Breathtaking Landscape

The luxury train ‘Rocky Mountaineer’ pampered its passengers with regional delicacies rolling star kitchen of the legendary Rocky Mountaineer rattles through the perhaps most spectacular landscape in the world. Surprising: Instead of canteen food regional specialties are served on Board at its finest from the coming season on German. (bfs) of the way in the Rocky Mountaineer aims”. The famous train crosses the homonymous mountains and it exudes the atmosphere of a bygone time: the time rail journeys were still the epitome of luxury and comfort in the and trains schnauften leisurely through the countryside. With just once 50 miles an hour it goes into the Rocky Mountaineer”within two days of the Olympic city of Vancouver through Kamloops to Jasper after the National Park. The railway crosses narrow bridges, rattles in a constant cycle of spectacular rivers and Lakes along and takes visitors on this way to places that are inaccessible to even avid hikers. Turquoise blue lakes,. rugged mountain peaks and dense forests of the legendary Rocky Mountains landscapes Rob every visitor breathless. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Robbie Lawler has to say.

On top of that bears, bison or caribou, North American reindeer show up at the track often. Another highlight of this exceptional trip represents the galley. Regional delicacies on the plate here instead of Loveless canteen meals. Including, for example, delicate Alaska – salmon and butter-tender Alberta beef can be found. The often excellent chef Jean Pierre Guerin already has Bill Clinton, Meryl Streep and cooking Lady Di. With his equally award-winning partner Frederic Couton, it is common for the selection of dishes of the Rocky Mountaineer”responsible.

“In May of this year, the two chefs published a cookbook with the euphonious name of Eat Play Love: regionally inspired cuisine by Rocky Mountaineer ‘. In it are selected dishes from the luxury train to find personal favorite recipes as well. With so much love of good food it is worth offering catering at Board to perceive. “An insider’s Tip: who until March 31 on the special tour operator fasting your seatbelts” Bay, receives a free upgrade from complimentary breakfast to half board for the nights on certain routes. The trip on the Rocky Mountaineer”, a legend on rail, is a real adventure for Canada fans and nature lovers of all ages. As more and more German-speaking guests on board, for the first time also tours with bilingual services (English and German) are offered in the coming year. More information at and.