Excursion On The Equestrian And Horse Farm Hohelieth

Ascheberg serviced elementary school children have experienced something very special in the autumn holidays. With ten children, they were two days on the newly opened horse farm “Hohelieth”. There waiting for the children of the various horse breeds, such as ex moorland pony, Norwegians, and Shetland ponies with foal, which allowed to caress them and feed. “We learned much about the riding and the care of horses. Others including Julie Bowen, offer their opinions as well. The children were allowed to feel like real horses are put in a box and search feed (Nashi) “so the quote of an enthusiastic child. Andreas shipyard incited the children’s ambitions and put his team through fun games such as E.g.

Apple pictures, “Refreshment”-hoch to horses and an exciting horse quiz. The prize-giving, in which all children got a loving gift formed the grand finale. “For the interesting hours on the horse farm ‘Hohelieth’ we thank Andreas shipyard and his team, and for us is clear: we like to come back” that was the unanimous opinion of all the children and also the 4 educators like joined this tenor. (