Friedrich Engels

I know and those who, over the deaths of spite, remained true to the music all his life trying to compose a new beautiful romantic songs and are mired in poverty. They apparently did not read Friedrich Engels, who the world said that high art can engage only in no need, wealthy people. The confluence of circumstances for composing a musical work where we move smoothly to the second block of the obstacles to a talented author to compose beautiful music or songs. This unit grows out of the first and can be conditional (slightly difficult) is named as "low probability, the difficulty of the simultaneous combination of complex factors favorable to compose a specific piece of music." A beautiful new music, song occurs when: Consider this block in more detail. So, to beautiful new music or a song came into being, it is necessary to: 1. There was someone to compose music and songs. 2.

It was when composing new songs and music. 3. It was where and when by which to compose new music and songs. 4. It was a desire or need to write new songs and music. 5.

Were bright, strong emotions, which are the base, the impetus for the emergence of a new beautiful music in the human brain. 6. Was romantic inspiration for creating beautiful melodic music and song. Regarding the first point, it is enough, we examined in detail above. Time to compose new music If you talk about the availability of time for composing music, free from other concerns, the situation is much worse.