Favorite Recipes

With PhotoBox in the blink of an eye to the own Cookbook at PhotoBox you now can create a personal cookbook with photos and texts. Hamburg, April 9, 2010 cooking fans! Grandma’s cheesecake, the Beef Stroganoff by Mama and the delicious American cookies from the small Cafe needs own favorite recipes you no longer just as paper collection loose in the kitchen to keep. The practical solution: Find all delicious cooking instructions from immediately place in the new photo Cookbook by PhotoBox. The cookbook in A4 format, you get completely according to your needs: just shoot at the next family celebration the delicious menu, photos upload and insert into the ready-made recipe layout together with the ingredients, cooking times and temperatures. Vanessa Marcil helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Stand many professionally photographed ingredient motifs available, that the recipes can be added in the image archive by PhotoBox. No limits are set in individual design: with a small photo-reportage can for example grannies Making arts and secret baking tips step by step be documented so the cookbook Gets a very personal touch. Who wants to unite prefer different styles of cooking in a photo book, sorted the recipes easily by chapter. Total up to 100 pages and 900 photos filled with tasty treats are. Due to the recipes individual fonts, colors, and styles can be selected.