Culture And Diversity

Culture is a concern well alive contemporary in the times atuais’ ‘. It is a concern In understanding the many ways that had lead the human groups to its relations gifts and Its perspectives of future. The development of the humanity is marked by contacts and conflicts between different ways to organize the social life, of if appropriating of natural resources and transforming them, to conceive the reality and to express it. A history registers with abundance the transformations why they pass the cultures, they are moved by its internal forces, either in consequncia of these contacts and conflicts, more frequent for both the reasons. Therefore, when arguing on culture we always have in mind the humanity in all its wealth and multiplicity of existence form. ‘ ‘ The realities of the human groupings and the characteristics join that them and differentiate, and the culture are complex expressa.’ ‘ (What it is culture.

Jose Luiz Dos Santos, p.07) Being teacher only ten years, of which I had the chance of lecionar in all the series of the basic education of the public school, I observe that to each day we face new challenges in the education process learning of our pupils. It has fifteen years, I am teacher in the city of Picu, where leciono Histriae in the groups of 6 to 9 year. Also leciono in the city of Cuit. Living deeply the reality of two schools of different localizations, I notice that as much the behavior how much the learning of the pupils, differs in its majority. Filed under: Margaret Loesser Robinson. We face the difficulty of that the majority of our pupils comes of families without escolaridade, and in many times, without notion of the real importance of the study in the life of the son.

Moreover, still we face the problem of that the majority of these pupils with learning difficulty, still is ‘ ‘ forados’ ‘ if to absent of the lessons at time of plantation and harvest to help the parents. Taking as starting point these problems, the school has looked for to acquire knowledge these families of whom the education is a transforming instrument in the life of the human being. Through meetings of parents and masters, moments of reflection next to family among others action that we see that it has an impact of little duration, but that they aim at the support of the family in the formation and transformation of the conscience criticizes of the pupil. We know that the cultural differences are very diversified and the necessary school to be prepared to deal with this problematic one. The academic formation and the too much courses of continued formation have helped the professors to launch a different look, looking for to unite with practical pedagogical the theory and to try of this form to promote changes that benefit in the education process learning. *Professora of history of the municipal net of the cities of Picu and Cuit Specialist in Educational Attendance Specialized by the UFSM/RS and after graduated Education for the UFCG/Cuit.