August Histories

In 1963, the Mnica creates that, as all the personages, still were published in tirinhas in the periodical; there it had the beginning of a gigantic trajectory of success. (BIOGRAPHIES, 2009). From 1970, the magazine of &#039 is launched; ' Group of the Mnica' '. Up to 1986, the comicses of Maurcio had been published by the Publishing company April; in January of 1987, the publications had passed to the publishing company Globe, and thus it remained per twenty years. Only in 2007, the magazine had been passed to the Panini multinational. Maurcio de Sousa is today the main Brazilian creator of histories in quadrinhos.

Its histories had reached international fame, having been adapted for the cinema, television and vdeogames, beyond having permitted for the commerce a series of products with the mark of the personages. (BIOGRAPHIES, 2009). 2.4. ' ' GROUP OF THE MNICA' ' The magazines of ' ' Group of the Mnica' ' they had been edited in 1970, although the personages already to exist in periodical straps since 1960. From then on the magazine, throughout forty years, passed for diverse transformations for adequacy. (REBOUAS, 2009).

When launched, the magazine had the infantile public as white, reason for which the personages were children, with seven years, represented for real and common histories of our daily one. The personages followed the reality of the public and lived with the parents, had esteem animals and passed great part of the time in dispute: boys against girls. (REBOUAS, 2009). Throughout the years, secondary personages had been inserted in histories, to approach subjects specific of each time as: science; children of divorced parents; soccer; love not corresponded. With the launching of ' ' Group of the Mnica Jovem' ' , in August of 2008, the personages had again grown and initiate the new A stage the fifteen years, adjusting histories and etria band, with current and controversial subjects, as: sexuality, beauty, consumerism, money, amongst others, proper of the present time.