Grit Scholz

Female genitalia – so I’ve never seen that! Reading and slide show to the book “The gate to life” by and with Grit Scholz on Tuesday the 26.08.08, 19:00 at the women’s Center rege bow e.V. in Dobeln, Kennel str. 3-4 target this book project is to enable a different perspective on the female genitalia (vagina, Yoni) a public that is located outside of pornographic, or medical, as well as outside of religious, power-related and humiliating depictions. This happens with the help of photographs, photo montages, creative and artistic involvement of nature images, painting, and other graphical means. You should see the beauty, diversity and uniqueness of the female vagina.

The grandeur of creation, respect for the miracle of life”is the background of this book. This book project to support women in their process of self-discovery and self-knowledge. Men load we, look closely with a respectful and open look and by the way to use least and curious to look at the possibility. Here is the chance to look so”and easy to set up. The room can arise to look at this fabled, hidden part of the female body, the vagina, with other eyes and to escape so the social tendency to secrecy, ignorance, perversity, and dumbing down.

Children and young people should have the opportunity to see through these images and understand. “” It comes, not at the same old battle “of the gender struggle”, as so many generations before, to be sent. So that shame, language and merely stealth, connected can dissolve with justification pressure and guilt feeling, lonely attempts of self-enquiry, which are fuelled by ignorance and taboos. Review of the MYM-Verlag, Wolfgang Gramer “The gate to life” is a revolutionary and unique illustrated book as he world still doesn’t exist. The book is a tribute to an unknown land. The be filled with life and colors have white or black spots on the map of the female body. Grit Scholz a counterpoint against the pornography is incredibly brave and sensitive. A mysterious terra incognita opens the astonished and sometimes irritated look. It may happen that most women feel embarrassed or hurt by looking at these photos. But not the photos are for the cause and it is also not our own humiliations. There are ancient socially distinct humiliations, which we acquired in our consciousness as limiting values. Therefore, this book can be very healing. Beneficial in two ways. “It heals the women, the by the publication” their physical shame rid their mental shame could. And it heals the beholder who can look at a mystery without a bad conscience, which is still the subject of many psychic injuries and commercial exploitation.