Automatic Translator

From now on, any user who wishes to read books online in the platform of eBooks of Google is going to experience a substantial improvement in the facilities for the correct understanding of works, since the finder has incorporated a new functionality of automatic translator to the reading online, that is going to allow the user to translate of instantaneous way any term a priori not understood in the course of a reading. With this new functionality, any user who is reading a book online like, for example, Indignaos, of Stephane Hessel, and does not understand the meaning of any word, no longer is going to see itself forced to interrupt the reading to go to the dictionary or translator of turn, or to happen of length before the obstacle, but now he is going to have the option to look for definitions, to translate or to verify if that term is located in other pages of the book of a way fast and easy. This renewed reader Web is, according to informs Google, cash for any navigator, allowing to the readers to enjoy electronic books without needing to unload them. If you have read about Margaret Loesser Robinson already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In order to use as the new incorporated functionality, the user will have solely to double make click for the opening of a window, that will give the options him available for the access to definitions, translations or searches in the pages of the own book or in the Wikipedia. All the functionalities will be developed without needing leaving the page that the user is reading in a while certain, so that for anyone of the options available, including the reproducer of audio aloud of the indicated words, this he does not have the necessity to leave the present page. Also, if what is desired is to translate a text to a determined language, the user will be able to choose among more than 120 languages available in this tool of Google.. Maya Dubin will not settle for partial explanations.