French Moroccans

General development of Morocco has given rise in recent years to the birth and rapid development of an entertainment industry reminiscent in some way to the existing in Mexico or Cuba during the 1940s. It is not that in Marrakech there were no entertainment at the time of Hassan II, it is simply that, just as it is happening in most of the sectors, the Organization and typology of the product being offered is completely different. The content of these shows is also very different. Western musical influence is very palpable, and genres such as the gnawa or the belly dance share stage with pop music singers, dancers and entertainers go-go or jazz bands. Pure fusion. You must specify the word cabaret does not have the same meaning as in the West. The Moroccan cabarets are nightclubs where is interpreted exclusively Moroccan traditional music played by excellent orchestras and dance. There are also many karaoke bars because the / Moroccan ACE worship singing.

In almost all cities there is a local karaoke. In Marrakech in particular is the so-called Tortitas, a restaurant where you can dine, drink (serve alcohol) and sing. It is open until the wee hours of the morning. But if what we want is to hear rock and more danceable genres should make a visit to places such as Jad Mahal in the luxurious Hivernage district and African Chic or the Bodeguita, in Gueliz. There is live music every day in all of them and the bands are always very good. For jazz lovers there are also premises with shows in the cabaretero style of the 40s: elegant restaurants with tables around a track of dance and/or a scenario where is performed a show that can last up to five hours.

Customers alternate dinner with a dance and delight listening to good music. Traditional genres, such as animation of street, continue coexisting with these shows and many of the artists that previously worked only in squares now do doublet: mornings in the street, at night in the theatres. The situation might be idyllic if not, as always, by entrepreneurs that always meet the same characteristics: emigrant returnees or French Moroccans who mounted a party room without having too much idea of what that means on an artistic level for little money. The treatment of employees (artists and non-artists) it is not always respectful in what refers to realization and respect for contracts and high in Social Security, salaries are always very low if compared with the benefits of the owners of the premises and the treatment too often is degrading. But unfortunately this does not happen only in the entertainment industry. It is development that has come to Marrakech. Come to Marrakech enjoy your spectacles and its nightlife. The ochre city offers a culture and a fascinating tradition, monuments and countless tourist attractions, a delicious gastronomy and countless shopping opportunities. In addition, hotels in Marrakech are of great quality and very economical, especially the typical riads in Marrakech, full of charm and very affordable. Also you can stay in a wonderful villa in Marrakech, closer to the field, where the landscapes are spectacular and the inhabitants would welcome them with open arms.