Dolphin Alarm Systems

It is located where the appropriate teachers with a handle can trigger an alarm. This alarm is immediately forwarded to as many alarm button of the same school. At the same time, the competent emergency service will be alerted and listening. This eliminates false positives, as the gunman and the responses from teachers and students to hear. All this happens without external visible signs so that weighs the gunman in security and superiority, what is for him a huge deception. Sending of SMS messages or predetermined prompts to mobile phones and landlines can be included.

Hassle-free for all schools teaching staff can apply the mobile alarm button directly on the body, because to a fixed alarm button, would notice immediately, if he would ever be reached. The total cost for 10 years at sixty classrooms to less than 4,800 Swiss francs per classroom amounted to indicate an order of magnitude. This amount would the maintenance for a fixed solution not even cover, not to mention the installation itself. A real alarming amok emergency Roland Zurkirchen, head of the Department of prevention of violence at the school and sport Department, estimated the appropriate behavior toward a gunman: “alerting and Verbarrikadieren – are immediately to inform police and school management. It is important that the teacher is not trying to evacuate the students. At best, he entrenched in a closed schoolroom until the police arrive. “So complete door and away from the door!” About Dolphin systems, more Dolphin application developers than 15 tenured company description provide a continuous and smooth operation and a continuous development of the solution.

Dolphin systems is a full service provider for flexible alerting solutions. The company was established in 1992 in 1996 emerged through a revolutionary voice alarm system as the industry pacesetter. The further technical development through mobile phone networks and Internet of established Dolphin system to the leading Swiss Know-How carriers for mobile alarm systems for sensitive areas that require a rapid response. 21 employees at the sites in Wollerau and Zurich encountered more innovative solutions to an acute need in the market of alarm systems is already foreseeable.