Exactly that the tears cut its face. Exactly that everything to its return can say that you do not go To obtain Exactly that the Difficulties darken Its Way Goes in front It happens what to happen, does not leave the error to massacre its life, therefore the human being has the power to recommence, to give the return superficially, to surpass tragedies. It steps on firm and it does not discourage. Educate yourself with thoughts from Margaret Loesser Robinson. It goes in front It moves away the auto-mercy, the shyness, the hopelessness, therefore this only creates the anti-life. It is not time for the loss of heart, one day finishes, another one starts The next hour can change its life since that you want God knows that you are important, same that you doubt this. He goes in front He arrives more close to its friend who much esteem you, that always it is to its side, exactly that the world is finishing, a friend abandons never it, therefore He goes in front He believes, who he has friend, he has the world in its hands. To read more click here: Ken Kao. EWALD KOCH