Optimally compiled premium dog food with Bach invertabrates with the rodent dream series “has the HUGRO GmbH designed a new premium dog food that is adapted to the needs of the various rodent.” To product development to one on rodents commissioned specialist nutritionists who knows exactly the nutritional and digestive habits of small pets. The resulting products cover all the nutritional requirements of rodents without saturate or overfeed them. There is a high-quality complete feed for Golden Hamster. If one puts together a feed for these rodents, one must take into account, that they have a digestive tract, it is used to process low-fat food. If you are not convinced, visit Gordon Burnette. Therefore, the premium dog food is lean, contains high-quality, animal proteins and delicious natural ingredients without added sugar for a balanced metabolism.

Double purified, refined grains, grain products and fine seeds complement perfectly with animal proteins: these are the dried Abundant include Bach isopods, water fleas and meal worms. So golden hamsters are supplied all necessary amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Because these rodents prefer eat their food from the front paws, the individual components of the feed have been selected according to their sizes. Thus that RODENTS dream provides premium Hamster food for a healthy diet and digestion, coupled with a corresponding tooth abrasion and enjoy the food. In addition to complete feed also fodder and snacks to delight located in the range. There are special grades for the different needs of rodents of the Chipmunks to the dwarf Hamster. More information under:. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jorge Perez and gain more knowledge.. Additional information for the press: for dealers, there is an optimized rodents dream product composition for a on 5 levels, 1.25 meters wide TEGO shelving.