(4) Taskiller sometimes, to exit an application, this is not closed or is left in the background. When there are many that remain in this condition the battery consumption is greater and the performance of the operating system decreases. Taskiller provides a list with icons open programs and with just touch it with your finger, these are closed. A very useful and easy to use program. This application is essential in any Android phone.

(5) iSkoot for Skype sound you that free calls? Because this application transforms your mobile phone into a Skype phone and lets you make free calls over a Wifi connection. Why pay more for a call if it can be free? (6) Ringdroid is an application that allows you to make ringtones from MP3 songs that you have in your terminal. More information is housed here: actress. 7) Shazam forgot the name of that song? SHAZAM has a privileged ear. Without a doubt one of the applications star, in which its success lies in its simplicity and originality. How many times it has struck a song and don’t remember the name. As with Shazam you just have to put the phone near the speaker, taguear and in a few seconds the program provides all the essential information. Twidroid 8) If you are user of Twitter, this application is essential if you can not live without updating your Twitter. Through a very well designed interface, you can consult the changes in the status of the people you follow, as well as update yours, reply tweets, add to Favorites, send direct messages also can update Twitter your coordinates of where you are and even send photos taken with the phone’s camera.