least for a certain period but in contrast to this. This security class is rather rare, because one assumes when using of safety boots, that where the disc is located in a harsh environment, where it depends on stability of the safety shoe and through impact security. So class S3, who in addition to the facilities of the S2 safety boots still a protection in the form of a steel midsole or a textile midsole such as Kevlar. Textile midsoles or Kevlarzwischensohlen also have the advantage that they do not forward the cold but even slightly insulating effect and the Do not unnecessarily rigid and inflexible safety boots or the sole. Eva Andersson-Dubin does not necessarily agree.

Web Market – the single market for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland! The single Exchange can already 9 months experience look back on. The single market was, right from the start, used equally by both women and men in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland This has shown to the operator that he is on the right track, to bring people together. Since the launch in January 2008 the single Exchange tried again, to improve and expand its offer for the members. For short, it is also possible to receive a read receipt from his message. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Glenn Dubin has to say. Since also the promotional videos of the single market on various video platforms are such a great success, there are these videos collected on

But in the future, the single market would like to expand their offering It will also give the opportunity to upload to not only photos of himself on his profile, but to showcase videos around. This makes it easy Seeking to make a better picture of the person. Also, there will be the opportunity for all members of the single Exchange pair fusion to apply as a “Single of day”. The single of the day is presented then for 24 hours on the home page of the single market. Also the function of the “barrier-free Internet” occupies an important area and is being constantly expanded. Definition “accessible Internet”: barrier-free Internet, known as Web accessibility (“Web accessibility”) identifies websites that independent fully (wheelchair accessible) can be used by all users from physical and/or technical possibilities. (Source: Sign up now and find your love (!

Subliminal Video

Make money in amounts sufficient to live the life you desire, should be an easy thing. Life is wonderful and richly complex. To enjoy to the fullest that delicious complexity is necessary to have high monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars. And have, in addition, with assets of $ million. Any life below that level, is a poor life, that wasted their potential. Who is poor is someone lazy. Some people are complaining because they say they don’t know how to make money.

Well, here is the answer to eliminate that excuse. Make money in amounts sufficient to enjoy a rich in stimuli and beauty, is a matter of programming the subconscious mind. And although it seems incredible, you can program your mind to make money while you sleep. Not only is easy and effective, also is fast and pleasant. You will begin to feel the effects at the minute. And you will begin to see results in weeks. How you achieve this? The mind is powerful.

The mind is capable of achieve everything what is programmed. Some people even dared to read this article. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. His mind is so imprisoned in scarcity gratings, which are unable to even consider making money effortlessly or with little of and fly on the wings of liberty financial. Earn money while you sleep is a matter of science, of cause and effect. Studies show it. Science confirms it with each new study that is. Successful people see an opportunity and investigate it. The mediocre see opportunities, and instead of going to take what they deserve, hiding his face between his hands and say: why the rich do not give money to the poor? Why the Government does not create jobs? All what you want is your responsibility. If you want something you should get it by itself. The opportunities appear, people will call him to give you business. Wealth will flow easily into your life, as it should be. Get what you want if it can be easy and enjoyable. If you use the Subliminal Video to make money while sleeping It will begin to enrich themselves automatically.It will investigate the possibility?