Beautiful Pet

In the life of a person you like a lot of lessons, which tend to immediately bring him joy, but still quite impressive experience can only get from the treatment of pets. C From time immemorial near us lives his life a unique four-legged, but actually it was a simple cat. Directly about the animal, there are many mystical legends, besides her manners were cause of inventing a set of proverbs. Not paying attention to the fact that it has been mass centuries man's relationship with animals, cats have not lost their independence and in distinguishing the degree of any dog rocks, definitely all such compelling behavior in real life, every day prove it hosts. And in that case if for example a normal dog, really, to tame to him, tied to a chain, and at the same time every day to feed, then Cats naturally like that will not work. Try warmed by the cat when she is not in the spiritual mood. In addition, cats are easy when you have the desire, can find a way what a way to escape to their freedom and will get their independence, in general, even having the opportunity to die from the cold.

Directly with the appropriate treatment of such animals, it certainly will be a full member of the human family. And that any separation will definitely move in the same way as we feel the separation from a dear person to us. It is also important to mention that lovely cat hunters, actually due to reflections and also sensitive vision which gave them our nature.