German Cupboards

Beautiful lingerie embody pure passion and can make everyday life as well as those special moments in life more beautiful and more enjoyable! No woman should have to be ashamed for your lingerie… Unfortunately, Germany compared to the neighbouring countries still a little sleepy regarding the selection of elegant and passionate beautiful lingerie is. More information is housed here: Margaret Loesser Robinson. The team of want to change now that maladministration. They see it as their task to establish exciting beautiful lingerie from all parts of the world in Germany, and thus the daily lives of German women to do something passionate. As a real contrast to the \”uniformity\” of German lingerie market, Crown of creation’s team always finds to provide wonderful new labels and designer to even the most demanding lingerie Lovern new food. \”Germany is in its range, especially at the sizes, still very restricted\” as one of the statements by Natalie Engel, Managing Director of the online shop.

When the \”Crown of creation\”, every woman finds something really -Size range 60 to 105 and cup size AA size up to K. It is amazing how large is the offer there and special emphasis is placed on the quality standards of the individual laundry labels. There is also a large piece of the success secret of this \”slightly different\” online shop! Lingerie are not tucked away in drawers are also a kind of life style to be expressed and should be chosen with love and care – with passion and devotion be worn! There is for example the English brand panache. Panache is a label only and lingerie, and lingerie from D specializes in alone to make baskets. This brand is young, bubbly and very elegant. Season colors bring a fresh breeze in any collection and there even bridal lingerie until I cups that are truly elegant and functional. The fabrics are perfectly matched to the needs of women with more chest than the average and also this lingerie are absolutely \”affordable\” – English for absolutely not expensive! Also \”Ballet\” is an English brand that offers much more than the German market is used.