First Generation Rights

Although in these cases seems not to result from protection of fundamental rights, they are still less important as they relate to the strict control of the Constitution to the effect that the rule of law governing the constitution is respected. We have in this case unconstitutional action that occurs in two forms the first against the general laws that run counter to the constitution either in form or in the background and the second refers to laws, resolutions and administrative rules that violate the constitutional provision relating to judicial or administrative process. Here the constitutional court is aimed at preserving the primacy of the constitution and therefore the constitutional control is responsible only to constitutional justice, although in some cases for example in the popular action in Peru who knows the judiciary without But as I said in this case the judiciary becomes a constitutional body-checking as it is the constitutional review of an administrative or general resolution. But while he said that in this case constitutional justice seems not to be active for the protection of a fundamental right violated or threatened to be violated and if he does, because in sum this constitutional review is a fundamental right to protect society and the rule of law: LA JURA SECURITY DICA. VIII. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS.

a What role should states play in our constitutional justice law. No doubt for the preservation of law and respect for fundamental rights constitutional justice is the cornerstone on which must rest the rule of law. Constitutional justice is not always as we have seen is activated for the protection of specific fundamental rights but its role goes beyond, to be that exclusive regardless of the body, which has control over constitutionality of acts, laws, treaties, decrees and any legal act occurred within the economy of the right of a given society. Moreover constitutional justice case law also covers; to adjudicate, collating doctrine and standards fill loopholes of substantive or procedural, hence the danger that a court or constitutional court can change a certain line of decisions, which in itself affect the legal certainty as reflected in the constitution that protects the said body. a In short we are all citizens who have to ensure and require the activation of the constitutional justice when we see or are victims of certain fundamental rights violated or threatened to be violated. Statement given by HECTOR GROSS Espiel The First Generation Rights are instituted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1945. The second generation rights are specifically economic and social rights, which contained the hope of the men to improve their living conditions within society, economically and culturally and are established in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural. The third generation rights promoted in the 60s and arising from decolonizing peoples aim to encourage social progress and better standards of living of peoples in the framework of legal equality of States and interrelationship among the nations through cooperation and are to self-determination of peoples, the environment environment, international cooperation, development and paz.a lawyer specializing in international law.